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Words Of The Latter Rain

volume 4, issue 1 January 2011


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 1/18/2011

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle shepherd.  These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words of light to help my people to grow in the power of love.  This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall travel across the ocean of time and shall receive words spoken by my beloved friend Peter.  He shall see Peter as he speaks and shall be blessed to see the images described.  Peter was a man who understood the power of love and he followed the pattern of love.  His love for me and my Father was ever before him and he loved us  with all of his heart, mind and soul and he had great love for his wife and for family, brethren and the stranger lost and alone.  There is great power when you are true unto the pattern of love.  My servant of the latter days shall see Peter as he speaks unto a gathering of those seeking words of light and truth.  Let his words lead your love as heaven declares and as heaven desires.


‘Dear beloved, it is with great joy that I speak unto you this day.  My heart is filled with love for I see the joy upon your faces and I know that you hunger for words about the Lord Jesus and the Almighty God above.  I am greatly blessed among men for I was chosen to be one of the Lord’s disciples and was chosen to be an apostle unto the people of the earth.  I have traveled far and I have preached the message of the Lord Jesus unto all who would listen.  I never tire of telling others about his love and his mercy.  He was love in the flesh and his example of love is a light that shall forever shine.  He understood the power of love and he gave unto us an example of how we are to travel through this life here upon the earth.  There is a pattern of love that men are to follow.  As the immutable laws of the Lord the pattern of love will bring peace, joy and heavenly light unto all who obey the principles of love.  Your first great love must be for the Lord God and his beloved Son Jesus.  If you are married your second greatest love must be for your mate and your third greatest love is for your family, friends, brethren and the stranger.  If you love the Lord with all of your heart, mind and soul, power will be given unto all the love within your life.  The laws of heaven shall prevail and love shall grow.


People always desire to hear stories about Jesus and I love to tell of his goodness and love.  I am blessed for he was my friend.  I have sat at his feet, and I have felt his embrace of love, and I have walked close by his side.  He is ever with me and his memory shall never fade from the depth of my heart and mind.  He was my teacher and my guide.  He loved the Father with all of his being and he loved all men and gave us the perfect example to follow.  This night I shall tell you a story not often told but one that shows the power of his great love.


We were camped outside of Jerusalem after a full day of teaching men the ways of heaven.  The Lord had only been asleep for minutes when a voice called unto our camp.  A man had heard that Jesus was in the area so he sought us.  His youngest son was blind since birth and he sought the Lord to heal his beloved son.  Jesus knew his faith and told the man that it would be done unto him according to his faith and that when he rose in the morning that his son would see.  The man praised heaven above and thanked our Lord but he asked if Jesus would return with him unto his home for his son greatly desired that Jesus’ face would be the first face he beheld when his eyes were opened.  Judas protested and told the man that Jesus needed rest but the Lord rose and took his staff and told me to come with him.  We went with the man unto his home.  There we saw his son asleep by the fire.  The man stood in the shadows and Jesus touched the child upon the shoulder.  The child woke and called the name of Jesus. The Lord asked him why he spoke the name of Jesus and the child told him that Jesus was his name for within his heart he knew his Savior was with him.  He told Jesus that he was blind but that when he awakened he knew the Son of God had come unto him.  Jesus asked him his desire and the youth told the Lord that his greatest desire was to see the face of the very Son of God.  If he received such a blessing, he would be content to be blind for the remainder of his life.  Jesus smiled at me and I saw tears in his eyes of love. 

Jesus knelt beside the boy and kissed both of his eyes and told him to look upon him.  I shall never forget the words spoken by that boy when his eyes were opened.  ‘Praise the Almighty for I see the face of love before me, and I am content for I have seen love in the flesh.’  The boy wept and Jesus held him close.  They spoke into the night and then Jesus rose and we departed.  The boy’s sight remained and years later I was blessed to take him unto the waters of baptism.  Jesus gave up his rest to be the face of love for a poor blind child.  We walked through the city that night and Jesus was silent, and I respected his time of quiet, but my spirit rejoiced for I was there when a child saw the face of love.  He is the face of love and his love is higher than the highest mountain and deeper than the ocean.  His love and mercy are endless and we are blessed to know his great love for us.  Let us all learn to love like Jesus and let us always seek to be the face of love unto others.’


My people, you must seek to be a constant light of love and you should become the face of love unto your spouse, family, brethren and unto the stranger lost and alone.  Rejoice in my love and let the light of love flow unto all men.”



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