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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 8, August 2010


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This Day

Ken Nix

Monday, 8/30/2010

I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and Mighty King. These are words for my people to help them to see the power of another day. This day I desire you to seek me, to walk the path of truth and light. I have given you many words since we began to speak unto man once more. Many have heard our voice in past days but what is now being given has not yet been. You are blessed much more than you understand. In recent days I have spoken unto you about how you must long for our presence and you must have a great desire within your heart to seek us continually. I tell you that we think of you and how our thoughts are ever with you. It is my desire that this day is a day where you think of me. When you rise up, think of me, and as you walk through each day, think of me. You are flesh but you must think as light. You are of the Eternal Light and you are the light within flesh, spirit and breath. Your flesh needs care, for while in this life you require the temple of flesh for awareness. I desire you to care for your temple for it is the dwelling place of your light and the light of heaven.


Do what must be done each day for you are to order your days, but each day you are to devote time unto me and my Father. This day when you rise up, think of me, as you walk along a mountain lake or stand beside the ocean, think of me. This day when you hear the laughter of your children, lift hands and worship and speak words of gratefulness. Each day you can begin anew and walk closer unto us than the day before. This day I shall think of you, this day I shall hear your words in every prayer spoken, this day I shall watch over you, this day I shall guide you and help you, this day I shall love you, and this day I shall cherish you. This day will you think of me, and will you desire, will you yearn and long to be ever close unto me?  This day is a new day, walk in the ways of heaven for this day I am with you.



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