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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 9, September 2010


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A Circle of Faith, Part 8, Moans Of The Night

Ken Nix

Sunday, 10/3/2010

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd.  These are words of great power and words of great love that are to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain.  This day my servant of the latter days shall enter the cloud of glory and shall see images he has never seen and shall hear my voice in a most powerful way.  I bless you David to come nigh unto me by the power of the cloud of glory.  You shall hear my words and then you shall see a woman named Rachael who was a part of a circle of faith that has been revealed unto you.  This is the eighth message as faithfully promised.  David, you shall hear the words of Rachael and you shall see the images that were revealed unto her, and you shall hear my voice and the voice of the Great I AM as was heard by Rachael in her vision of the night.  What will be given unto you my servant is a great blessing and is a blessing of love unto you.  Hear my words this day and hear the words of a prayer spoken from a place of great sadness and sorrow.  Cherish these words you inhabitants of the earth for in these words there are sure promises, and there is mercy that is coming unto all who live and all who have lived.  Rachael was taken to a place of death and a place where the guards were extremely cruel.  Her life was one of sorrow and fear, and she suffered greatly.  I give you the words of a prayer spoken on a cold winters’ night in a place of darkness.  Her words shall not be forgotten, and the promises spoken shall surely come to pass.  Be moved by these words of power, and become warriors of light and truth, and let your light shine forth.  Bow your knees before me and seek the rain of mercy to fall down upon all the earth.


‘Great and Mighty God above all things, I bow before you in awe and adoration.  My heart overflows with praise, and there is joy in my heart that has never been felt before.  I had a dream this night, and I know it was a heavenly vision given unto me by your great power.  The images and words are written upon my soul, and I shall remember this night as long as I live.  I also wish to offer worship unto thy Son for in my vision I heard his voice, and I saw his image as through a glass.  It was not clear, but I could see that he was full of thy glory my Lord.  The word is true; the Lord Jesus is the Messiah that most of my people do not worship.  This is a place of death and a place of great sorrow.  This night I slept in peace which I know was your blessing.  It is difficult to sleep my God for this room is full of people who suffer, and there are moans in the night.  The broken hearted sigh and sob as sleep escapes them.  Mothers moan over the death of children, and those in constant pain moan for there is no relief.  The cold makes all of us shiver and moan.  There is never silence here my Lord for the moans of the night give way unto the death and sorrow of the morning.  Most mornings there are tears as the dead are discovered.  Some die each night as we try to find peace from the moans of the night.  I have never seen such sorrow, and I pray for heavenly mercy to come down upon us.


This night I slept and in spirit I came before your very throne.  I can see it all so clearly.  I saw the light of heaven, and I saw your throne upon a sea of glass.  I saw stairs that led unto your throne, and I saw the twenty-four Elders I have read of in past days.  I saw angels all around your throne, and I saw lights moving quickly to and from your throne.  I am overwhelmed by all that I saw this night.  Then from heaven I saw the earth, and I heard the moans of the night as they echoed across the earth.  There were moans of the night all over the earth, and I saw people bow in prayer, and I saw soldiers pray and mothers pray.  I saw women who cried in the night, and I heard the cries of the hungry children all across the earth.  It was like a wall of sadness and despair, but it was not darkness for I saw light gather from the darkness.  The prayers and moans of the night were light, and as sparkles of light the lights came together and twinkled as the stars on a clear night.  It seemed like the moans and prayers of endless generations gathered in power and became like a mighty whirlwind of light.  The whirlwind grew and became the tears and prayers of people dead and living.  You hear our prayers instantly, but in my vision the moans, tears and prayers were all gathered as a whirlwind of light.  The moans of the people came together as one voice and it was as thunder and mighty earthquakes, and the moans of the night came unto the very throne of heaven.  The one who is your beloved stood and all were silent.  He turned to you Great God, and he bowed before you, and I saw him take your hand, and I heard him speak these words unto you.’


‘My Father, the moans of the night come before us, and the sorrow of man cries out for our mercy.  Every prayer has been heard, every tear has been cherished, and all are known unto you dear Father.  The moans of our children come before us, and I pray for mercy.  Let the sorrow end Great I AM, let your word be spoken and let the trumpet sound so my army can be gathered from the corners of the earth.  Let there be no more sorrow and no more moans in the night, and let the tears be turned into laughter and joy.  Let it be my Father, let the mercy of heaven rain down.’


‘I then saw the angels of heaven, and all were bowed before the Great God above all things.  His Son bowed lower, and there was silence in heaven.  There was no sound, and then in my vision I saw the image of the Lord God Almighty, and he stood and he spoke, and then he sang a song of power and love.  The words spoken are written upon my soul.’


‘I AM that I AM.  I am the Eternal Light, and I hear the moans of the night, and I know the sorrow of the earth.  My Son, I hear your words of love, and the time is very near.  Before we gather the light of the harvest, there must be a final harvest of mercy.  Be at peace for soon the light shall be gathered and you shall go forth as King of kings and Lord of lords.  I sing of my great love and my great mercy that shall be poured out upon the inhabitants of the earth.



No More Sorrow


My Son shall gather his army of light and with power he shall go forth,

He shall defeat the powers of man and he shall defeat the powers of darkness.

Nations and peoples shall be gathered unto my Son to bow down and worship,

He shall bring light unto all the earth and there will be no more sorrow.


There will be no more moans of the night, all sorrow shall be gone,

Tears shall fall, but they will be tears of gladness, tears of rejoicing.

No more tears of sorrow, no more shall the wail of the hungry child be,

Peace shall be upon the earth, rejoice ye lands for there will be no more sorrow.’


‘The Great God lifted his mighty arms upward, and all the angels in heaven shouted Hallelujah, and their voices were like thunder, and many angels declared Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty and the sound of rejoicing filled the heavens and the Lord God took the hand of his beloved Son, and they stood side by side, and all the hosts of heaven declared the holiness and beauty of the Lord God and his beloved Son.  The moans of the night were silent, and I heard no cries in the night, and all tears ceased to fall, and then I awoke upon the floor of this place of darkness, and I praised the Lord.  In my prayer I heard silence, so I lifted my eyes from the floor, and I realized that all slept.  There were no moans and no cries of pain or sorrow.  I looked, and then I saw angels of light standing beside each person as they slept, and the angels looked into my eyes, and one of them said that the days of sorrow will soon end, but that I must still walk the path of sorrow, but on this night the Lord God had spoken, and this night there would be no pain, no sorrow and no moans of the night.  I lift my praises unto you my God, glory hallelujah, glory hallelujah, glory hallelujah, glory hallelujah, praises unto the Eternal God.  I praise you, and I thank you for a night of peace and for the blessing that for this time there shall be no moans of the night.  I love you Lord and I worship.’”




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