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Volume 1, Issue 2, June 2008


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Yield to receive power, may 19, 2008

David Nix

 "I am the Almighty God in heaven, and I shall give you my words this day. Declare these words unto my people, for these are words to help my people reach a place where they will know the power of my spirit. Spiritual power comes unto the servant who is surrendered and the servant who seeks my will in all things. These are the ways to walk in obedience and power, for obedience and yielding comes before power
1. To receive the power of my spirit, you must surrender and yield everything unto me. My people, you are satisfied with your growth, but you must never be satisfied while in temples of clay. Desire my fullness as a desert desires rain. Yield to my every command and obey all that is asked of you. Obedience is required to know the fullness of the power of the light.

 2. Yield your heart and mind; yield your pride and wisdom and knowledge. To yield is to surrender. The man who desires my power and my fullness must yield, and yield, and yield. Live each day in submission until you reach a place where your life is no longer your own. This is the place of brokenness and absolute surrender that eludes most of my people. Lay all before me, and in the yielded and surrendered life, you shall find the fullness you desire.


3. My call to yield is often seen in thoughts and promptings that are of the spirit. Spiritual brokenness is required. I have called unto you so many times, yet you fail to hear my voice. Seek my wisdom and seek my will. Lay all upon the altar, and let me guide you in all things. A life surrendered anew each day is a life of a servant who is yielded. The yielded servant will know my power and fullness.


4. My will for you is perfect, and the servant who yields unto my instruction and will, is a servant ready to receive. You have not for you ask not, you have not for you believe not, and you have not for you yield not. Yielding is giving in to the power within and the commands and statutes of my word. Which of my commands and instructions should you ignore? Which of my instructions unto you is of no benefit to you? Obedience is to be in whole and not in part.


5. Obedience is required if you desire the gifts of my spirit. Man was made to worship and made to obey. Obedience is seen in promises kept. When you make promises unto me and fail to keep them, you are of the spirit of rebellion, and walk in sin. All of my promises are sure, and all of yours are to be as well. Obedience is in following my word, and also in keeping your word. Do all that is asked of you my children, for disobedience reflects a heart that does not believe.


6. Yield all unto me and obey all things. First you yield, which is giving up pride and control, then, once surrendered, you obey all that I ask of you. The broken vessel shall be fit for the fullness of my spirit. Once you yield to the place of brokenness, I shall remake you into my desire, and my desire is for you to be a vessel of honor, a vessel of light who hears and obeys all that I ask of you.


7.  Yield your thoughts, words, and actions. Bring all into subjection, and bring all unto my will. Let me and my Son guide each day. Surrender each day, and stay in a place of continual worship. Trust me and obey me, and walk in our light. Yielded and still, you shall hear my voice and shall know my power. My servants of light must live a yielded life, and they must live a life of complete obedience. I desire to shower my people with the latter rain, but you must be vessels ready to receive.




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