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Volume 1, Issue 2, June 2008


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David Nix

 This is beautiful message from The Almighty God given for this newsletter. When we were instructed to begin this monthly newsletter, we were told that we would receive songs and messages from the Almighty God and his Son. These words have not been shared previously, and each month we will have new messages and songs from them.

 “I am the Almighty God in heaven and these words are to be declared in the Words of the Latter Rain, for we shall give you words and messages that will go forth. My people are learning the path of surrender, and by my hand they shall become broken before me. You must yield all unto me and my Son. These are words to help my people, and all who shall read these words, to reach a place of brokenness, for you must be broken to receive the power of my spirit. At your baptism you were humble and repentant, but so many of my called out ones have lost the humility, and swell with pride over their knowledge and wisdom. Feelings of being more correct than others have led to arrogance and great pride. To walk in the fullness of the Mighty Ones of heaven you must be broken, broken of all pride, broken of all deceitfulness and arrogance of heart, mind, and spirit. So many of our people have great power within, for we are within temples of clay, yet you walk outside of the power of light. You walk your own way, for your superior intellect does not allow you to come to the place where you know that you are nothing without me and my Son.

 Great ones of faith reach the place of brokenness where they stand in awe of our power, our love, our mercy, and our perfect will. Where was man when all that you see was formed and created? Who is man to direct the potter’s hand?  Only soft clay can be molded, men who direct me to change according to their will shall never know my presence. There is a difference between receiving my spirit and being led and controlled by my spirit. So many are vessels which contain but never yield. The fruits of the spirit are to be poured out, the gifts of the spirit are to be poured out, and the fruits of the tree of life are to be poured out. Mighty rivers which do not release to be replenished shall dry up and die. You give to receive, and you must first give all unto me, you must lay all upon my altar. Absolute surrender is the clay which shall be molded into vessels of honor.

 You men of wisdom, did I give you the power of my spirit for you to wax wise and speak lofty words? Did my Son die so that you could walk alone in the light? I give power of light to shed forth light, if you do not give of what I have given then I do not grow within you. The living water of heaven flows from heaven, and in vessels of light it must flow within you and from you. My servants are to be conduits of the heavenly water and the heavenly light. Broken vessels shed forth what is passed into them, and to keep them full requires a constant stream of water. Oh ye men who use my power for naught. My Son emptied himself and became the fullness of heaven. Be broken and let your light shine forth, and become streams of living water.”



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