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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 11, November 2010


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Brighter Days and Today Was A Beautiful Day

Ken Nix

Monday, 12/6/2010

(A song to Julie from Jesus Christ)


“There are brighter days coming, days of endless light and endless joy,

Bright days of peace in a world where all shall praise, all shall rejoice.

There are brighter days coming for the evil of darkness shall be gone forever,

Bright days of peace, days where the children shall be safe and protected.


There are brighter days coming, days of beauty as all gather unto me in worship,

Rejoice my daughter; be filled with hope for days of endless joy are coming.

Bright days of hope, days of peace as all men follow the ways of heaven,

Rejoice for there are brighter days coming, days of endless beauty and love.


Do not let the trials of life overcome you, be at peace for all will be well,

Your life is in my hands, I shall shield you, I shall guide you each day.

There are brighter days coming for I have won victory over the grave,

Bright days of fellowship as you gather with friends from all ages.


Rejoice for the light shall come unto you, the light shall raise the dead again,

The dead shall rise up into my kingdom of light, surely there are brighter days coming.

Bright days as war is no more and men shall not destroy, they shall not kill,

There are brighter days coming, bright days of love that shall fill the earth.


Rejoice with your children, lift hands in endless praise for brighter days come,

Brighter days of hope for the lost shall be found, the perishing will be saved.

Rejoice for brighter days are coming; let the trumpet of victory sound,

Rise up and meet they King, see the glory and brightness of our very throne.


 There are brighter days coming, days where mercy will be poured out on all,

Mercy and love shall cover the earth and my light shall shine as the sun.

My brightness shall fill every heart and the light of my presence will shine,

Rejoice precious daughter, rejoice and sing for there are brighter days coming.”

Today Was A Beautiful Day

(A song to Julie from the Lord Jesus)


“The sun was shining ever so brightly, yes today was a beautiful day my Lord,

The sky was blue and I heard the birds singing their praises unto you Lord.

Today was a beautiful day and I am filled with praise my God and King,

Beauty all around me, blessings that flow bountifully from heaven each day.


As I walked in the meadow I saw a deer leap and play, it was a beautiful day,

I sat upon my porch and I read your word, it seemed to speak unto me.

I went to the park to watch the children play; their laughter filled my heart,

Yes Lord, your blessings are all around me, today was a most beautiful day.


When I am sad and sorrow tries to overcome me I lift my hands in praise,

Every day I praise for every day is a blessing of love from you my Lord.

Can I expect days of such joy and not expect the clouds of sorrow as well?

Even a day of sorrow is a beautiful and wonderful day with you close by me.


 Today was a beautiful day; your love often overwhelms me, such great love,

I have my husband nigh unto me; I live in a house of light, a home of love.

I played with my children’s children, oh today was a surely a beautiful day,

Dinner with family, the comfort of loved ones close by, blessings upon me.



Thank you my Savior for a lifetime of joy, a lifetime of such

beautiful days,

Today I helped a homeless man; he smiled and thanked me, your blessings.

Your blessings I can share with others, your love I must shine forth,

The days pass but the beauty fills my heart, thank you Lord for a beautiful day.


My daughter, you worshipped me this day, you lifted hands unto me in praise,

You thought of me as I poured my blessings upon you, gratefulness filled you.

Today was a beautiful day for you walked in the heavenly light my child,

Thank you for the memories my child, thank you for a most

beautiful day.”





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