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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 11, November 2010


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The Blessing Of Forever

Ken Nix

Monday, 12/6/2010

(A song to Shirley from the Lord Jesus)



“The blessing of forever is a blessing that shall be upon you my faithful ones,

Life everlasting, endless joy and days filled with laughter and heavenly light.

Precious memories from precious moments that shall go on now and forever,
The blessing of forever is my blessing of love unto you my precious daughter.


See the children play and laughter fills the air, such a lovely and wonderful sound,

Sounds of joy echo across the hills and drift over the meadows, the sound of love.

The blessing of forever shall be known by my faithful ones, laughter and joy,

Life without end, days full of activity for there will be so much to do.


Taste the wine harvested and made from thine own vineyard, bountiful earth,

The rivers will be pure and the air fresh and clean, no more corrupted earth.

The blessing of forever shall fall upon those who are innocent and remain so,

Days of sunshine, no more tears, no more sorrow, the blessing of forever.


Explore the ocean or travel unto a distant planet, days of endless forever,

Forever and evermore you shall bask in the light of my glory, endless joy.

Visit friends from your life in the flesh, visit new friends from forever,

The blessing of forever shall be upon you, be faithful precious one.


Take the hand of thy husband and walk by his side for my blessing is upon him,

Together you shall know greater joy than any joy you have ever known.

Joy beyond imagination, love without end, love built upon heavenly light,

The blessing of forever upon beloved ones that stand faithful and true.


Stand upon the Crystal Sea and look out upon the wondrous universe of light,

Look unto the earth and remember the days spent so very, very long ago, remember.

Remember and lift hands in praise and worship for the blessing of forever,

The blessing of forever shall bring you laughter and joy forever and ever.”



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