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Volume 1, Issue 2, June 2008


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David Nix

 “I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. I am the shepherd who leads, and I am the shepherd who loves and cares for the flock. I am the good shepherd and great is my mercy and my love. When I walked the earth I was of the light always, and by the power of my Father I healed all manner of sickness and cast out many demons. The dead were raised and mighty works were done by the power of the light. All power has been given unto me in heaven and earth, and my power is with you, for I dwell within temples of clay. You desire the gifts of power and to see miracles and great healings. To walk in the fullness of the power of heaven, you must be broken and surrendered, and you must be of a compassionate and tender heart. Compassion and mercy affect the release of healing power. My compassion is great, and my love and mercy without measure, but your prayers are affected by the barriers within. If you are not moved with compassion, then you are not strong in your belief. You must believe, and you must take on my mantle of mercy, love, and compassion. Cloak yourself in my robes and walk as I walked. See the hurting and pain as you see lives broken and those lost and without hope. Be moved my people. When your spirit is moved within, my spirit and my Father’s spirit within you are also moved.

When you seek our healing power to move in another person’s life you must pray from a heart deeply rooted in compassion. If you do not have heartfelt compassion why do you seek our mercy? Mercy is given, for we are perfect in our love, but when you cry out for mercy for others let it be with the same level of desire as when you cry out for mercy upon yourself. You are to love your family and brethren as yourself, and you are to love your neighbor as yourself. The world today is full of stony hearts and hearts not moved by sadness, sickness, and sin. Become people of the light, for in the light sin will grieve your spirit, and all darkness will grieve your spirit, and in that grief you will seek mercy for the lost and alone and broken.

Place my mantle of love upon you and seek to see the world through my eyes. Be patient with all men, and have hearts rooted in goodness. Tender mercy will be shown unto those who are merciful, and tender mercy will be given to those who pray from a heart full of compassion and mercy. Never be too busy to pray for those in need, and be moved with tender love for all who seek and need your prayers. Spend much time on your knees and bring your petitions before us. Be broken and of a contrite heart for we respond to your brokenness. We are within and your mercy and love stirs our mercy and love. We often heal for we are love, but we desire your hearts to melt, and for you to become lights of love, mercy, and tenderness. Take my robes upon you and walk in the light of my love. Be people who cry and sigh over all unrighteousness, and be people who cry out for mercy for a world lost and alone, and a world in need of our love and mercy.”






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