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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 11, November 2010


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The Place of Acceptance

Ken Nix

Monday, 12/6/2010

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle shepherd.  These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help all who read them to grow in the power of acceptance.  So many of my people across the earth struggle with acceptance.  Many do not accept my word, but most only accept what fits their doctrine.  I am the Lord and I am your King, and I shall return unto you, and all will accept my rule and my law.  Acceptance requires faith, trust and surrender.  So often my will is rejected for the hearts of men seek to follow that which is good in their own eyes.  This day I give you seven principles to help you to reach the place of acceptance.

 1. To accept you must believe and have faith.  You do not have to understand my ways or my will, but to accept my will you must believe that my will and love for you is perfect, and you must have faith in my power and my promises.  Why do so many upon the earth walk in disobedience?  It is because they do not accept my Lordship, my dominion and my will.  Men have the freedom to choose, and you must choose to believe, and you must believe to accept.  Believe that my power is great and that my promises are sure and accept my will for your life.  Once you come to the place of acceptance, you shall go deeper into the light of heaven.  Without acceptance, your faith shall waiver in the storm.  Believe and have faith.


2. Acceptance requires trust and surrender.  My will and my desire are always perfect, but my will cannot be done in your life without acceptance of my will, and to accept you must trust and surrender.  I know that acceptance is not easy when my will is not what you desire, but you must trust in me and you must surrender unto my will.  The clay that is soft can be molded by the hands of the potter, but hard clay will not be formed.  Why does man think his way is better than mine?  The ways of man have led man to being far from me, so your way will not be the best way unless your way is surrendered unto my will.  Only in obedience unto my will can you know the fullness of my love for you.


3. Acceptance leads unto obedience.  You must believe and have faith and you must trust and surrender and then you must obey my will. Obedience is the action of acceptance. You must believe and accept and you must obey.  To accept my way as the truth and the light brings no power unless you walk in obedience unto my way and my will.   The more you obey, the more you will come to trust and accept.  Acceptance grows in obedience.  Why do you resist my will?  Has doing things your way brought you true joy, peace and happiness?  Find true joy, peace and happiness in surrender and in acceptance of my will and my dominion.


4.  The place of acceptance is the place of love.  Trust will not grow without love, and acceptance will not come without love.  If you love me, you will accept my will and you will obey my commands.  My will is perfect, but my will only works to perfection in the life of those who love, accept and obey.  If your will is not my will and you follow your will over mine, how can you know my fullness?  To know the fullness of heavenly light you must walk in light and you must remain in the light.  Surrender is evidence of love, trust is evidence of love, obedience is evidence of love and acceptance is evidence of love.


 5. To accept my will and my dominion, you must accept your calling and your destiny.  How can my will be perfect in your life if you do not accept my calling and my desire for your life?  You are called and chosen and I know you by name.  You must accept your calling and you must surrender unto my will so that I can fulfill my destiny in your life.  A destiny was given and a call was sent forth.  Answer my call and trust and surrender and accept my will so that your destiny shall be reality.


 6. The place of acceptance is the place of joy.  The life of surrender is a life of joy for in surrender and acceptance you will know that I am with you.  Often people doubt my love and my presence when their will is not my will.  You will have peace and joy when you reach the place of accepting my will.   In sunshine or sorrow you must know my love for you is perfect and you must accept my will and my guidance.  There are no coincidences in the life of the surrendered man.  I know your destiny, and I am the bridge between now and the future.  Surrender unto me and know the joy of a life of acceptance.


7. Acceptance will not come unto you without the power of hope.  Faith sustains you but hope helps you in your struggles of life.  Place your hope in me.  Hope is the assurance that all I have promised will be and hope is the assurance that my eye is ever upon you and that I gather you unto me.  Hope gives power unto acceptance.  You must accept my will, my dominion and my love.  Trust in me, hope in me and surrender unto me.  There is great power in hope.  Release your will, surrender your choices and find hope in me.  In acceptance you shall find the fullness of joy and the fullness of peace.  Accept my will and accept my destiny for you and find hope in me.




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