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Words Of The Latter Rain

volume 4, issue 1 January 2011


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 1/18/2011

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle shepherd.  These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words of light and love.  So much has been given unto the people of the latter days and much more is to come.  It is time to go deeper unto the ways of understanding.  This day I give you words about love.  You must follow the pattern of love for love is light and if you do not love according to the light, your love will not be as desired and as designed.  I give unto you principles about love to help you to seek to go deeper into the light of love.


1. Love is the power of light for love is light.  People in darkness speak words of love and they do feel the emotion of love, but true love, love as designed and created, can only be found in the light for love is light.  My Father is the Eternal Light and he is love.  He is the origin of love and the creator of love.  Love is light and light is love.  Love cannot be separated from my Father or from me.  We must love for we are love.  Love grows in the light for light is love.  Love will grow when you follow the pattern of love and the first and greatest love must be for me and my Father.

 2. Truth is found in our recorded word and you know that words were given for man to love me and my Father with all of your heart, mind and soul.  Within these words you have the power of heavenly love and the pattern for your first greatest love.  The heart of man refers to the midst of man and in the midst of man there is light.  You are light within flesh, spirit and breath.  The heart of man is light and this is where love must originate and grow for you are light, and light is love and love is light.  Love is light and love will not grow in darkness.  Do not confuse evil and lust for love.  True love is only of the light.  This you must understand if you desire all love relationships to grow.


3. I desire all love relationships within your life to grow but all must be rooted in light.  Your second greatest love is to be for your spouse, and the third level of love is for family and all others.  You are to love me and my Father with all of your heart, mind and soul, and you are to love your neighbor as yourself.  This is the first and third greatest love but love for your spouse must be second only to your love for us.  How can love for your spouse grow if your love is rooted in darkness?  If you are in a relationship of darkness, it is not love that fills your heart.  There are absolute laws of heaven, and love that is true and pure can only exist in light for love is light.  Seek to build all relationships in heavenly light.


4. I desire you to grow in your love for me and for my Father.  If your love for us is strong, it will give power to all levels of love.  The heart is the light in your midst.  I did not say to love us with all of your flesh, mind and soul.  The heart I refer to is not flesh but is the light in the midst of man.  Love must begin in the light of your midst.  There love will grow for we dwell in your midst.  Our light, spirit and breath dwell in the midst of man so it is there that light shall give power to light.  Your light dwells in all three levels of life, but in the midst there is power.


5. You are to love my Father and I with all of your heart, mind and soul.  Your mind is the spirit of man.  Your mind is not the same as your brain, but the spirit of man that is your mind does dwell within your skull.  It is the spirit of man that gives you the power of reason and logic.  Your brain performs many marvelous functions as designed, but the mind is the root of the spirit.  Your spirit is where all emotions dwell for all emotion is spirit.  Your flesh has no emotion for all are rooted in the spirit.  Love, envy, jealousy, fear, hatred, joy, peace, tenderness are all emotions.  Some are more for they are fruits of light, breath and spirit.  There is a love emotion that dwells in the spirit but the origin of love is light and is in the midst.  Therefore, love is more than emotion for love is also a fruit and is a fruit of light.


6. You are to also love us with all of your soul.  As has been revealed unto you, the soul of man is the very breath of the Great I AM and is also my breath.   Man has a soul, and the soul of man is heavenly breath.  There are fruits of breath that will only grow in breath and light.  Love for us gives power to our love and our presence and breath requires presence.  Your soul or breath is a third level of life.  It is not a body as flesh but is a level of life within.  You have a fleshly body and you have a spirit body.  Within your spirit body there is breath, and in the midst of the breath, you are light.  The spirit of man that dwells within your skull is not a spirit body but is within the spirit body.  I tell you these things to help you to see that man is far more complex that you realize.  You are much more than a temple of clay, but you must allow our light to fill you and to guide you.  Love is light, and light is found in all levels of your life, so if you grow in love, you will grow in the power of light at all levels.


7. True love desires.  Your light desires our presence, your breath desires our presence, and your spirit desires our presence.  Love gives power unto desire.  Love that is rooted in light, spirit and breath desires the purity of heavenly light. It is good to desire us for desire is of the light.  It is good to desire your spouse if you are married for love’s desire is good.  It is also good to desire to show love unto family, friends and the stranger.  True love desires.  Love not rooted in the light is not truly love.  Love rooted only in the flesh is not love, it is lust.  Lust is not of the light.  You should desire your husband or wife if married, but you should never lust after them.  Lust is empty and of the darkness. 

Desire is the fullness of light, but your desires must be pure and holy.  If you will follow the pattern of love that is within, your desires will be pure and the light of love shall give power unto all levels of love.  Seek to understand the power of my words.”  



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