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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 12, December 2010


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Ken Nix

Monday, 12/27/2010

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words for my daughters who gather before me. It is my desire that my servant Kenneth lead the discussion of these words. All are to read them together and let all speak as they are so led by the spirit within. You have discussed words about surrender and service and have heard words from the hearts of those chosen to speak unto you. The remainder of your time together will be focused upon my words. These are words to help you to surrender your life unto the spirit and breath within. I shall give you seven principles on surrendering your spirit, and the next message shall explain more about the power of heavenly breath. These words can be shared with all of my people once the gathering of my daughters is past.


1. You are light within flesh, spirit and breath. There are veils between the levels of life. There is a veil between flesh and spirit, between spirit and breath, and a veil between breath and light. To walk in true surrender and obedience you must walk in the power of the spirit. The flesh must no longer control your spirit for the spirit must take dominion. You must not think as flesh, you must think as light and you must seek to go beyond the veils. The first step to walk in the spirit is to surrender your spirit. Lay your life upon the altar and seek our spirit to take dominion. You fail for you do not understand but you do not have to understand to obey. In prayer each day you are to surrender your spirit unto my spirit. Your flesh is but a shell, life is in the spirit, breath and light within. You are light within all three levels but the light can not lead with the veils that stand between. The first step toward the light is to surrender your spirit.


2. There are levels of power and levels of knowing. You have been given much truth but you must now seek understanding and the path toward understanding is the path of obedience. Begin each day in surrender. Give me your day and order your day and obey my voice as I lead you. Action brings motion so you must speak words of surrender and then you must obey. To obey you must hear so you must go deeper. Once you surrender your spirit unto mine you must obey my voice and the leading of my spirit. There is a spirit-to-spirit connection that you fail to see and feel. There are times when you feel the spirit of my presence very strongly but you allow distractions to remove these moments. The second step is to obey when you hear my voice. It may be a single thing that I lead you to do, but with obedience you will grow in understanding.


3. To surrender your spirit you must believe in the power that is within and without. You think as flesh for the flesh is known of you. To walk in the spirit you must believe that you are spirit within a temple of clay. You must surrender your spirit, you must obey my voice, and then you must believe in the power of my spirit joined unto yours. All men are flesh, spirit and breath, but you have my spirit and the spirit of my Father within you. The power of spirit is the power of communion and the power of union. Our spirit joins your spirit to make the power of three. What can you do when you believe in the power within? Do not think as flesh and do not see the limitations of the flesh, think as spirit for you are spirit. To believe you must surrender unto our will. Why must something be known in the flesh to be real unto you? You seek physical manifestation of spiritual things, but there are spiritual things which only manifest in the spiritual realm.


4. To walk in the power of a surrendered spirit you must accept my dominion and you must accept my will. There is a difference between belief and acceptance. To fully believe you must reach the place of acceptance. It is my desire that all now read the message recently given entitled, “The Place of Acceptance.” My servant will make comments as I lead him. Spiritual acceptance will most often come before understanding. You must accept that you are spirit within flesh, and you must accept my words as truth. So much power is within but you must believe, obey and accept my word as truth. My will is perfect but to walk in my will the acceptance must come at the level of spirit. If your spirit resists, the flesh will surely follow.


5. To walk in the power of a surrendered spirit you must walk in trust. Without trust there will be no true acceptance and obedience. Men have difficulty trusting in that which is unseen and unknown; this is why you must place your trust in me. I am known of you and you have seen my hand in your life. You see our hand in the physical and natural realms and with surrender you shall see our hand in the spiritual realm. Trust in me for I am known. It is my desire that my servant Kenneth now read the words of power given unto him about the faith of knowing. These are words of power and words you must trust. If you know me, you can obey and accept for in me you trust. To walk in the ways of the spirit you must trust for spiritual paths are mostly unknown unto you. My children, you are on a spiritual journey, not a physical journey, so the path you must walk is a spiritual one. Trust my hand to lead you and obey my voice as you walk the path of spiritual surrender.


6. To walk in the power of a surrendered spirit you must seek heavenly mysteries to be revealed. You need the power of spiritual revelation for the spiritual realm is an unknown path before you. You must surrender your spirit and let your spirit join with ours and then you must walk in obedience unto all that is revealed. There are mysteries that we desire to reveal unto you but they are mysteries of the spirit and not the flesh. Much in the physical and natural realm has been revealed unto man but in these latter days the realm of the spirit must become known of you. Seek revelation and once spiritual truth is revealed, you must recognize truth, you must accept truth and you must obey truth.


7. To walk in the power of a surrendered spirit requires you to love without ceasing. Truth is light and truth is rooted in love. The greater your love the greater will be your acceptance and obedience. You are spirit within a temple of clay, and you must worship in spirit and you must love in spirit. Spiritual love is beyond the flesh but you are spirit within flesh so the expression of love must be in spirit and in flesh. Others need your touch of love but they also need your spiritual love. Surrender your spirit unto mine and seek to learn the ways of love. Your love must be a constant light. If your love for me is not strong you will not accept the unknown ways of spirit and you will not obey. Trust in the faith of knowing and believe in me and love me in spirit. Love me and my Father in all levels, with your heart, mind and soul. I desire to take you deeper, but you must surrender your spirit unto me and you must walk in the power of a surrendered spirit.”




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