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Volume 1, Issue 2, June 2008


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Endtime update

David Nix

 Much is happening around the world since last month’s issue so we will look at more than one topic.  I feel that certainly this trend will continue and it may be most difficult to focus on only one or two topics each month, especially with the speed at which current events change.

 Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert is under severe pressure to step down amid corruption allegations in regards to allegedly accepting $500,000 in bribes and illegal campaign contributions, much or all from a Long Island, NY businessman.  The calls for early elections have also begun.  Point eight in the message Prophets and Prophecy dated September 8, 2006 states:  “I give you this date as a day to watch for and see my hand move. October 23, 2006. You will see an event that will trigger key figures to come into the light of prophecy.”  We still do not understand the fullness of this prophecy.  However, one of the events for that day was the addition of Avigdor Lieberman to the Olmert government as the Minister of Strategic Affairs, a new position (at the time) with a focus towards the strategic threat from Iran.  Lieberman is generally regarded as a right wing hawk and has a very strong stance on Israeli security issues.  Lieberman did, however, in January of this year leave the Olmert government.  Olmert possibly being forced out of office and Lieberman leaving his post in the government may be timely events given continued threats from the Iranian regime and current peace talks with the Palestinians.  It will be significant if Lieberman ends up in another position of power in the next Israeli government, possibly even his own.

At the time of this writing (May 28, 2008), the death toll due to the May 12th China earthquake is up to 68,109. Another 364,552 people injured and 19,851 people were still listed as missing following the 8.0-magnitude quake that hit Sichuan Province.    More than 45.61 million people have been affected in some way and about 15 million have been evacuated all according to an article in published at Many nations have pledged money and supplies to assist with China’s efforts at the quake site.  It has been reported that China has un-characteristically accepted foreign relief workers offered by some of its neighbors which include Russia, South Korea, Singapore, and even Japan.   This is comprised of rescue teams and relief workers who assist at the site.  China and Japan are long time enemies and generally have chilly relations.  I find it interesting that they have accepted aid of this nature from Japan.  I was asked in a recent conversation with a friend if the China quake was the quake prophesied to happen in Japan.  I explained that it was not, and that the Lord has only delayed His hand in reference to Japan unless He chooses complete mercy, which is what He has taught us to pray for even in the face of certain prophecy.  I suspect that if and when the Japan quake occurs that China will reciprocate the offer of relief workers.  Based on the nature of the prophecy of the Japan quake, and dreams and visions seen by some, the devastation of Japan may far exceed that of the China event.  The Lord has told us in the 67th parable the following:  “China is a lion which rests.  China prowls in the night, and stalks the prey that sleeps.  China shall raise their mighty hand and you will see great destruction.”  This observer feels that China will not pass up the opportunity to give assistance to Japan in its time of need as Japan is a prize long sought after by China.  Should the destruction of Japan reach the level as seen in the dreams of a daughter of God, it would be difficult for China to quickly leave once assistance begins.

Where will the U.S. be when China raises its mighty hand?  The Lord has told us that when the U.S. begins to feel its collapse beginning with its own series of natural disasters this year that “no other nation will help.”  The Lord has told us clearly that in the U.S. natural disasters will increase and the people of this country will tire of helping so many (abroad).  With this in mind, I have often wondered what the real purpose of the Iraq invasion was.  Many believe, including myself, there was no clear and present danger against the U.S. that would justify an invasion of Iraq.  Ex-Press Secretary Scott McClellan of the Bush administration has just come out with a book highly critical of the Bush white house and many of his aids titled, "What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception."  Many of the administration and its supporters are speaking out against McClellan’s observations and motivation for writing the book.  But USA Today reports the following:  “In the book, McClellan, who served as press secretary from July 2003 to April 2006, touches on a number of White House topics and personalities, including former Bush political strategist Karl Rove. He writes that the Iraq war was sold to the American people with a sophisticated "political propaganda campaign" led by Bush and aimed at "manipulating sources of public opinion" and "downplaying the major reason for going to war."  Regarding Bush, he writes that the president "convinces himself to believe what suits his needs at the moment," and has engaged in "self-deception" to justify his political ends.” 

We may never truly know, unless the Lord reveals it, the real reasons why the Bush white house was bound and determined to go into Iraq.  We can, however, measure its effects.  As reported last month, one of the results of the war was the lower output of crude oil on the world market, thus assisting in the rise in crude oil prices.  This rise in crude oil prices has also significantly stressed the U.S. economy as has the cost of the war.  So we see a clear and negative effect on the U.S. economy in general as a result of the Iraq war.  Also, many feel the U.S. reputation abroad has suffered.  This position is often hotly debated by the political pundits.  The war has also depleted our military stockpiles.  The U.S. does not have a limitless supply of funds and we have reached record deficits.  Combine our current economic state with a series of serious natural disasters, coupled with no help from abroad, and the international influence of the U.S. can quickly disappear.  Among all the reasons for the war, oil, gold, the democratization of the Middle East, the war on terror, the benefit of the military industrial complex and big oil, etc., etc.,  could the real reason be to weaken the U.S. and make way for the Antichrist and the beast power?   Many of us have pondered over the years that the U.S. would have to be part of the beast power, or somehow rendered of non-effect for the beast power’s opportunity to rise.  At a minimum, the U.S. would have to have no will to fight.  Between the Iraq and Afghanistan wars we have been fighting for about seven years and we have lost 4,000 plus men and women.  Many demand the troops to come home while congress keeps funding a war they didn’t vote for.  The Lord has told us that some will fight against the rise of the Antichrist, but most who do will die. 


I would suspect that most Americans would never think that the U.S. would stand idly by while a new “Hitler” sweeps darkness across much of this world.  After all, we are the only “superpower.”  This is precisely why our will to fight must be broken for darkness to succeed.  The Lord has told us that our military might, and belief in it (which is based on pride), will be as “dust in a mighty wind.”  American’s lack of will to fight coupled with an American military rendered of no effect leaves the Antichrist unchallenged, especially when he engages in an alliance with a China that “prowls in the night.”  As these events unfold, we must pray and give witness as children of the light that America repents and its people repent individually.  Only reliance on the Mighty Ones of Heaven will save, protect, provide, and restore when darkness sweeps this once great nation.

Neil Gardner




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