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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 11, November 2010


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The Mystery Of Praise

Ken Nix

Monday, 12/6/2010

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle guide and King.  These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to understand the power of praise.  I have given you many words about praise, but the power of praise remains a mystery that I seek to reveal unto you.  Knowledge has been given, now you must seek to go deeper unto the place of understanding.  Praise must flow from a heart deeply rooted in love and goodness and must flow from worship.  You need to increase the depth of your worship in order to strengthen the power of your praise.  Men were created to have freedom of choice, but man has wandered from the path intended and has developed a spirit of independence.  An independent spirit is a danger for it leads you from needing me and my Father.  You teach your children to stand firm and to be independent from relying too heavily upon others, but you must not teach them to not rely upon me.  An independent spirit is a barrier to praise for if you rely solely upon your ability and strength, you will fail to see and acknowledge our hand in your life.  Do not allow freedom of choice to lead unto a spirit of independence for worship grows from a heart that needs us and a heart that recognizes our love and our power.  Praise requires eyes that see and a heart that yearns.


Many words about the power of our presence have been given unto you and our presence gives power unto praise.  The closer you are unto us, the more you will see and feel our presence.  Knowing us will lead to worship and praise.  You must seek eyes that see and hearts that feel.  Why do you seek to go your own way when your way has led to so much sorrow and pain?  You must seek our presence, and you must worship us, and you must let words of praise flow from you.  Presence gives power unto praise, and praise gives power unto our presence.  The more you seek us, the more you will grow in worship and praise.  You can not know the Lord God and not be in awe of him.  His majesty and beauty will cause your spirit within to worship.  Light gives power to light, and breath gives power unto breath, so the more you draw close unto the light and breath of heaven, the more you will worship and praise.  There are laws of heaven that will not fail.  Seek our presence and grow in the power of praise.  Must you have understanding of all law to obey?  Praise gives power, so why do you not praise us with hearts of love and worship?  This day I give unto you three principles to help you to see and understand the mystery of praise.


l. Praise is rooted in light and the power of heaven.  The angels of light praise me and my Father and their praise gives power unto their light and unto one another’s light.  The Eternal Light is the power of light for he is the light within all living.  Praise is the power of light.  When you praise us, light is sent from our throne and light is released within you.  Your praise also gives power unto the angels close unto you and causes the darkness to flee.  The power of praise is the power of light.  The action of praise brings forth light.  This is why praise brings our light and increases your light.  Demons do not praise us for they are of the darkness.  Does lack of praise bring darkness?  Power is found in light, so if you do not do the actions to increase your light, you will be weakened and it is the weak that the evil ones seek to devour.  The more time you spend without praise will diminish your light.  You see the lack of praise in the lives of others and you also see the lack of light.  See the connection between praise and light.  The more you praise, the more your light will grow.


2.  Praise increases the power of heavenly breath.  Why do the angels of light come nigh unto you when you praise me and my Father?  It is due to increased light but also due to an increase in the breath of heaven.  Angels of light need the breath of heaven, but they only gain power from breath and light.  When you go unto the muted light of darkness, the evil ones feed upon the breath within and my angels of light do not gain power from your presence.  The breath of the Great I AM is his very soul and his breath is within you.  I breathed into Adam and he became a living soul.  Your life is light within flesh, spirit and breath.  Praise increases the breath within and brings angels of light unto you.  Could you not better withstand the enemy if more angels of light are near unto you?  Breath brings angels of light, and breath brings power, and breath is increased by the power of praise.  Praise us in word and song, and praise us in spirit and in breath.

3. Praise must be rooted in worship.  Without a heart of worship, praise is no more than words.  Words of praise must flow from the depth of man, and your depth is light and breath.  Repetitious words and songs without heart and longing have no power.  Presence increases awareness, you must go deeper into our presence.  The more you are aware of our presence, the more you will long to be close for spiritual awareness creates spiritual longing.  You do not have to work at worship for it cannot be created by your will.  Worship is rooted in the breath within and will grow as our presence grows.  Rituals bring no power; power is of the heart and light within.  Praise us often each day.  Sing a song of praise or speak words of praise.  You do not have to sing for hours each day for the power is not in singing, the power of praise is found in the heart of worship.  I seek to reveal unto you the mystery of praise.  You do not have to know how praise works, but you must obey and do the actions of light.  Understanding helps you to know why you praise us for our light and breath is within you, and praise increases our light and breath which increases the power of our presence.


My people, seek to understand and seek to go deeper in your praise.  There is great power in praise, but all praise must be rooted in love, light and worship.  Dark ones do not praise us, and non-believers do not praise us.  Grow in light and grow in belief through the power of praise.” 



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