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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 12, December 2010


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The Greatest Blessing

Ken Nix

Monday, 12/27/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle shepherd.  These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words promised unto you.  This day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant of the latter days shall receive words about the youngest son of the man known unto you as the righteous judge.  He shall see the images of his life and he shall be moved.  I have given you words about the wife and two of the three sons, and this day you shall hear the story of John.  John was only fifteen when he was sold into slavery.  As his mother and brother, Joseph, John was sold and taken unto Egypt.  He was bought by a wealthy merchant, and our presence was with John and he was seen with favor by his master.  John was angry at first with his father for the destruction of their family, but as he grew he came to understand that his father was a righteous man and had done what was proper and right.  Lessons have been given unto my people in the stories given about the family of the man known unto you as the righteous judge.  His name was David and even in his adversity we never left him and our mercy was upon him. His story has been told, and this day by the power of heavenly glory you shall know how the story ends.


John was very astute, and his father taught him about the law and about the ways of men.  His master saw the light within John and decided to teach him the ways of business.  John learned quickly and prospered.  By the age of twenty-five John was in charge of much of the businesses of the wealthy merchant.  He was fluent in several languages and he traveled on the business of his master.  He had a good life and was truthful and loyal and never sought to escape.  John married an Egyptian woman and was blessed with five sons.  When he was thirty-five his master gave him his freedom and asked John to become overseer over all his business.  He paid John well and soon John became wealthy and lived a life of comfort.  When John was forty years of age he was given a dream from my Father.  In his dream John was told that his mother had returned unto Jerusalem and that his father still lived but was still a slave unto hard labor.  John was told to go and seek his mother for it was her heart’s desire to be joined once more to one of her sons.  John was obedient unto his dream, and he took his family with him to do business in Jerusalem and while there he would search for his mother and father.  See my servant for I show you images by the power of the cloud of glory.  See John as he locates his mother and hear the words that he speaks unto her.


‘Dear lady, may I have a word with you this day.  I do not mean to frighten you, and I assure you that I am not a servant of the king.  I was told that you are Deborah and that you were once married unto a judge named David.  Do not be afraid dear lady, I do not seek to turn you over to the king.  I desire to speak to you for I believe you are my mother.  I am John and I was fifteen when sold into slavery myself.’


‘John, my son, is it really you?  Praises unto the Lord God, it is you.  You have your father’s face and I remember your eyes of green.  Oh my, come and let me hold you my son.  Glory unto the Lord for he has answered my constant prayer and one of my sons has come home unto me.’


‘’Mother, it is so wonderful to see you and to hold you in my arms once more.  We have much to talk about.  I have my family with me and I desire you to meet them, but first I must know about father.  I had a dream and I was told in my dream that you both lived.  Do you know where he is my mother?’


‘Yes John, I know.  He is still a slave in a quarry not far from the city.  I go there once a week to bring water unto him and unto the others.  I am on my way there now and desire you to join me.  I have not told him who I am my son for my face is scarred, and I am not worthy of his love for I was foolish when we were all together.  I will take you unto him for perhaps the time has come for him to know that I am near unto him once more.’


Look David and you shall see John and Deborah as they go unto the place where our servant worked.  He was old and the years of labor had been hard upon him.  He was seen with favor by all the men and guards, and his work was light.  See John and hear his words spoken that day.

‘You are David and you are the one who was a righteous judge unto the chosen people of the Lord?’


‘I am David and I was once a judge, but now I toil in labor by the word of an evil king.  Tell me young man, what do you desire of me this day?’


‘Father, it is I, I am John, your youngest son.  I had a dream given unto me by the Lord, and he told me to come find you and to also find my mother.  Father, we are here.  This is Deborah, my mother and your wife.  I have come to seek your freedom my father.’


‘My son, let me embrace you.  Joy fills my heart and tears overflow.  I have prayed for this day and I rejoice.  Come unto me dear wife.  I am pleased that you have decided to reveal your identity unto me.  I have known who you are since the day you washed my feet, but I have said nothing.  All is forgiven Deborah and the Lord has joined our hearts once more.  My son, I would greatly desire to leave this place but I am here by the order of the king.  The king who put me here has died and his son now reigns.  Perhaps there is a way.  Let us pray and seek the mercy of the Lord.’


‘Father, I shall pray and go as led.  I have my wife and sons in the city with me.  I was sold into slavery into Egypt, but now I am free.  My freedom was given unto me by my master for my work and service.  He has placed me over all of his house and business, and I have been blessed.  The Lord has increased my wealth, and I have money to seek your release.  I will pray and see what doors the Lord shall open unto us.’


The mercy of the Great I AM is endless, and his power is without end.  He is the Eternal Presence, and he knows the end and the beginning.  By the power of his love the righteous judge was set free.  John paid a ransom unto a greedy official and release papers were given unto our servant.  David and Deborah traveled back to Egypt with their son John, and there they lived a life of peace and joy until their deaths.  The mercy of the Great I AM came across the ocean of time for he is beyond time.  In his great mercy he blessed David and he lived to be very old.  He died when he was ninety-nine years old and his wife died seven days after him.  Both are buried in the land of Egypt, and both shall be upon the Crystal Sea.  John prospered and lived a long life.  His sons grew strong and expanded the wealth of their father.  There are many descendants of our servant David upon the earth this day.  The righteous judge did what was right and he was blessed.  Do not look with the eyes of the flesh for life everlasting is the greatest blessing that man can receive.  Seek the ways of light and surrender your life unto me.  I desire you to join David and Deborah upon the Crystal Sea, and there you shall meet Daniel, Joseph and John and many descendants of the righteous judge.”







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