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Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/17/2011

Another Day

by Marcia Smeenk


I praise my Lord every day for the bountiful blessings bestowed upon me.  I shall never forget the minutest details of life here on earth.  Beginning with the sunrise in the morning, but even before that in prayer, they make their presence known in so many ways.  They are faithful to us.  Each day is a new day.  As we awaken before dawn, do we doubt that they will cause the sun to rise that day?  What would happen if the earth stood still, if it did not rotate?  Half of the earth would bake.  Life as we know it would die from the blistering sun and the high sustained temperatures.  The other half of the earth would freeze.  No plant or animal life could exist without sunlight.  As temperatures plummet, everything would become frigid.  The seas would freeze and the rivers would no longer flow.  Thus, in total darkness, the absence of light, life could not exist.  Such was the case with early planet earth when Satan and his minions were banished to the earth. Darkness covered the earth because all light was removed.  Without light the plants and animals upon the earth died (Parable 93 of  8-31-08 ).


God faithfully rotates the earth for us each day to give us our needed rest at night and light during the day to do our work.  God also mercifully rotates the earth around the sun and tilts the earth on its axis to give us the blessing of seasons.  Not only does the variety of seasons enrich our lives, but it is a feast to our eyes to see this beautiful earth transformed from vibrant greens in the spring, bouquets of colors in the summer, striking reds and oranges in the fall to a white blanket of snow in winter.  How blessed we are!


God in his mercy has made this earth perfect for us. We do not doubt that the sun will rise in the east in the morning.  We do not doubt that the sun will set in the west in the evening.  We do not doubt that when we see the waning moon disappear that it will reappear in a few days.  We believe in Godís established laws for his vast creation.  We see the moonís gravitational effect on the seas and know their boundaries are set.  We see the rainbow and know the earth will not be flooded again.  Godís promises to mankind are seen throughout the Bible. He has a covenant with the day and with the night (Jeremiah 33:20, 25). We believe and continue to believe as we see the pattern repeat day after day.  His promises are sure.  His word is sure.  We can look to his creation and base our trust and reliance on the Great God of the universe.


We are told by God that he holds our every breath in his hands, but we also realize that he holds the breath of all living in his hands.  Without his mercy he could simply stop the earth from rotating and all would die.  We know that time was made for man and we know things will change in the future.  In looking ahead to the events in the book of Revelation, we see that the earth is lit by the very presence of God (Revelation 21:23).  There will be no need of sun by day nor moon by night.  Pray for that day to come.  But, meanwhile, praise God for all he has given and ask for his mighty hand to continue to direct his angels to uphold the established laws of the universe until such time as the harvest is complete.  The sun must rise each day to bring the crops to perfection.  Your prayers are the tools in the hands of the laborers of the harvest.  Each day when you see the sun rise, praise God that he has given you yet another day of life, another day to do his work.  Thank him for being ever faithful to mankind and pray his mercy will flow to all.



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