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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 12, December 2010


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A Circle Of Faith, Part 11, Heaven's Mercy

Ken Nix

Monday, 12/27/2010

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd.  These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words of love for my people.  Tears have been shed and hearts have been grieved by the stories given unto you about ten precious women who made up a circle of faith in a time of great sorrow.  It is my desire that the stories given be read many times and that the lessons of faith, love and mercy will help you to grow in the power of heavenly light.  I know that my people anticipate my words this day for you desire to know the fate of the ten women that you have come to know.  I only gave you a glimpse of their suffering, only a glimpse of their hearts of love and faith, yet in that glimpse, your hearts have been changed.  Words of great faith and love give power unto the light within.  The glimpses given have led you to cry, and they have led you to pray.  Prayers sent unto our throne with requests that the mercy of heaven cross the veil of time and that we rescue and save.  The Great I AM has heard your prayers and heavenís mercy has been sent across the ocean of time.  I shall tell you of the fate of the ten beloved ones in the order that their stories were given unto you for there is a reason for the order chosen.  Our mercy is great and our love without end.  I know the hearts of my people, and it was your desire that all be rescued and saved. 


Our mercy has no limit in power, but in war there are realities and there are choices made.  Men choose to make war and men choose to follow the ways of darkness.  The German nation chose darkness, and in their evil millions of people died.  So many question heavensí mercy because of what is known as the Holocaust.  Our mercy did not fail.  We did not kill the innocent, evil men killed the innocent.  We do not prevent all choices, but our mercy does not cease in times of sorrow.  There were ten women in the circle of faith, and they agreed to meet at the train station where they first prayed together when all were first taken.  No time was set so our daughter Sarah came early for she was the power behind the circle being formed.  See her my servant as she walks across the platform and her joy when she sees that Ann and Golda were already there waiting for her.  See my servant as the circle grows.  They were not alone for each brought family and friends to cherish their moment of reunion.  In our mercy seven of the ten women gathered together that day, and tears of joy were shed and songs of praise were sung.


Tears of sorrow were also shed as a stranger would step forward and tell them who they had come for.  Three precious friends did not survive, and sorrow fills my heart now and filled their hearts that day.  I shall speak of each one so you too can rejoice and also feel sorrow.  My servant cries as he writes these words for I know his heart of love.  Sarah lost her husband but was reunited with two sons, and they prospered in the years before them.  Ann was greatly blessed, and she came with her daughters Helena and Rosa who also survived.   She was also filled with sadness when she told her friends that her sister Elizabeth died at Auschwitz.  She died the night her words were given unto my servant by the power of the cloud of glory.  A young man named Abram came in her place, for in our mercy he survived the horrors of Auschwitz.  We told you of our precious daughter Rosa and of her friend Elena who sacrificed her life for others.  Just days before liberation came, Rosa died so others could live.  A young woman named Rachael came to stand for her. Rachael  was kept alive by Rosa.  Rachael was the daughter of Elena, and she told the circle of faith about the love of her mother and of the love of Rosa.  Our daughter Golda survived, and she came with her husband and two of her children.  She was full of joy to speak and told all of the miracle that spared her life.  Our daughter Anna was there.  The man in the barn was a part of the resistance, and in faith Anna went to the barn.  He helped her to escape to Switzerland, and she came with him that day.  Our daughter Sara was a light of love and kindness, and her love helped her friend Elizabeth survive the horrors of the war.  It was Elizabeth who came that day for Sara died in the camp where she cared for Elizabeth.  Our daughter Helga came unto the circle that day.  She was the youngest and was not married, but on that day she came with her husband Joseph and a baby girl named Elizabeth.  Rachael, beloved daughter who saw visions of our very throne, lived, and she came unto the circle of faith.  Our daughter Helen was the last to come that day and all wept and all rejoiced.  Her daughter Miriam had died but she came with a young girl she had adopted named Mary.  Helenís prayers were heard and the train bound for Auschwitz was stopped by Russian soldiers.  The guards were captured and the people set free.  Mary was a child lifted by Helen to get air, and Mary followed her when they departed the train.


That day the seven women prayed and rejoiced and also shed tears for so many lost.  Sarah, Ann, Golda, Anna, Helga, Rachael and Helen lived and Rosa, Sara and Elizabeth died.  That day Rachael, Elizabeth and Abram spoke prayers for their friends who passed.  Then ten of them met once a year for several years, but in time lifeís journey led them to new places.  Many went unto a new nation that was formed in the pleasant land and some came unto the United States.  I do not tell you about their lives, but I tell you this.  All were blessed, and all found days of joy.  Each one had hearts of gratefulness and said prayers of thanksgiving for hot water, clean sheets, plates and silverware and for peace.  There are many descendants of my beloved ones.  Most of my daughters have now passed, but one remains.  Rejoice my people and be thankful for life and praise the Great I AM who reached across the ocean of time and rescued precious daughters of love.  It was a circle of love formed that day, and that circle of love shall some day be gathered and joined once more.Ē



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