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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 8, August 2010


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Ken Nix

Monday, 8/30/2010

Your Best Friends  

By Marcia Smeenk                        


Often quoted is the adage that dogs are a man’s best friend.   Dogs indeed are good companions and they are loyal to their masters and they provide unconditional love, but they are still only animals.  They cannot speak or listen to us or provide true friendship.

Lasting human friendships stem from years of contact with each other.  Friendships grow stronger when in close proximity to one another rather than from a long distance relationship.  To be a trusted friend you must be trustworthy and faithful.  You must build a foundation of trust as evidenced by events in your life which affect others.  Your friend must see your actions towards others and see that you always keep your word.  Let your yes be yes and your no, no.   When you say you will do something, you do it even if it results in great inconvenience or sacrifice on your part. 

You help your friend in any way you can.  When he needs a ride, you give it.  When he needs financial help, you give it.  When he needs a comforting hug, you give it.  When he needs your time, you give it.  You consider your best friend an extension of yourself and you will go to great lengths for him.  He is your best friend and he would do the same for you.  No time of day is inconvenient to take a phone call from him.  No request of him is too great.

Do you have such a friend?  Many of you do.  It may be a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a lifelong friend or even a new friend.   New friendships may be formed which are everlasting.  A common foundation and path on which you walk contribute to lasting friendships.  Making time to cultivate new friendships will result in great blessings for both of you.

You also have another friend who is devoted just to you.  Your guardian angel is your trusted friend.  He is constantly with you and he strives to guide and protect as you walk your daily walk.  Your angel loves you.  He laughs when you laugh, sings when you sing, and cries when you cry.  When you stray into the muted light, he cries as he sees you suffer from poor choices, but he is always there right beside you.  He desires to shield you from all dangers but he may be limited to what God has ordained for your life in order to mold and shape you.   Read the stories involving angels in “Prayers from the Titanic” of May 23, 20101, and in Parable 39 “The Angels Protect” from The Latter Rain, Book I, page 405, and also Parable 77 “Let the Light of Gentleness Be Ever Seen” from The Latter Rain, Book II, page 319.  They love you more than you know.  Be a good friend to your angel as he walks the narrow path beside you, and let him have joy in knowing that you love him too.  Someday you will meet him.

But who is truly our best friend?  It can be summed up in the old favorite hymn “What a Friend we have in Jesus.”  He is our ultimate best friend.  Call on him when in need.  Call on him for he also needs you to be his best friend.  He needs to know you love him and that you are willing to sacrifice for him as he did for you.  You can call him anytime, any day, anywhere and he will answer his phone since his line is never busy and he never sleeps.  You can talk as long as you like and he will listen.  He is there for you and is truly your most trusted best friend.  You can count on him; can he count on you?



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