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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 9, September 2010


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Ken Nix

Sunday, 10/3/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words of love and guidance for my people and are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain. It is my desire that my people grow in the power of tenderness and love. A tender love is a love that must flow from soft hearts of goodness and light. You see tender love in those around you and hearts are lifted and spirits are moved by the power of tender love. You see tender love when a mother dries the tears of a hurting child and you see tender love when a beloved one is held and cherished so dear. Tender love is seen with children and often with couples who have spent their years together but tender love should be seen in all the days of your life together. Why does tender love wait for the child or for the final years? Cherish all those you love and let a tender love be shown. This day I share with you words about a tender love that grew in a marriage built upon love. Do not wait for your hands to be old to be tender unto thy wife or thy husband. The sweetness of love is for all the seasons of life. Do not wait for your loved ones to be sick or hurting to be tender and kind unto them. Let a tender love grow and let it be ever seen. Learn from the words of the prayer I share with you this day and learn from the poem written from a heart of love. Be moved my people and reach out hands of tenderness and love unto all that I have given unto you to love.


Let the words of this prayer help you to grow in love. It was spoken by a man named Samuel when his wife was nigh unto death. He called out to us to spare the life of his wife and he promised a life of tender love to be shown unto her. We heard his voice, and his wife Cynthia was healed, and he kept his word and they had a life filled with tender love and their days were full of peace and great joy.


‘Almighty God and Lord Jesus, I bow before your throne of love and mercy and I seek mercy to be upon me and my wife, mercy to heal her of her sickness so she might live and mercy unto me so that I might love her as I have not always done. She is a precious flower and I have not always been kind and tender unto her. I desire that a tender love grow within my heart and let it go forth. My heart aches dear Lord for I realize that I need her and so desire to have her with me for many years to come. I have been foolish and have spoken words of impatience and words of unkindness. She has been gentle and kind unto me but I have seen the hurt in her eyes from my words and actions. Spare her my Lord, and I promise I shall love her tenderly for the rest of my days. Let her fever break and bring life back into her for death is very close unto her.’


‘Samuel, my dear husband, I hear your voice and I see your tears. The Lord has heard your prayer. I feel better and I know that I will be strong again. I love you Samuel.’


‘Cynthia, praise the Lord you are awake! I am so very grateful that you have awakened from your sickness. You have slept for seven days and hope had faded in most. I need you, so I have prayed and I have waited. I made a promise unto the Lord and I shall fulfill my words spoken unto him. Henceforth we shall worship together and praise him and his Son. I will join the church and will be faithful. Above all else I shall love the Lord, but after the Lord none shall come before my love for you. I have been foolish, and I have not cherished you and I am sorry. Please forgive me. In the days of your sickness I have prayed often and have spent much time in reflection and thought. I also wrote a poem that I desire to read to you for it will tell you the words of my heart.

Love Me Tenderly


Love came unto me, a love to be cherished, a love to be nurtured,

Love was given unto me, love touched me and filled my heart with joy.

Your love was shown and freely given, you have loved me tenderly,

And your heart has sought my love to be gentle and kind unto you.


Love me tenderly, love me from your heart are the words I did not hear,

You have needed my tender love but my heart has not been open unto you.

I have loved you but it has often been a selfish or passionate love,

Love me tenderly were the words of your heart, love’s voice called to me.


Love me tenderly when I am afraid, hold me closely in your arms,

Love me tenderly as I face this trial, as tears of sadness fill me.

Love me tenderly through the days of sunshine and through the days of sorrow,

Love me tenderly, be the voice of love and ever be the touch of love.


My heart breaks for in my foolish heart I have not always been kind,

Forgive me my love, allow forgiveness to fill your heart of tender love.

I shall love you tenderly, I shall seek to fill your days with love,

Love me tenderly, love me with all thy heart, let love fill my heart.


In my youth my love was a passionate love, let it grow in tenderness,

Grow old with me my love, hold my hand as we walk through life.

Let our light of love shine forth as a beacon unto all we meet,

Take my hand, take my heart for I give my life unto you dear one.

You have loved me tenderly through our years together, your love is true,

You have been ever tender and kind, such a tender love I have known.

I shall love you tenderly my precious wife, my heart will be true,

Love me tenderly through the years, together our days shall be days of love.’


My people, you must love tenderly and you must love with hearts of truth and gentleness. Cherish those we have given unto you to love and be ever faithful, ever true. Reach out and take the hand of your beloved, love them tenderly and express the love that must be ever within your heart. Let love grow and let a heart of tender love be ever seen. Without tender love your life shall be void of fullness for your love for others is to be a love like mine. Love tenderly and be a constant light of love.”



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