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Words Of The Latter Rain

volume 4, issue 1 January 2011


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 1/18/2011

By Kenneth Nix


Whenever we had combined services in Woodruff we were having to try to rent a motel room that would fit all of us. During the summer months the building we met in would get extremely hot as the air conditioning could not keep up.   The building was off of the road behind used cars and was difficult to find. There were no signs on the building to signify that there was a church. But regardless of these things the building was a blessing. My father with other men closed off a section of a large metal building so that it could be used as a church. Paneled walls were put up along with carpet (later changed to linoleum). A kitchen was built. Heaters and air conditioning was added. A platform was built and one of the members made a podium. The building served us well for thirty years and we thank God for it.


We also thanked our Lord Jesus for a message received on May 7, 2010. In this message we were told the following, “I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. It is my desire the people in Woodruff seek a new place to meet. You are hidden where you are and need a more visible place, and you need a room that is larger and one that is cool in the summer.


Jesus in his great faithfulness led my Dad and I to the place he desired us to be. At this time signs are being made for the building. The building gives us enough room for 195 people to sit. The building is located near Woodruff off of Hwy 221 and will definitely be visible. We have been able to lease the building for as long as we desire. We expect it will be for one to two years, for we are still looking toward the tent on the church land.


I shared the message given by our Lord Jesus concerning the building to many by email. But I desire to share a portion of the message again. “I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender Shepherd.  I have words of love and guidance for you my servants.  Hear and obey my voice for I am with you and obedience shall bring heavenly blessings.  These are words of my desire.  For the new place of worship I desire the signs to say, “End Time Assembly of God, a Remnant Church of the Latter Rain.” List my servant Henry as Pastor and list the days and times of services.  Use the word Saturday not Sabbath.  One of the smaller signs is to only list the pattern of worship…. It is my desire that your new place of worship be a light unto my children.  I desire the used clothing to be hung on racks for the poor.  Every Friday evening you are to have food for the poor.  Let it be as a soup kitchen.  It is not just for the homeless but for the poor and all who desire to come.  First, all must sing praises and our words will be preached, then all can eat.  Have clothing and toys and needed items to give unto the poor.  All must be protected for some will steal.  Purchase bowls and spoons but develop a system of service.  The funds of my people are freely given so pay for the food each week.  Let all serve and let the youth also serve, to grow in love.  Advertise so that others will know.  Begin this once the signs are in place.  I also desire these three rules to be posted and read.

“Unto all who come unto this place of worship, let it be known that all are welcome here and the hand of love and fellowship shall be extended unto you.  The Lord desires this of all who come:

No foul language is allowed.  Those who curse the name of the Lord shall be asked to leave.

Do not be greedy and do not steal.  Be grateful, for it is the Lord who gives you sustenance and life.

This is a house of prayer and worship.  Before every meal there should be praise and the word of the Lord shall be taught.”


We have now met in the building for a couple of Sabbaths. The signs should be installed by next week. On our first meeting we were blessed to also have the baptism of Rebecca Lynn West. She is now Rebecca Nix as she and Jeremy were married.  We were also able to have a reception for them there which turned out great. I am including a couple of photos of the building and of the baptism.



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