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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 11, November 2010


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The Benefits Of Their Presence

Ken Nix

Monday, 12/6/2010

By Kenneth Nix


Being in the presence of the Mighty Ones of heaven is a subject that they have brought before us in numerous messages. In these messages you will find promises, laws of light and blessings, all of which fall under "benefits" of their presence.

I will review some of the messages given and share some of the benefits available to you. One of our most powerful tools is the tool of prayer. We received some wonderful additional guidance on the use of this tool while at the Feast of Booths. In the message, “Presence in Prayer” we have several benefits given. I am only listing benefits and not the requirements needed to be in their presence, though the requirements are benefits as well.

1.   Benefit one is ...The power of  prayer.

In the message “Presence in Prayer” we are given these words, “Prayer without our presence has no power for they are but words spoken. We hear all the words of man and our hearts of love and mercy are ever upon you but to know the power of prayer you must be in our presence.”

There are times when someone may wonder if their prayers are going past the ceiling. The Mighty Ones in heaven hear all prayers, but to know the true power of answered prayer you need to be in their presence. In their presence you have the benefit of having great power in prayer.


2. Benefit number two is … the power to grow in righteousness and purity.

This second benefit is listed in the same message as number one. This benefit is found in walking in the power of our God. All seem to struggle in life in their efforts to be obedient. But too often we look to our own strength, our own power, when the strength we need is found in their presence. In the message it states, “To grow in righteousness and purity you must go deeper into the light of our presence.”


3. Benefit number three is … the power to influence time in its three aspects of now, past and future.

In a message entitled, “The Eternal Presence,” Peter submits to us some very interesting questions, “Can prayers spoken deep within his presence affect your future? If you can affect future events can you not also affect past events? Can the presence of the Eternal Light cross the veils and cross time? Can your prayers give power unto now and unto past and future? If his eternal presence is ever with you, can his presence lead you to walk in a way to give you the future he desires?”  If the answer to all of these questions is yes (and it is), then you hold within your spirit the key to a great benefit of being in the presence of the Mighty Ones of heaven. You have understanding of a benefit that many in this world may say is pure science fiction. But it is true! You have the benefit in their presence to change or influence now as well as the past and future.


4 & 5.  Benefits number four and five are … surrender and obedience.

In another message, “The Presence of Surrender” we have two important benefits that clearly stand out, Surrender requires our presence for to be in a place of complete surrender means you walk in continual obedience and this requires our presence for you must know our will in order to do our will.”

Many in this world may question that “surrender” is a benefit. But it is a great benefit, for within surrender you have trust, faith and belief. In surrender you will know obedience to the will of God. You will know what their will is.


6. The sixth benefit found in the presence of God is … love.

In the message, “The Presence of Love” we are given these words, “The Lord God is love and the Lord Jesus is love and their love must fill you and overflow. Love is not the power of an occasional action of tenderness or kindness, love is the power of continual presence.

The benefit of having the capacity of great love is found only in the presence of the Mighty Ones of heaven.


7. The seventh benefit found in the presence of God is … miracles.

In the message, “Desire Our Presence” we find a benefit that has remained unseen in past generations except in a very few. It is a benefit that will be greatly needed during these end times. In this message we read, “The power of prayer and the power to see miracles is rooted within our presence. We are light and we are the power of light. Without our presence your prayers lack power and without our presence there are no healing miracles or miracles over the elements of the earth.

A gift from the Mighty Ones of heaven is just that, they are gifts. We cannot demand them, we can not have them in our lives simply by desiring them. We find them when we grow in love and light which will only happen when we grow in their presence.


8 & 9.  The next two benefits found in the presence of God are ...peace and joy.

In a world full of strife, full of war and full of sadness, what are these two benefits truly worth? When asking a small child what they want to be when they grow up may bring many varied answers from being a doctor to a policeman, etc…

But if you were to ask a doctor, or policeman or most adults of all the various trades, all those of various stages of wealth, power and influence what they wished was in their lives, it wouldn't surprise me if many said they would like to have happiness, peace or joy for themselves and for this world. People of sadness go through life not understanding where this joy and peace can be found. They try to make it happen in their lives by their own efforts. Many times those efforts lie within the owning of physical things.

Yet this is what we are told in the message, God’s Presence, “Experience the sheer joy and great peace that can be yours if you seek to let me fill your life completely. There is fullness beyond anything you have yet known. Seek my hand to guide, direct and lead. I am the Almighty Father in heaven, hear my call unto you. The fullness spoken of here is his presence.


10. The tenth benefit found in the presence of God is … the power of presence.

This power is mentioned in the message of Atonement, “The Place of Our Presence.”  Read the power of these words… “By our mercy you come unto the place of our presence and you make intercession for self, family, brethren and the stranger lost and alone. See and know the power of our presence and the power of our blessing upon you.”

It is in this presence that darkness is defeated in your life and can be defeated in the lives of others. This power is found in the Day of Atonement.


In this article I list 10 benefits. There are many more that can be found and known.





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