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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 9, September 2010


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The Path of Truth

Ken Nix

Sunday, 10/3/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd.  These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to learn the power of brokenness.  As promised, you shall be given messages about the righteous judge and his family.  You have been given words about him, and this day by the power of the cloud of glory, my servant shall receive words about the wife of the man known unto you as the righteous judge.  Her name is Deborah, and she was sold into slavery when the king’s wrath came upon her husband and family.  She was a woman full of pride and selfishness, but the path that she was forced to walk was a path unto brokenness.  Let her words help you to learn the power of humility and brokenness.  Do not wait for the trials of life to bring you unto surrender; come before me and lay your life freely upon the altar of heaven.  The trials of life do teach many lessons unto you, but the wise man will learn from the lives of others and will not have to experience all things to grow in experience.  The woman Deborah lived a life of ease until the day she was sold into slavery by the order of an evil king.  She was a woman of great physical beauty so she was sold unto Egypt and was purchased to be a concubine unto a wealthy man who served the Pharaoh of Egypt.  Her days were filled with sadness and sorrow.  She lived in comfort, but her heart of pride had difficulty accepting a life where she was the property of another.  The man who bought her had six wives and three concubines so hers was a life without love.  She was no more than a vessel to satisfy the longings of the flesh.  In her sadness and sorrow she prayed for the first time in many years.  I shall give you the words of several prayers and also the words of a song that came from a heart of brokenness.  Learn from the trials of Deborah and let there be no pride found within your hearts.


‘Almighty God in heaven I speak unto you.  I do not bow for I cannot worship a God who would allow this evil to be upon my family.  Due to the foolishness of my husband, I and my sons have been sold into slavery.  I find myself in this land of strangers, and I am no more than a slave.  I live in comfort, but I only live to serve the selfish desires of an evil man.  My sons are gone and all I had is gone.  I curse your name, and I shall never seek you again, for you have betrayed me and you have forsaken me.’


All prayers are heard in heaven, and my heart ached when our daughter spoke those words of hatred and hurt.  Our love does not diminish due to the foolish words of men.  I was with Deborah for she was upon a path of my choosing, and it was a path unto brokenness.  After seven years as serving as a concubine, her beauty began to fade, and she was not summoned unto the bedchamber of her master.  This pleased her while also making her angry for her pride had not diminished.  She decided to escape, so she convinced another servant to help her flee.  They were captured, and the man she fled with was beaten, and she was severely punished.  Three years later she fled once more and was again captured.  Her master had her face branded with a hot iron, and her beauty was gone forever.  She was moved to serve in the kitchen.  For ten years she lived in Egypt as a slave.  No man desired her, and she lived alone in a room behind the home of her master.  Twenty years had passed, and the road had been a most difficult one, but one night she came before our throne of mercy once more, and these words were spoken.


‘Great and Mighty God, I come before your throne of mercy and seek forgiveness for a lifetime of pride and selfishness.  I grow old, and I am sad and lonely, and I just want to go home.  I used my beauty to escape this place twice, but now no man desires me.  I am tired, and I need you to rescue me.  My thoughts turn to the life I once knew my Lord.  I was blessed with a man who was tender and kind and I did not appreciate his goodness and wisdom.  I had three strong sons and a life of blessings.  My heart was blinded by pride, and I did not see the blessings that were all around me.  I desire to return to your city once more and to seek my sister.  Perhaps she is still there and will take me in, and perhaps my sons still live, and if they can escape their slavery, they will return unto the great city and I can see them.  I have no one Lord and I seek forgiveness and I seek mercy.  I have no power, but you have all power, so be my salvation and let me go home. There I will be a servant unto anyone that will need my services.  I will serve you Lord, and I give my life to thee.’


Forgiveness was sought and mercy was poured out.  Three years later Deborah escaped with a kind man who was also a slave, and we made a path of escape for them and she went back unto the land of her fathers.  In Jerusalem she was reunited with her sister where she had joy once more.  She was told that her husband still lived and worked hard labor in a quarry not too far from the great city.   She would go there often and would see him as he labored.  She hid her scarred face with a veil and did not speak unto him but while she was there, she would bow and pray for the kind man who had once given her his heart.  Tears flowed for she knew what blessings had been lost.  No one knows the days of man except my Father, so you must love those around you while you are still as one.   She wished she had been a wife of love and light.  One day her husband worked near unto her, and she took him cold water.  She did not speak, but she was full of joy that she could touch his hand.  Then she did a most wonderful thing.  She asked him to sit and she washed his feet and dried them with her robe.  The guards’ hearts were softened by my hand and allowed this act of kindness that day.  Deborah would return once per week unto the quarry and the guards allowed her to bring water unto the men who labored there.  She never told her husband that she was with him, but she served him water with much joy.  Her heart longed for one of her sons to return unto her, and this was her constant prayer.  She also prayed for mercy to be upon the man she now loved with a heart that was soft and free of all pride.  She wrote a song of love and would sing it as she gave water unto the men who labored, and on rare occasions when she was allowed to wash the feet of the weary men who toiled in the oppression of labor.  I give you the words of Deborah’s song.  Let it teach you the power of a broken spirit and a gentle heart.


The Path of Truth


‘Obey my commands and heed my words of love saith the Lord,

My ways are the ways of love and my law is the path of truth.

Walk in truth and walk in my ways for truth is truth always,

Do not seek to honor men, obey and honor the Great and Mighty God.


The path of truth is a path of sacrifice, a path of obedience and love,

I was lost and my heart was filled with pride, my path was my own.

Righteous men must stand for truth, the laws of light we must defend,

The path of truth for me has been filled with sorrow for I wandered.


I wandered from thy ways oh Lord, I was foolish and full of pride,

In thy mercy you broke me and you molded me into a servant of love.

Truth is truth and shall always be truth, a truth I failed to see,

Blessings can be found in sorrow if you have eyes upon the Lord’s truth.


This life is but a moment and our eyes shall be closed in death,

Did we live a life of truth, did we stand against the evil way?

Live for truth and do what is right because truth is always right,

My heart has been broken upon my rocky path unto heavenly truth.


The path of truth can be one of surrender or can be one of great sorrow,

We must choose our path and in obedience the Lord shall lead us.

I have shed a million tears and my life has been filled with much sorrow,

But I praise my Lord for he rescued me and lead me to the path of truth.


I cannot go back unto the days of my youth so I walk forward,

Ever forward in obedience unto my merciful and loving God.

Ever forward upon the path of truth, seeking his loving arms,

The path of truth shall bring me home, home unto the merciful God.’



Learn the lessons from a life of sorrow.  The righteous judge knew the path of obedience, and he shall stand upon Crystal Sea.  Deborah was lost, and hers was a journey filled with sadness, but she found the path of truth, and on that great day of the trumpets sound, she shall rise and upon the Crystal Sea she shall kiss the cheeks of the man she loves.  Seek the path of truth, and let nothing prevent you from the destiny that awaits.” 


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