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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 10, October 2010


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Ken Nix

Thursday, 10/21/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and gentle shepherd. These are words of love and words of power for my people who gather and are words that will be read by many in the days ahead. We have given you many words about the power of our presence but this day I desire my people to focus upon our presence in prayer. This day my servant shall discuss words of power given about prayer. Only those gathered will hear his words, but these words given shall provide help unto all. To grow in righteousness and purity you must go deeper into the light of our presence. You have been given so much, but without application you will not grow in the power of light. This day I give you these words to guide you and to help you to grow in understanding. The power of prayer is found in communion and communion requires presence. Seek to see how you must grow closer unto us to know the power of prayer. My servant shall speak more of these things and you must go deeper into our presence. He shall speak some about your will and desire but most regarding the will of man shall be for another time.



Some feel that we ask too much of our people and that the road you walk is more difficult than what my shed blood requires. Does my love negate your need to be holy? The laws of light are firm, and there are laws of action and motion, and there are laws regarding communion and prayer and there are laws which govern presence. All that we have sought you to do is within the laws of heaven. To bring forth spiritual motion you must take spiritual action. You are flesh but the flesh is only a shell. You are the light, spirit and breath within. You must have dominion of your flesh and this is done by giving me dominion of all three levels of your life. We desire to be closer unto you and we desire you to know the fullness of our presence. To understand the power of our presence you must be in our presence, and to be in our presence requires purity and righteousness for we are Holy Light and all darkness separates man from the fullness of our presence. I do not ask more of you than what the law of heaven requires. To understand the power of our presence when you pray, you must commune with us and you must remain within our presence. All that you seek and all that you so greatly desire requires the fullness of our presence, and without light you can not be in and of the light.



This day I do not ask you to complete more fasts or ask you to do more works. I simply tell you that I desire to be close unto you but the laws of heaven that govern the power of light can not be broken. The power of mercy can supersede all law, and by our mercy we come unto you, but in order for you to remain in our presence requires you to walk righteously. Is it too great a request to seek you to walk as I walked? Is my desire to have you ever close unto me one that is beyond reason? I desire to fill you and to be ever near unto you, but you must obey the laws of heavenly light for the laws of light to be brought into motion.



You have been told often that prayer is your greatest tool but the power of prayer is governed by the laws of heaven. The sinners’ prayer can cross the barriers of darkness that separate and our mercy can remove the veils that prevent, but to remain in our presence requires the laws of presence to be brought into motion. You must remember what I have taught you regarding forgiveness and remission and restoration. There is no remission and restoration without lasting change and lasting change requires the power of our presence. Prayer is the key to coming into our presence to commune with us. A heart of gratefulness filled with praise will open the door, and a heart that desires shall enter in, but to remain in our presence requires obedience unto the laws of light set forth before the world began. We can not violate the laws of heaven for we are pure and holy and there is no muted light and no shadow of turning with us.


I give unto you three principles about the power of presence in prayer. During these days together before us at our Great Feast you shall receive words of great power from on high and all that shall be given is to help you to come closer unto our presence. I shall speak unto my chosen servant each day and he shall receive words from those chosen to speak unto you at this chosen time. Let my words and the words given help you to go ever deeper into the light of our presence.



1. To understand the power of prayer you must come unto our presence. Prayer is communication and prayer is communion. Both are best done in the closeness of our presence. You can speak unto others not near unto you but to commune requires presence, and communication that touches the spirit within is stronger in the presence of others. Prayer without our presence has no power for they are but words spoken. We hear all the words of man and our hearts of love and mercy are ever upon you, but to know the power of prayer you must be in our presence. Our presence is within and without, and the barriers that separate can only be removed by your coming closer unto us. We are light and the power of light is the power of our presence. Pray to enter in and come close unto me and sup with me for I desire your presence. Prayer without presence has no power.



2. The veils of light are the veils of presence and they are within. You have three levels of life and there is a veil of light that separates the fullness of light. Just as the High Priest of my people had to make atonement so must you. To enter in requires sacrifice and the atoning power of my shed blood. The veil unto the most holy has been torn asunder and I wait for you to come nigh unto me and I yearn to have you ever close unto me. It is you that must stretch forth your hand to touch the veil. The power of prayer is the power of the extended hand and is the power of the torn veil. Prayer is communion of the spirit, and prayer is the power to enter in, and prayer is the power to walk in purity and holiness. You must seek our presence and you must seek our communion. I stand and my arms are open unto you. Remove the veils by the power of my presence.



3. The fullness of our presence in prayer requires that you be clean and holy. The spirit of the Father only comes unto the repentant man, unto those who wash in the shed blood and the waters of baptism. You receive our presence by the power of repentance but to remain in our presence requires purity and change. Sin removes you from our presence and is a barrier unto our presence within and without. How can you be close unto me if you do not seek me, and how can I guide you if you do not seek to hear my word? To commune with me requires my presence. There is no communion without presence. Wash yourself in the power of my shed blood and call my name, and I shall come unto you. Make lasting change and learn the power of our presence by walking each day in purity and holiness. Light gives power to light and presence gives power to presence.


My servant shall teach you what we are teaching him. Listen to his words for we speak unto him and we speak through him. Seek to learn the power of our presence in prayer.”



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