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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 12, December 2010


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Ken Nix

Monday, 12/27/2010

By Kenneth Nix


In this newsletter is the last message from our Lord Jesus regarding the circle of faith that formed by ten Jewish women prior to being shipped to various concentration camps during World War II. We have all read the messages about these ladies with many tears. We have prayed for them, and we have waited for this final message telling us if the women survived the horrors of World War II in Germany. In the final message we discovered the power of prayer and the mercy of God. We read beautiful prayers from the women and came to love each one as we shared but moments of their lives. We learned the power of faith in prayer. We saw the power of a circle of faith. We saw the power and love of the Almighty God and our Lord Jesus. There were many lessons for us in these messages. We know that man makes choices and many can suffer due to those choices. But we also see the power of prayer when someone beseeches our Great God for mercy.


We have been told many times how powerful our prayers can be. Most of the Feast of Tabernacles was focused on prayer. It is important for us to grasp the power of prayer and to do all that we can in increasing the power and presence of God within us. At the women's conference my brother, David, presented a message entitled, “A Warrior of Prayer.” At the beginning of this message Jesus has this to say, “It is good to come together to grow in fellowship, love and understanding, but what matters most is that you leave here changed and that you do what is desired. All the words mean nothing without applying the teachings given.

Jesus also told them, “My desire is that you leave this place stronger and that you dedicate yourself to praying through and to being a warrior of prayer.”


We need to apply the teachings given to us and become warriors of prayer. David went over seven principles to increase the power of prayer that Jesus led him to. I have been instructed to go over these principles with all of you.


Principle One is purity.


If one doesn't have purity, then they have sin in their lives. The lack of purity becomes a barrier to the power of the Mighty Ones of heaven within you. It becomes a barrier to power in prayer. Purity comes with obedience and is an absolute necessity to be a prayer warrior. In the message, “Presence in Prayer,” we are told, “To grow in righteousness and purity you must go deeper into the light of our presence.” Without purity we cannot be in their presence. Repentance allows you to receive their presence, but purity is needed to remain in their presence.


Principle Two is the name and blood of Jesus.


There is no greater sacrifice of love than the sacrifice our Savior made for us when he came to walk this earth as a man. In that walk he sacrificed everything. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the power and honor. Our Savior is the Son of the Almighty God and his name is above all names. Jesus has told us that he has been given all power in heaven and earth and that he is the power of now. He walks with us each day. In the message, “The Bridge and the Pathway,” Jesus tells us, “It is my presence within man that bridges the ocean of time and the power of light. I am the royal blue and my light completes the power of light within. Prayer is your greatest power, and the presence is your greatest need.” In messages given at the Feast of Tabernacles several years ago we were given messages from the Almighty God revealing the power of the name and blood of his Son. I would recommend going back and reading those messages.


Principle Three is their presence and our position in the light.


In all of the messages given concerning prayer at the Feast of Tabernacles, they stress their presence as absolutely necessary. They gave us guidance showing us that we have great power in communion. It is in communion that you remain in their presence. Power in prayer will not grow without communion. Prayer is communion and communication. Communion is also praise, washing in their word, meditation, but prayer is the highest level of communion. The position in the light depends on purity, worship, praise, obedience, surrender, etc.. It is being closer to the Mighty Ones of heaven. If you remain close unto their presence, then your position in the light will be powerful. In the message, “Communion Gives Power,” Elisha shares these words concerning our position in the light, “Your position in the light will affect your understanding of their will and will also affect the power of your words.


Principle Four is love.


We are told in scripture and in the messages that God is love. Feelings come from the spirit and love is found in the presence of God. The two great commandments are the love of obedience and the obedience of love. Based on the adherence to these laws, you will find greater power in prayer. It is in love that you will pray according to their will, for in love you can know their will and desire. In a message entitled, “The Presence of Love,” we have the following words, “Without love, you can not know the fullness of their presence, for love affects the power of light received and sent forth. You must have their presence within to grow in love, and you must have love to bring their presence unto you.”  We are also told, “without the presence of love, you will not grow in the two great commands, and you will not have the power of prayer, for prayers of communion and intercession will not have power without the presence of love.


Principle Five is humility-brokenness.


Pride is a barrier to prayer and is the greatest tool used by Satan against man. It is in humility that you will seek the presence of God. Humility goes hand in hand with brokenness, for in brokenness humility finds a ready vessel in which to dwell in God’s presence. In the article, Desire Our Presence, Jesus states, “You must seek to be broken for a broken heart is a yearning heart. Seek to have all barriers removed….. The broken heart is a yearning heart, so be broken before me.”


Principle Six is gratefulness.


Gratefulness cannot exist in the same heart as pride. We must seek God’s presence and humbly come before him with gratefulness and praise. It is in gratefulness that worship thrives. In gratefulness we will desire to worship and praise God. Worship, praise and the spirit of gratefulness are all important elements of powerful prayer. Once again in the message, “Communion Gives Power,” Elisha states, “Always offer praise and thanksgiving in your prayers. Do not take for granted the blessing of coming before them. You are to enter their presence with praise, reverence, and thanksgiving.”


Principle Seven is surrender.


This has seemed to be the hardest thing in our lives in our efforts to be obedient and pure; too often we decide to achieve the purposes of God through our own power and not through the power of God in prayer In the message, “The Presence of Surrender,” Jesus tell us, “Prayer is your greatest power but without our presence, there is no power…… Surrender is a fruit of the heavenly breath and is a fruit needed to go deeper unto our presence.”

 We also read in this same message concerning surrender, “The presence of surrender will lead unto the place of brokenness, and brokenness leads unto the fullness of our presence. Surrender your life and surrender your prayers. Surrender gives power to our presence within, and surrender gives power to your prayers of communication and your intercessory prayers which seek heavenly motion. See how the presence of surrender must ever remain, for without surrender we can not fill you with the power of our presence.


All principles given are building blocks to prayers of power and becoming warriors of prayer. The world is hurting and your prayers are needed. Learn to pray through and learn to be diligent in your prayers. Pray trusting in the goodness of the Mighty Ones of heaven. Pray expecting answers to your prayers with hope and faith.


In the message given by our Lord Jesus, “A Warrior of Prayer,” he states, “You are soldiers in my army of light and you have far more power than you utilize. The power of prayer is your greatest power.”


Follow the principles given and become warriors of prayer.




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