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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 10, October 2010


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Ken Nix

Thursday, 10/21/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to open the eyes of those who do not see. The great tragedy known as the Holocaust was not done in some ancient time; it occurred within the lifetime of many who shall read these words. It is a time of sorrow that shall forever be written upon my soul and I shall not forget the tears and the sorrow. Men question our love and mercy by allowing such horror to occur. We are love and mercy but man was created with the freedom of choice, and men chose war instead of peace and men chose hatred over love. Mercy was shown and all did not perish. We know the names of all who died and their spirits are safe within our presence. This is the ninth part of A Circle of Faith and is a story of great sadness. I give you words spoken by a precious daughter named Elizabeth. You read of her briefly in the second part for she was with her sister Ann. They did not remain together during their days of sorrow. I know that these words have been hard to read for they are words of sadness and sorrow. What has been shared is to help you to open your eyes to see. The power of darkness that leads men to do such horrible things is alive and present upon earth. Satan and his minions hate all men, but above all they hate all who follow the ways of heaven. Be it Jew or Christian, if you believe in our word and if you pray unto us, you are upon a list of those hated. They know every name and they know where you live and they see your actions. You are shielded by my mercy and by angels of light but the darkness is all around you and the darkness waits and watches. I have given you these lessons of power to help you to feel the pain that these innocent people felt. What has been given are only words upon a page but they have moved your hearts and touched your spirit.


Days of sorrow shall come upon you my people. You live in a nation where there is no war and you have freedom to travel and do mostly as you desire. This will all come to an end. Darkness seeks your destruction as it sought the elimination of the European Jews. What was shall be again. Prior to the darkness of the Holocaust the people laughed and sang and had great joy. Life was good and they were at peace. War can come quickly and death can be seen as mercy. In times of great sorrow where the anguish and pain are too much to bear, death is sought as mercy. Most of you do not know such sorrow. This day you woke up in a bed and were warm and safe through the night. You have food to eat and you have clothes to wear. You are safe and you are content, but you are blind unto so much that is happening in your nation and your world. Darkness moves as the fog and death is the goal, and death shall come unto your nation and unto the nations of the earth. When you view the images of the death camps of the Nazi’s, it is hard for your mind to grasp so much death and sorrow. Look at the pictures and never forget that the darkness that led to such sorrow is stronger this day than it was then. Man has been creative in ways to torture and kill.


Fall upon your knees and seek my mercy for the days of death shall be once more. Many who read these words in the days ahead will be moved within, but most will make little change for you live in a world at peace and you live a life of comfort. Can your mind even imagine death camps such as were built in Poland being built in your nation? Can you imagine the systemic elimination of all people who are crippled and old and ones placed upon a list for death? The people of Europe could not have imagined it either. Death is coming for the darkness grows in power all over the earth. My people, the time is now, put away all darkness and remove all that separates and become mighty warriors of light. Pray for the gifts of power to manifest so that the harvest of mercy can save and rescue so many upon the earth. Death shall visit every home and no family will not be affected. The Great Tribulation shall come and all will be affected. Some of you shall be safe but all shall suffer and be affected. The cloud of death and sorrow shall pass over all upon the earth. You must have hearts that seek mercy. This day I give you the words of a prayer. Elizabeth was taken unto the death camp called Auschwitz and there she saw sorrow that few upon the earth have ever seen. Let her words open your eyes, and let her words lead you unto prayer and unto lasting change.


‘Dear God in heaven, hear my voice in prayer this night. I am nigh unto death and I desire to speak unto you. My God in heaven, I am so tired and my life has known so much sorrow. I thought I would never experience sorrow above what I have known when I was at another camp of the Nazi’s, but this place is like no place upon earth. People are brought here to be killed. Trains filled with thousands of people come here each day from all over Europe and we are brought here to be killed. When I arrived I was strong, so I was spared instant death and placed into a work group. We work all day and we try to sleep so that we can work once more. Each night people die and the living search their bodies for food. Most here are starving and we are so thin that it is difficult to recognize people we may know. It is sometimes hard to know male from female for our hair has been cut and we are mostly skeletons with skin. I am so tired and I do not know if I shall live through the night. Please have mercy upon us my God. I used to believe that mercy was always in allowing us to live but I have seen such sorrow, and now I know that there is mercy in death. I do not ask for death, I simply ask for mercy.


