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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 12, December 2010


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Ken Nix

Monday, 12/27/2010

(A Song from Jesus)


The light of my love is the light of mercy, it is the light to bring peace and joy,

My light shines upon you precious daughters, my light shall fill the broken.

Seek my presence, seek the fullness of my joy, surrender all unto me,

The power of my light has come unto you, my light calls unto you.


Warriors of prayer, daughters of my love, be my everlasting lights of joy,

Pray through and claim the promises found in the power of my word and my blood.

Be at rest for I am with you, be at peace for my hand of love guides you,

Peace, be still, let peace fill every heart, let peace and love overflow.


There are souls to rescue, there are souls to save and bring unto my light,

Be my warriors of prayer, believe in the power of my great light, my love.

Rejoice and go forth, rejoice in my love, rejoice for you heard my call,

Blessings and honor come unto the broken, unto those who are mine.


Rejoice in my presence, cherish your memories of love, the joy of laughter,

Rejoice, but be not content, seek to go ever deeper, deeper still dear ones.

Be the voice that never ceases, pray through until heavenly glory comes,

Pray through until victory is won, claim the victory found in me.


Leave here changed, do not let my words fall upon fallow ground,

Let the light of love grow, become women of prayer, pray through.

Blessings have been given, the rain of heavenly glory has fallen upon you,

Let the rain of my love help you to grow, change your hearts my people.


Lights of love, vessels of mercy, go forth and pray through, pray through,

The world waits and the world longs for the mercy of heaven to fall.

Pray through my daughters, go deeper and pray without ceasing, pray through,

Mercy has been given, mercy is required, have faith and pray through.



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