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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 9, September 2010


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Ken Nix

Sunday, 10/3/2010

By David Nix


There is so much power in light. We have received many messages and the theme of light is found in most every one. This is the fourth part on principles of light, and this article will primarily deal with how the presence of light affects the gifts and power of healing. The Lord Jesus healed all manner of sickness for he walked in absolute purity, and he was deep within the presence of heavenly light. His flesh remained in absolute subjection unto his spirit and light. We must understand that every thought, every word and every action matters when we desire to walk in the power of light. We must go deeper into the light of their presence for all the gifts of the spirit are gifts of light. I shared principles of light from the parables of power and wrote of the power of purity in four lessons for the Words of the Latter Rain. Purity is needed for the gifts of healing to manifest, for healing is the cleansing of the spirit and the flesh and our spirit and flesh must be pure. In I Corinthians 12: 9, we see that the word gifts is plural. To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit. There are multiple gifts of healing and will not always manifest the same in all people. Some will be given power to heal particular types of sickness but will not have the gift over other types of sickness. We must grow in the power of heavenly light for the gifts of the spirit are of the spirit. There is no healing power in the flesh. Man is light within flesh, spirit and breath and man is within a clay temple. We see with the eyes of the flesh and when we desire someone to be healed we seek to see the physical temple healed but healing comes from the breath and spirit within.


There is power within that we fail to understand. It has been almost two years ago, but one night I had a terrible migraine and went before the Lord for relief. Based on words that I had received, I prayed differently and asked that their spirit join with my spirit and heal me from within. In my mind I envisioned the power of the Lord God and the Lord Jesus within and their spirit joined with my spirit and touched the source of my pain. The headache went away instantly and I praised them for their mercy. The presence of the Lord God and our Savior is within us and also at their thrones in heaven. They are within us and also within all living. One of the keys about healing is that the spirit, breath and light within can heal the flesh that is its tabernacle. The mercy seat is now within temples of flesh for the Lord dwells within us. All men have the spirit of God and the spirit of Jesus, but this is not the same as their holy spirit, it is the spirit of life that is within all men. At baptism their holy spirit comes in. Their spirit is one but there is a difference between the spirit of life and their holy spirit. The spirit of life can heal some things of the flesh but most healing requires that their spirit of power join with our spirit to give power to the light within. This is why we need their presence for healing. All power has been given unto the Lord Jesus and healing comes by the power of his name. His name and his blood bring his presence. It is the power of his presence and the presence of the Father that brings the power of light to heal. There is additional power when we are baptized for we have the spirit of life that is our unique spirit, we have their spirit of life and we have their holy spirit. It is the light of Jesus with the light of the Father that gives the power of heavenly light within us, and that light grows stronger as we go deeper into their presence. We must be in their presence to see the manifestation of the gifts of healing for healing requires the presence of the Almighty God through his beloved Son. By the blood of Jesus men shall be healed for Jesus is the Lamb of God. We have received recent messages about the power of giving dominion unto the Lord. We must give Jesus absolute dominion of our life for his light and power will help us to subdue the flesh and to walk righteously.


In order to have the gifts of healing flow unto others, we must first have their presence fill us for their presence is the power and purity of light. We all desire to see the gifts of healing manifest in a mighty way in these latter days, but it will be based upon the perfect timing of God and it will require the power of their presence in a way that we have not seen except on certain occasions. They have had mercy and there are healings all across the earth, but the gifts of healing come when their presence remains and goes forth unto others. This is why the shadow of Jesus and the shadow of Peter healed, it is because the presence of power was within. We must be broken, for in brokenness and surrender we shall be filled, for it is only the broken vessel that can be filled and overflow. We need to have the presence of heavenly light fill us and be with us continually. We must continue to praise the Lord God and the Lord Jesus with hearts of worship and love. We must walk in belief and obedience, and when the presence of the Lord fills and overflows, we shall see the healing power of the Lord manifest in a powerful way. We must seek their presence for they are the purity and power of light, and with the fullness of their presence healing and miracles will manifest. We desire to see their presence fill us for we desire their mercy to come upon those lost and hurting. We know that healing power and miracles will lead the lost ones unto the Lord and then the message of repentance can be preached so that there can be remission of sin and lasting change.


This concludes the series of articles about the principles of light. So much has been given, but I can only share small pieces at this time. The parables of power continue, and someday I will be able to teach from them. They are beyond what has been given and I am in the process of learning the principles given so that I can teach them unto others. Let us all continue to seek their presence and to go deeper into the presence of heavenly light for without their presence we shall not grow in the power of light.



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