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Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/17/2011

I first lift praises for a new life and new gift from the Almighty God for he is the origin of all life and light. My son, Jeremy, announced that he and his wife, Rebecca are expecting their first child. It appears the due date will be in November of this year. A grandpa again, isn't life wonderful and isn't God awesome. Also while I am praising God for family, I am thrilled that my son Josh and his fiancée, Rebecca Smeenk will be married in May. So this year I will add a new grandchild and a new daughter-in-law.

We have been praying for a small boy that fell off of the roof of his home. God has truly been merciful. Robbie is off the breathing machine. He is walking and talking. They are going to be replacing a section of skull they had to remove. He is also back home. His recovery has truly been amazing and we praise God for it. We were also praying for Harriett's brother in law, Billy. He was close to death in the hospital, but he is now at home and is doing very well.

We are pleased that Jacey got a new job. He had been on our prayer list for one and he has now started with his new employer.



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