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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 11, November 2010


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Come Home

Ken Nix

Monday, 12/6/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd.  These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to grow in the power of humility.  As was promised, I give you the next message about the man known unto you as the righteous judge.  I gave you words about his oldest son Daniel, and this day by the power of the cloud of glory my servant shall receive words and images about the second son.  These words will help you to grow in understanding of the power of humility.  Pride is the barrier to growing in the light of heaven and is the barrier to walking the path of humility.  We are taking our people deeper into the light of our presence, and the daily words and the words given each month for the Words of the Latter Rain will help you greatly if you will apply all that is given.  Humility is the pathway to the glory of the Lord God.  My Father is the Ancient of Days and he is the one who is the power of eternity.  He is with you now and forever.  He sees all and he knows all.  The Lord God seeks men and women who will answer the call of heaven, people who will forsake the ways of flesh and walk the paths of righteousness.  To go deeper into our presence, you must walk each day in humility.  The righteous judge was righteous and good for he understood the ways of humility.  His eldest son Daniel walked in obedience unto the authority of our higher power and was a good man.  The name of the second son is Joseph, and he was unlike his father and was more like unto his mother.  He was obedient unto his father, but he was a man with a fiery temper and had an impetuous heart.  The path that our mercy led him upon was a path unto humility.  I gave you words about Deborah who was the wife of the righteous judge, and her path led her unto humility and brokenness.  The attributes and ways of the parent can become the ways of the child.  We love Joseph, and our love was upon him when he lived upon the earth.  His journey was not easy, but it was a journey that molded him into a man of humility, a man of great love and wisdom. He was    greatly troubled by being sold into slavery, and as his mother, he was sold unto an Egyptian man.  He was near to where his mother was sent, but they never met again.   He was forced to do hard labor, and his stubborn pride prevented him from rising above the circumstances he found himself in.  His brother Daniel was obedient and accepted the authority of his master and prospered, but Joseph was full of pride, and as a wild stallion, he would not be broken.  His stubborn pride led him upon a path of sorrow that could have been removed if he had surrendered his pride and reached a place of brokenness. 


My people, you must seek brokenness for I desire you to be humble.  Why be broken by the circumstances of life, when you could be molded upon our altar?  Learn from the life of Joseph and from all the words of power that have been given unto you.  Joseph was eighteen when he was sold into slavery.  He had the strength of youth, so he was chosen to do hard labor.  He worked hard for he refused to allow his task master to win victory over him.  He was a very strong man, and the years of labor made him grow into a man of great physical power.  Due to his quickness and strength, his master chose to train him to fight when he was twenty-one. 

Joseph had to fight in competition to survive, and in the battles he fought, he learned the harsh ways of the warrior.  He became a man of harshness, and there was no mercy within him when he fought for mercy could mean death.  He did not fight in death matches, but in physical struggles men would die.  He became a most lucrative asset to his master, and to reward him, his master provided him with strong drink and many women to please him.  The pride of Joseph led him to become as a man who was no more than an animal trained for battle.  With each fight Joseph went deeper into the darkness for fighting allowed his great anger to be released.  He fought for twenty years and had very few defeats.  When he was forty-one he was severely beaten, and his body was maimed and broken.  His master did have mercy and gave him his freedom for Joseph had increased the wealth of his master greatly.  At age forty-one he was a man full of hate and anger, and he truly began his journey unto the light of our presence.  When all seems lost and the heart is full of misery, it often creates a fertile field for the seeds of love and mercy to grow.


Joseph traveled to a new place in Egypt for this was now his home.  He spoke their language and followed their ways for the ways of his father had become lost in the sorrow of his life.  He only knew the ways of battle and labor, but his body could no longer fight nor lift the weight of the heavy stones.  He lived on the streets and was hungry.  Hunger will break the spirit of even the most stubborn heart, and in hunger our beloved Joseph became a beggar and had to accept help from others.  His once strong body was broken, and in begging for food, his spirit was broken.  Our mercy was upon him and we led a kind man unto him who took him unto his home and gave him work.  Joseph felt kindness for the first time in many years and his heart began to mend.  He fell in love with a woman who was kind and tender and they married.  The birth of his daughter was an event that forever changed the heart of Joseph.  He loved his children, and he was tender and kind.  One day his daughter asked him about the gods of the Egyptians, and as he spoke his heart was pricked and he remembered the words of his father. He rejected  the gods of the Egyptians and came unto us in prayer and began to teach his children our ways.  In the words of his prayer that I share with you this day, you see the heart of humility.

‘Great God in heaven, I bow before you this day.  I have not come before you since the days of my youth.  My journey has been one of sorrow for the pride of youth led me far from you.  This day I was speaking unto my precious daughter about the gods of the Egyptians and my heart was pricked for images of my dear father came unto me.  He was a man who was ever faithful unto you.  I am of your chosen people, and I repent before you.  I was lost in my anger, and in the cruelty of fighting my heart drifted completely from you.  I am blessed with a wonderful wife and three beautiful children, and I thank you.  So many years I walked in anger and hatred.  I was angry that my father would not compromise to save us, and I was angry that you allowed me to be taken from my family and home.  In my pride and anger I went deeper into the ways of darkness.  Looking back I realize that I was as an animal trained to fight and do the will of its master.  Please forgive me for the men I have killed and for all I have harmed.  I no longer seek to harm anyone.  I desire a quiet life.  You have blessed me, and I am beginning to prosper in my business, but I reached a decision this day.  Once I have saved enough, I desire to return to the land of Israel so that my children can know your true ways.  My wife has accepted this, and I pray that she will also embrace your ways.  Dear God, why did it take me a lifetime to find you?  So many years wasted in pride and anger.  I see now that you have broken me.  When I was eating from the garbage of men and nigh unto death, I clearly heard you call my name.  I heard a voice from heaven that simply said, “Come home, come home to me.”  I thought it meant to return unto Israel, but I now see it means to come home to you.  I knock upon thy door and seek to enter in.  Take me home dear Lord, allow me to live the rest of my life in the shadow of your wings.  I am home dear Lord, and I surrender my life unto thee.’


My people, learn the power of humility and seek the power of home.  I am with you and I call your name, and I call unto you to find peace in my presence and the fullness of joy.  Put away thy anger and pride and find rest in me.  I am ever with you and my light beckons unto you.  Surrender your all and come home to me.”



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