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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 12, December 2010


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Ken Nix

Monday, 12/27/2010

"I AM that I AM, I am the Eternal Light and I am the very breath of life within you. These words are given unto my servant by the power of heaven and are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. My servant, David, is chosen and beloved and unto him I speak in these latter days. The power of my light and the power of my breath shall grow within him. Unto the people of the light I give you words this day; words to be read and words to touch your hearts of love. It is time thou people of my light, it is time. So much has been given and the foundation has been laid. The time has come for all to apply what has been given. It is time to go from knowledge unto the place of understanding which requires our presence to be deep within you. To grow in our light, our love and our breath you must go deeper. My Son has given you many words about the power of our presence, and this you must seek, this you must desire. Do you long for the closeness of your Lord? Do you desire to be close unto the light of heaven that all darkness shall disappear? Desire is good, longing is good, but without love, without breath, without heavenly light, you will fail in your desires. My beloved Son came unto the world created for man and from his tears he formed the dust of the earth into the body that would be man. Clay was turned into flesh and organs and blood was given unto the man. He was a perfect vessel that waited for the breath of life. Without our breath there was no hope, no life, no memory. Your body is a most wonderful creation but without my light, spirit and breath, your body is nothing. Without our presence there is no life. The breath of life was given, and the man you know as Adam became a living soul. He became light of my light, spirit of my spirit and breath of my breath. My light, my spirit and my breath were given unto man by my Son, and all that we are was placed within a temple of flesh. Flesh is not life, flesh is the power of heaven and the power of my will, but life is within you. Your life is in my light, my spirit and my breath.

Men seek to please me in the flesh, but the flesh is but a shell. It is my desire that you live unto everlasting and that you life as you were designed to be. You are to live without the temple of clay; you are to live as light, spirit and breath. Men seek to live as flesh, and they fail for the flesh is not life. The breath, and light and spirit within longs to come home to me. You long to be near unto your place of origin. The origin of man is not the dust of the earth. The origin of man is within me. I am the Eternal Light and you are of me. My spirit, my light and breath are within you. Our presence gives life in the flesh, but do you not see my children? My presence and the presence of my Son gives life everlasting for without our presence, there is no life in flesh or in spirit. I am the origin of live and I am within you my people.

It is time to go deeper. It is time to put away the ways of the flesh and let my light, sprit and breath fill you. When you were conceived, yo came to be as a result of our love and power. You are of the flesh of your parents, and you are of their light, spirit and breath, but you are also of me for all life is of me. The light, spirit and breath within your parents is of me. It is the light, spirit and breath given unto Adam and Eve, passed down unto all men. You are of me and you are of my beloved Son. In addition to the life passed down, you who have been washed clean in the waters of baptism have the spirit, light and breath in greater quantity. The day of Pentecost was a day of great power for I gave my power unto man. It is more that the power of life in the flesh. The spirit, light and breath passed down from the the first man that was joined within your mother's womb is life in the flesh. When you entered into an everlasting covenant with me and my Son, we gave you spirit, light and breath from heaven above. Power from the source of all power which is beyond power passed down. Do you not see the power within you my people? Power beyond flesh for you have the spirit from me and from my Son. The power of everlasting life without the fleshly temple was given when your sins were washed away and you became vessels of our eternal presence. I desired all men to put off the flesh and be as one with me, but so many have chosen the ways of the flesh.

The blood of my Son transcends space and time and his blood crossed the veil of time and saved those who lived beyond the time of his death, and his blood shall save all present and future who will seek him between now and the end of the harvest. Most men will live forever as flesh for most only saw life as given in the flesh. But for those who seek, for those who long and desire for the heavenly, they shall be filled. Our presence is life. Let the power not passed down fill you and lead you home to me. The time has come David, my servant. It is time for you and for all of my people to put off the ways of the flesh and be filled with heavenly light and power. You are within flesh and you need flesh to maintain life in the flesh. You need food, water and air to breathe. Air is needed to maintain human life, but my breath is needed for life everlasting and for continuation of life. Without my breath, all would perish. Go deeper my people. The power of Pentecost has not been diminished. When you were baptized, you were not given power passed down from others, you were given power from within me and power from within my Son. The power of heaven is within you, but you must surrender all and let our power fill you and overflow. You must use the temple of clay to do the work set before you, but the power you need is not of the flesh. Be a vessel of light, be a vessel of love and mercy and be a vessel of heavenly power. Without our presence, there is no life. Eternal life is only for those who repent and receive the power of heaven given unto them. The power passed down is the power of life in the flesh, but the power given is the power of life everlasting. Life eternal with me and my Son is your destiny, it is the power given and it is the power within."


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