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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 10, October 2010


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Ken Nix

Thursday, 10/21/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and tender shepherd. These are words for my people. My servant spoke unto you about the power of communion and intercessory prayer. You must become voices that cry out for the plight of the earth. You must lift up those lost and alone, and you must seek heavenly mercy to come upon all the earth. I desire to share with you more words about communion and the power of our presence. You see that prayers grow more powerful as you go deeper into our presence so you must reach out thy hand and touch the veil. You must go deeper. There has been much joy at our Great Feast but your prayer is lacking. This is to be a Feast where you go deeper unto the presence of heavenly light. You have full days but you must find time to commune with my Father and I, and you must seek to go deeper. Do not let your time slip away. Laugh and rejoice together but also pray together and pray alone. You can not grow in the power of prayer without time spent in communion with us. Praise is communion, washing in our word is communion, meditation and thinking upon us is communion, but the highest level of communion is found in individual prayer, for you alone must commune with us in prayer. You can not bring another before us in communion. You can bring others before us to intercede for them, but you can not commune with us for them.


When you sing praises together, there is the power of united light but the power of communion is based upon your individual heart of worship. Are you simply singing the words or are you communing with us through a heart of worship? There is also great power in united prayer, but you can not commune for another. Our spirit, light and breath is within you and it is you who must come before us to commune with us. The deeper you go into our presence, the more power you will have in your intercessory prayers. There is no substitute for time spent with us in communion whether it is in worship, praise, reflection, reading our word or in prayer. Draw closer to me by spending time with me. My people gathered have been reading our word together and have prayed together, which is the power of united light, but you alone must commune with us for your individual light to grow within. The stronger the individual lights, the stronger the united light. You must establish a pattern of communion, and you must spend time with us so that our light can fill. The key will not be found in long repetitious prayers or endless songs of praise, the power is found in a heart of worship and a heart of longing and desire. You must yearn to be with me and the Great I AM.


Spiritual awareness creates spiritual longing and spiritual longing will lead to deeper communion. There is no substitute for time spent before us in worship, praise, washing in our word, reflection and prayer. To be the voice to change things past and present and to be the voice to change the future, you must commune with us for communion gives power to intercessory prayer. Come before us with pure hearts and commune with us. Speak the desires of your heart and the words of your heart, and listen to hear our voice. Commune with us so that your prayers of intercession will be prayers of great power. I share with you seven principles to make your prayers more powerful. Follow all that is given and learn the power of being in our presence and the power that is found in prayers spoken from a place of communion. These are principles given unto my servant previously by my servant Elisha, and my servant was instructed to add these principles to the words given this day.”


1. “All prayers that bring forth heavenly motion must be rooted in the light and must be within their will. Prayers outside their will are not prayers that bring forth heavenly motion. The Lord can not break his own law and can not go against his own will. To have prayers of power you must seek to know their will for your life and in the lives of others. Your position in the light will affect your understanding of their will and will also affect the power of your words. Their presence is power so when you are far from their presence, your prayers are empty words. Outside their holy presence there is no power of light.


2. Light grows with being within the light for light gives power to light. Therefore, you must commune with them often. You must remain in the light and you must be always in their will. Prayer sends light, so in order to have power you must have light to send. Do not forsake time spent in their presence for your intercessory prayers will have no power unless they are spoken from a place of light and knowing. You must know their will in order to seek their will.


3. Prayer is communion and communication, and you will fail at both unless you listen. Listening is necessary for communion and communication. You do not hear as much as they speak. Go before them and offer praise and worship them, and be silent. Why must you always be the first one to speak? Enter their presence and be silent to hear. There will be times when you shall speak more than you listen, but this is for prayers seeking heavenly motion. In your prayers to grow in their presence you need to listen and then speak as you are led. Meditate upon their glory and spend time alone with them. Prayers of communion are best when you are alone and quiet and still before them.


4. Before you pray, you must be clear as to what you seek. Know the reason for your words, and then focus your words upon that purpose. All prayer should have purpose. You may simply need to express your fears and sorrows or you might desire to praise them. Prayer is your time with the Lord, and the Lord is a merciful God and he desires you to share your heart and thoughts. There is always good in prayer if you come before them in worship. Communication is the expression of your thoughts and feelings. Know what you want to pray about, and then pray, but do not limit the power of God. Pray as you are led once your prayer begins.


5. Pray when you are awake and alert. If you find your mind leaving their presence, or you begin to fall asleep, you need to end your prayer. You do not have to pray for long periods of time. Some conversations are long and some are short. The key is to pray often. They know your thoughts so they know when your mind is upon them. Be alert when you pray and do not allow distractions. Prayers when your mind is not upon them lose power, for then your words simply become words without meaning. You are not talking to yourself; you are talking unto the Lord God and his beloved Son.


6. Always offer praise and thanksgiving in your prayers. Do not take for granted the blessing of coming before them. You are to enter their presence with praise, reverence and thanksgiving. They know your heart so your words must be sincere and from your heart.  When you pray things you do not truly feel or desire, they know. Let your words flow from your heart. You must love them with all of your heart, mind and soul, and you must let them hear the words within. Praise them and worship them.


7. Always pray for their will to be done. You will not always know their specific will. You know that they desire mercy to be upon all, so all prayers for mercy are within their will but may not be their specific will. You can seek mercy for evil men or nations but it may be his will to punish them. Even when his will is not clear, you must pray for love and mercy and seek his heart to soften. Mercy is the power to change the heart of the Lord. Let mercy be heard in your prayers and let your words always seek their will. Pray from the light and let all your petitions be desires of the light, and then give them dominion and submit to their will.”



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