I pray for my sister Ann and I pray for my circle of faith. I pray that none of them are sent unto this place, and I pray that all are still alive and that all shall live through the horror of these days. Please have mercy upon them my Lord. I am so tired my God, so tired. I should sleep but feel I must pray for this may be my final prayer unto you. Death is very close and I feel that I need to talk to you. Remember the children my Lord. I see the trains that come in and most all the women and children are immediately taken unto the chambers of death. Such sorrow and sadness I have never known. The peaceful sleep of death would end all my pain for my eyes and my heart would no longer see. I pray for my friend Abram this night. He has befriended me and he has helped me to survive this place so far. I have told him about my circle of faith and he shall go in my place if I should perish. The ashes of the dead fall upon us each day, and the smell of death is all around us and upon us. I have memories of better days and images within my heart. I would love to take a hot bath and wash my hair and be clean again. I am covered in lice as we all are. Lice are upon all who lie here this night and death is around us. When morning comes at least one-third of us will be dead and those who live will search the bodies for any food that might remain. Have mercy upon us my God. I do not blame you for my sorrow for you are a God of love, but men are free to choose and the evil men here have chosen the evil of darkness. None here are good. The doctors look at all who come and decide who lives and who dies. Any who try to resist are shot and killed quickly. Such men of evil; I pray that they  reap the harvest they have sown and that you will avenge your people. I am so tired, please have mercy. I am weak but I must rise up to my knees. I rise and I sing a song of mercy. I sing unto the Lord God Almighty.




Have mercy upon me my God, have mercy and hear my weak and feeble voice,

Let love shine down from heaven and let the arms of mercy enfold me.

I desire mercy, you decide my Lord, will it be life or the mercy of death,

Death does not bring dread, I do not fear, I just seek heavenly mercy.


Have mercy upon all here and upon all who shall come, save those who are strong,

Let the strong be lifted up and show mercy unto the sick and unto the weak.

Please let some of us live, please have mercy, have mercy upon us Lord,

Mercy of life or mercy of death, you decide my Lord, I trust in you.

I know not where my family is, I seek mercy to be upon all of them Lord,

Mercy upon my circle of faith and I pray it be the mercy of life dear Lord.

Such sorrow I feel, I have never seen so much death, it is too much,

I can not bear to see my Lord, my heart aches and my heart breaks.


Mercy, please have mercy dear Lord, hear my song for mercy, please hear,

Days of sunshine and laughter are but a distant memory, all is gone.

The images I see when I close my eyes are only images of death,

Have mercy upon me Lord, please have mercy and remove the images.


Let the images of death be replaced with images of good days past,

Mercy of life or mercy of death, you decide my Lord, I trust in you.

Please take away my pain, help me to be free from this endless sorrow,

Mercy of life or mercy of death, you decide my Lord, I trust in you.


Please God, have mercy upon me. I am so tired and I am weak. Let heaven’s mercy fall down upon me. I have never known such sorrow and I pray this war will end and that mankind shall never do again what has been done here at this place. Mercy my God, mercy of life or mercy of death, you decide my Lord, for I place my trust in you.’


Mankind has known great sadness and the sorrow that leads to overwhelming grief has been and will be again. My heart aches when I see the visions once more for I see what you see my servant. Do not ask my servant David what he saw this night for he shall not speak of it. Tears come unto him and tears come unto me. Please hear my plea and seek mercy to come upon the earth. Become warriors of light and let your prayers of intercession be spoken. Sometimes there is mercy in death for endless days of sorrow and pain cause the heart to break, and there is a limit to what a man can endure. Our perfect mercy shall come unto those who are mine. Open your eyes my children. Do not close your eyes and refuse to see. The darkness will not flee if you pretend it does not seek your death. Be a warrior of light and stand for truth and stand for light. Pray that others will not have to seek the mercy found in death.”



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