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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 9, September 2010


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Ken Nix

Sunday, 10/3/2010

By Kenneth Nix


In I Corinthians 13, we have what many call “The Love Chapter.” In this chapter, Paul talks about various aspects of love. We see that love is a fruit of action and that it can be seen in many ways. In this chapter, he shows love being seen in the acts of  kindness, patience, humility, unselfish thoughts and acts, truth, faith and hope.

In the two great commandments we are to love God with “all of our hearts” and to love our neighbors as ourselves. To truly love there is no other way than with all of our hearts. God doesn’t give us partial love. We aren’t to only give partial love. No wife wants to hear her husband say that he loves her partially or 75 percent. She wants to know she has all of her husband’s love. The husband expects and desires the same of his wife. So we are to love with all that we are. But there are levels of love based on our relationship.

Our love for God is to be our first great love. Our relationship is one of worship and love for the Almighty God, the origin of life and light. Our relationship to the Lord Jesus is one of worship and love for our Savior and King.

The second great love is the one we are to have for our spouse. The next love is for our children and for all of man. The love is with all of our hearts but with a difference based on the depth of the relationship. When the relationship is extremely close and deep, the word “cherish” comes to mind.

In reviewing messages from the Almighty God and the Lord Jesus principles can be found concerning a love that nurtures and a love that cherishes.


1. A righteous man seeks to nurture and cherish the family I blessed him with, both at home and within my house of prayer.

This comes from the message, “The Ways of a Righteous Man.” We see that it is the path we are to walk. We are to seek to have this kind of relationship and love in all aspects of our family life.

To nurture and cherish means to take care of and to hold dear. As husbands and fathers, this is our duty and blessing. The same holds true for a righteous woman. See the scripture concerning a virtuous woman in Proverbs 31, and you will see the example of a woman that nurtures and cherishes her husband and family. In these examples, we see that this is the way of a Godly man or woman and is pleasing before them.

2. Remember your promises and recommit to them.

In the message, “The Tenderness of God,” The Almighty states, “I yearn for you to follow me. I yearn to feed the hungry, to protect the battered child, and the wife who is hurt by the hands which promised to cherish and care for her….”

A marriage ceremony is not a contract, it is a covenant of love full of promises and commitments. Over time people seem to forget those promises and commitments. They forget the reason they came together and the love they shared. To have a love that cherishes and nurtures we need to remember and remind ourselves and recommit to those same promises.


3. Follow the pattern of love.

This has already been touched on at the start of this article. But it is important, you will be unable to truly cherish your spouse, children or others if you fail to cherish God first of all. In the message, “The Pattern of Love,” it states, “There is a pattern of love you must follow for there are absolute laws of love. If you change the order of love you shall have a change within and you shall no longer walk in the perfect love of heaven…” When it comes to love, many may not think about there being absolute laws, but there are. You will fail in cherishing others if you don't first come to love and cherish the Mighty Ones of Heaven.


4. You need to have a loving and tender heart.

This is a point that came from the couples conference. To cherish requires a love that is selfless, tender and kind. This ties to the pattern of love, for it is only in a great love for God that your heart becomes soft, tender and selfless. Many believe that their spouse needs to change for there to be a love that cherishes. That may be true in part, but we have to make the changes first. Then pray that God will move in your spouse’s heart as well.


5. Be willing to sacrifice and place the needs of others before your own.

In my points I have been focusing primarily upon the aspect of our relationship with God or within the marriage. But when interacting with others, we also need to develop a deep love that cherishes with others as well. God loves all of man. We, in turn, are to love others. We may not cherish all. But there should be ones that become dear to you, be it brothers, sisters or friends. You can come to cherish being in their company, or you can come to cherish your conversations or times together. To show that you cherish them, you must be willing to make sacrifices of your time, desires, money, etc….

One example of a friendship that was of a cherishing love is the relationship between King David and Saul’s son, Jonathan. See I Samuel 18:1.


6. Learn to cherish the moments of life together.

This touches some on the message from the Lord Jesus on simplicity and on the message, “Cherish the Moments.”  In the 54th parable “The Alabaster Box,” we read, “When she died they buried her with an alabaster box that contained a small amount of oil. It was her most cherished possession.

We know that physical possessions aren’t to be held at too great of a value, but there are items that we cherish. It is because they remind us of a person or of a moment that is special to us. When on vacations, we will collect souvenirs, but few ever become truly cherished to us. In the song, “Wife of the Warrior,” it talks of holding the pillow for the scent of the one they love. Peter in the message, “The Peace That Fills,” talks of remembering the smell of Jesus. In our physical senses we can be reminded of special moments and we cherish them usually once the person we cherished is gone. We need to cherish the ones we love now; don’t wait to cherish their memory.


7. Surrender and be grateful for the pearls and gifts in your life.

In the message, “The Lessons of Life,” Charles speaks at the gravesite of his wife Rebecca. In the lessons he shares, he lists number three as, “Surrender all that you have and all that you love upon the altar of God and then trust Him and His beloved Son to care for those you love and to be mighty in your life. They are the ones who own all things and we are but stewards of some of their most precious pearls.

There is a beautiful story and prayer in this newsletter entitled, “Love Me Tenderly.” The man Samuel is close to losing his wife Cynthia, as she is dying. He prays and repents of many missed opportunities to show kindness. He repents and changes. To cherish, we need to be kind, tender, soft spoken and grateful. To cherish is a deep love based on a relationship of love, surrender and gratefulness. Learn to cherish today and don’t wait until it’s too late. Don't have moments of regret; grab the moments now and be grateful for them.



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