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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 10, October 2010


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Ken Nix

Thursday, 10/21/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle shepherd. These are words for my people who gather before me and words that will be read by others in the days ahead for the power of our word grows and goes forth. What was given unto you on the second day of our Great Feast holds many keys of power. Spend time reading all that shall be given unto you at the Great Feast. The daily words previously given, and the ones given while gathered, are words of power that will help you to go deeper into our presence. You seek to understand the words given and you seek to apply all that is given. The power of the Eternal Presence is beyond your understanding so you must reach the place of belief, faith and acceptance. Believe that He is, that the Great I AM has all power now and forever, and believe that he loves you and that he knows you by name and has a destiny of light for you. I have been given all power in heaven and earth, and I am the power of now. My presence is within all men so I know your every thought and I see every action and hear every word spoken. My presence is within but my presence is only in the present as far as my understanding. I, too, am already with the Great I AM in the future but my awareness is of the present. Awareness is a key that will help you to unlock the mystery that has been revealed. My servant spoke briefly about choice and will and he spoke truth and told you that spiritual awareness creates spiritual longing. The will of man is the awareness and longing of man. Spiritual awareness creates spiritual longing for the will is shaped and rooted in these two things… awareness and longing. The words being given are words of revealed truth and they increase your awareness of the power of the Great I AM and the power that I am.


Deeper awareness will lead to a deeper longing. You are aware of things past and things present. I am ancient in days and I am the perfection of light by the will of my Father. As you, I have awareness and I have memories. Experience and memories give power unto awareness. My memory is perfect, and I know the names of all men ever conceived. I know the exact moment of conception and the exact moment of death. I have shared every moment of life with you, and your memories are known of me. My awareness of all things past since my life began is perfect. I have all knowledge of past events and I have heard every prayer and know every thought. Your memory is a wonderful thing, for memory captures the experiences of life that shape and mold you; memory captures awareness so that you learn and retain so that awareness will grow. Memory is not of the flesh; memory is of the breath and spirit. Your will is shaped by awareness and longing. The more you become spiritually aware, the more you shall be ever within our presence.


Does the Great I AM have a memory? Think about this my people. If he is with you now and is with you in the future, does he have memories of past? My memory and your memory are only of past events. Memory means to remember, and memory is to remember past things learned and experienced. The Eternal Presence is forever. His presence was with the prophets of old, and his presence is with them in the future. His presence is eternal. He was with me when I created man, and he was with me at the cross; he is with me now, and he is with me in the future. I am aware of all things past since my origin and I am aware of the present. I have knowledge of the future so I have awareness of events that shall occur, but I have no memory of events to occur for they have not yet been experienced by me. Memory comes with the present and gives you recollection of the past. The Great I AM has all power and his great power has no limitations. He knows the end from the beginning in the life of men and angels and in my life. He is before all life and he is with all life. He does not have memory as we define memory. He is with me now and forever. Time does not apply unto the Lord God Almighty and this is the power of his presence, for his presence is not past or future, his presence is eternal. He hears prayers spoken in the now, and the now for him is eternity. It is beyond your thoughts, but you must see the power given unto you.


As my servant Peter gave unto you, my presence within you bridges the future and the present and I am the pathway and the door unto everlasting. I am of the very essence of the Eternal Light and I am light, breath and spirit and my power is beyond all others created. The presence of the Lord God is with me for I am of his very essence and presence. I have knowledge of many things of the future and I have seen in vision all that shall occur in these latter days. My knowledge of the future is complete but I have not yet experienced the future I clearly see. The presence of the Eternal Light within me allows me to see so I know your destiny. I have knowledge of every event that shall be. Perfect knowledge does not require memory. I do not have to experience an event to know the event will occur. I knew when you would be born before you were born for I have knowledge of the future. Faith and belief when joined unto knowledge is a most powerful thing. You will know what lies ahead but will only lack the memory until it occurs. I am with you now and I have knowledge of your future so my presence within bridges the future and the present. The Great I AM knows your future, and has memory of your future, so his power is great and he is ever with me and his ear is open unto me for I sit at his right hand. He and I are one so his presence gives power to my presence.


It is my presence within man that bridges the ocean of time and the power of light. I am the royal blue and my light completes the power of light within. Prayer is your great power, and presence is your greatest need. The more that we fill you, the more of our presence you have within, the more your faith and belief shall grow. I am the bridge between past and future. I have perfect memory of everything past and I have perfect knowledge of your future while within the flesh that holds you. My perfect memory and my perfect knowledge make me the perfect guide. Surrender all unto me, and I shall lead you unto life everlasting. The power of prayer is the power of communion and communion requires presence. Seek our presence to fill you. Reach out your hand and let spiritual awareness create deep spiritual longing. I bless those gathered with a song and I shall give my servant the words as a blessing unto you.


Reach out Thy Hand


Reach out thy hand to me, long for my presence, seek my light and love to fill,

I am your Savior, I am your Creator and King, I am the Lamb who was slain.

I am with you now and I have been with you all of thy days,

My love for you is perfect, my joy in you complete, reach out unto me.


Reach out thy hand and touch the veil for it is a veil of light deep within,

Behind the veil there are mysteries beyond imagination, truth to be revealed.

Reach out thy hand, desire to know the fullness of my presence, feel my love,

I have shared every memory for they are my memories as well, I know.

I know the days of your journey ahead and I remember your past,

I am the bridge between the present and the future before you.

Reach out thy hand to me, touch the veil and seek to enter in,

Enter into the depth of my presence, become aware of my great light.


Awareness will create longing and awareness will make faith grow within,

Reach out thy hand for I am the door and I am the pathway unto everlasting.

Come close unto me, commune with me, come close for I desire your presence,

Seek my presence and the presence of my Father; reach out thy hand unto me.”



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