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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 10, October 2010


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Feast of Booths Lake Lure

Ken Nix

Thursday, 10/21/2010

By Kenneth Nix

You always hear, “It was the best Feast ever!” I'm not sure why that is, but that statement always seems to be true. It was truly a wonderful Feast and here are some of the reasons why…


We had a gorgeous Feast site at Lake Lure, North Carolina. We were at the Rumbling Bald Resort. The weather wasn't perfect but we did have some pretty days mixed with the rain, but all the days were filled with praise. The accommodations were really nice and there was a lot of fellowship everyday. I was blessed to have a place large enough for all of my children, my daughter-in-law, and my grandchildren.  We were joined by people across the United States. Some of our members are only able to meet with us at the Feast due to distance. They join us via teleconference for the Celebration of Praise on Wednesday nights and for Sabbath services also via teleconference. We also have members who can only meet with us for part of God’s holy days due to distance. We had members from South Carolina, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Oregon, Texas, Alaska, Missouri, Kentucky, and California. We were blessed to welcome Gary from New Zealand, who had desired to observe the Feast with us. We were also blessed to have the Regnier family show up in force. It appears that they will soon outnumber the Nix family. I know that we are continuing to grow and even though we enjoyed the Feast site, it was wonderful to receive a message from our Lord Jesus telling us that we would not be meeting there next year as the facility would not be large enough to accommodate us.


Since May of this year, we have been blessed with daily lessons from the Lord Jesus. All of these lessons have varying topics but the overall title of these messages is, “As We Walk, Let Us Walk in the Light of Heaven.”  At this time, only our small group has been blessed to receive and keep these words. They are posted on the website but usually only for one day and they are not archived on the website as the newsletter is. We are truly blessed to receive them and at the Feast of Booths the blessings continued. In this issue of the newsletter is each of the lessons received while at the Feast. Each lesson was delivered as a sermon at the Feast and they are lessons that need to be reviewed time and time again. Many of the people at the Feast had the added blessing of being with David when these messages were received from the Lord Jesus. Some at the Feast were also blessed to receive messages from the cloud of glory.


Per directions from the Lord Jesus, we also had two ordinations into the ministry. Jesus told us that these two men were to be ordained at this Feast, and that instruction was received prior to last year’s Feast. So we had over a year to help prepare these men for the ministry. The first man ordained was my son, Travis and the second man ordained was David’s son, Matthew. What a blessing for both of us! It is a rare blessing to be able to ordain your own son into the ministry. Both men have good hearts and are already assets to the ministry.


My Father had the blessing of baptizing his niece, Rhonda Hines. I know that her parents, Ruby and Junior Compton were really thrilled! The baptism took place in a heated pool at the Rumbling Bald Resort.


I know the word, “blessing” is used a lot. But what other word is there for this entire Feast?



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