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Ken Nix

Thursday, 3/17/2011

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle shepherd."  These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to weigh the cost of sin and the cost of salvation.  My heart is heavy for sin is the way of man and the darkness moves like fog across the earth.  Sin is accepted and the ways of light are forgotten by most.  This day I speak unto those who call me by name and unto those who call themselves Christians.  Those lost and in darkness do not see the cost of sin nor do they see the cost of salvation.  Most who claim to follow me also do not see the cost of sin and the cost of salvation.  Those who claim my name and state they believe in me do not truly see for most follow the muted light and do not see the cost of their sin nor do they understand the cost of salvation.  Man cannot earn salvation for all have sinned and salvation is a gift from the Father through me.  I am your Savior for I am the Lamb of God who was slain for the sins of the world.  Let my words this day help you to see the price I paid and the price that you pay for sin and the true cost of salvation.  The evil ones have convinced most who follow me that grace is free and salvation comes with no cost.  I shall speak the words of my heart so that you will see and understand.

 I am the Lord Jesus, Son of God and Son of Man.  I was created by the Lord God and I am his Son.  I am from the breath, spirit and light from his very midst.  I am his only Son and there is none other.  You have salvation available unto you and it is your destiny to be of the breath, spirit and light of heaven but you shall never be as I am.  I am the one who created man from the dust of the earth, and I am the one who came to die for your sins and for all the sins of man.  There is no salvation without the price I paid for you.  What would you risk to save those you love?  What would you give up to save those you love?  My love for man is great and my love for you is great.  I gave up my throne and I gave up eternity as spirit, light and breath to come unto the earth as man.  I risked my throne for you.  I was successful,  and I did not sin, but I  could have failed and if I had failed I would have lost my throne of power.  I risked my throne for you and for all men.  Salvation does have a price and it is the price of obedience.  I obeyed in all things and I won victory.  If I had failed, my Father would have forgiven me, but there would not have been my blood to remove sin.  I could have offered a sacrifice for sin, but the blood of animals only covers and does not take away.  I gave up eternity to walk in the flesh.  If I had failed, I would have lived life as flesh until I died.  My Father would have forgiven me, but his law is his law and without the blood of a perfect lamb without blemish, the price for salvation would not have been paid.  I did not fail and I am the Lamb who was slain and I am your King and High Priest, but there was a cost for sin and a cost for salvation.  The cost of sin would have been the loss of my eternal life and the loss of your salvation as well.  I truly had to count the cost for the risk I took for those I love was great.  The laws of heaven have not changed and there is a cost for sin.  Sin separates you from our presence and removes you from the fullness of our love.  My heart is heavy for so many who call on my name sin and do not truly repent and do not bring forth lasting change.  If your salvation required absolute obedience and freedom from all sin, none of you would receive salvation.  Your salvation is not based upon your works, but salvation is based upon works and obedience for without my obedience and works, none would be saved.  Does the price I paid and the obedience of love seen in my walk negate your obedience?  Why does man think that my blood removes obedience?  If you love me, you are to obey my commandments and walk in the light of heaven. 

 My salvation and my resurrection required obedience unto the laws of heaven, and my blood did not remove the laws of heaven, and my blood did not remove the need for obedience.  The wages of sin is death and without true repentance and the restoration found in my shed blood, death shall be the price for sin.  You do not earn the salvation that is found in me for it is my gift of love unto you, but you cannot walk in sin for there is a cost.  You have all sinned so you have failed, and without my blood, you would have no chance to be redeemed.  Let your thoughts go from salvation unto sin.  Look at the cost of your sin.  Because of your sin, I had to give up eternity to walk in the flesh and I risked eternity to give you the chance of everlasting life.  I am no longer eternal for I did truly die, but I am everlasting and you shall be everlasting.  Only the Great I AM is eternal for he is and shall always be.  Sin removes you from our presence for sin separates.  When you sin, you must repent and bring forth change.  Without repentance and change, there is no restoration.  What was restored unto me?  I was restored unto everlasting life in light, breath and spirit.  Without repentance and the power of my shed blood, you will not be restored unto everlasting life in light, breath and spirit.  The first resurrection is unto everlasting life with me and my Father as light, breath and spirit.  Those not redeemed and restored by the power of my blood shall be raised up in the second resurrection.  There is only one resurrection unto those who reached the age of reason, and it will be unto spirit or unto flesh.

Do you not see the cost of sin and the priceless gift that my obedience has brought unto you?  Obedience is required to be restored unto everlasting life as I have.  If you walk in sin and do not repent, you shall not know the power that shall come unto those of the first fruits.  There is a cost of salvation that has not changed.  Repentance and change removes sin by the  power of my perfect sacrifice and restores you unto everlasting life as spirit, light and breath.  Without baptism and the receiving of our spirit, there will be no everlasting life in the spirit, light and breath.  Seek the fullness of my redemption by true repentance and lasting change.  Restoration will not come without obedience for those who walk in sin will not receive the fullness of salvation.  The mercy of the Father shall raise the dead, but only those covered by my blood shall be of the first fruits if they are beyond the age of reason.  Seek to understand the true cost of salvation and the true cost of sin.


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