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Words Of The Latter Rain

volume 4, issue 1 January 2011


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 1/18/2011

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle shepherd.  These are words of love to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain.  These words are a blessing unto all but are a special blessing unto my beloved servant Henry.  I blessed him with words to declare unto my people about a cowboy named William but known as Billy.  I also blessed him with a poem entitled, “A Cowboy’s Grave.”  This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall cross the ocean of time and shall once more see Billy and shall hear him read three poems that were spoken unto my Father and I as prayers from Billy’s heart.  Billy was an educated man but his education truly began when he traveled west.  He loved the beauty of the western lands and he saw the beauty and power of our creation in all that was around him.  These words are a blessing onto all who seek to see the beauty of our hand.  Rejoice in the beauty of the earth and praise us for our great love and mercy.”


Love in Flight


“How majestic are your ways my God, how wonderful is your blessed truth,

Your hand has painted landscapes beyond words, beauty that declares your glory.

This day I saw an eagle high

upon the wind, I saw love in flight,

Love in flight for only the hands of love could create such majesty and grace.


The eagle soars and the mountain winds lift it majestically above,

Love in flight as the works of your mighty hands soar in the sky.

The eagle calls and I look up, oh I wish I could fly as the eagle,

I wish I could soar above the clouds and behold all of thy beauty.

I knelt and I prayed unto my Lord for your hand of beauty I see,

The prairie dog runs and the elk plays and I worship your heart of love.

You are the Great God above and I worship as I see love in flight,

I worship and I remember, with tears of sorrow I weep and remember.


I remember your beloved Son who became as man and walked the dusty earth,

He gave his life for my sins and upon the cross his blood was shed.

Love called unto him and your love raised him, he was love in flight,

Soaring above the earth higher than the eagle your Son came home to you.


Let me never forget the love that soared as King of kings and Lord of lords,

Love in flight shall come once more and with eagles wings we shall fly.

We shall fly upward into the sky to meet our beloved and precious King,

Love in flight as love carries us home, home to thy loving arms oh Lord.”


Night Thunder


“Night thunder awoke me from my sleep, the thunder rolled across the valley,

Thunder echoes and the sound fills my meadow of peace, thunder rolls.

Night thunder called unto me so I put on my boots to dance with you,

I stood in the rain and the lightning was brilliant and the thunder roared.


Night thunder like a mighty voice calls my name, come unto me,

The thunder is like the mighty voice of God, like a mighty river.

I can hear your voice in the night thunder, I see your great power,

Lightning flashes and the power of the Great God is revealed unto me.


Night thunder crashes and rumbles across the mountains and I praise,

I praise the God of the lightning and I worship the God of the night thunder,

Power, all power is thine oh Lord, you are the God of the night thunder,

I return unto my bed as I hear your voice of power roll across the valley.”



David Slew the Bear


“This day I came face to face with a mighty and fierce grizzly,

The bear is to be feared for his mighty claws can cut a man greatly.

I gave him a wide path for I do not wish to match courage with him,

The bear is the King of this land, mighty and noble he stands tall.


My thoughts turn unto the shepherd boy named David, what a man he was,

He watched his father’s sheep and a mighty bear came upon his flock.

David slew the bear, with his hands he smote a great and mighty beast,

With no rifle to fire he relied upon the strength and power of his Lord.


The Great God delivered his servant from the mighty bear, mercy was seen,

 David slew the bear and my respect for his courage could not be greater.

I have once killed a bear but it took three shots from my rifle,

To kill a bear with only a knife or sword, such courage I know not.


David slew the bear for you were preparing him my Lord, he was ready,

Unto you he gave the glory unto you the victor’s song was sung.

 David slew the bear for he was to become your mighty warrior,

David slew the lion and you prepared him to slay great and mighty men.



Let me never forget thy power oh Lord, give me the courage of thy King,

Help me to withstand evil and help me to walk in your heavenly light.

David slew the bear and his heart was made ready to serve you,

Thank you for your mighty hand of protection, thank you my great King.”






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