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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 8, August 2010


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A Spiritual Journey of Prayer

Ken Nix

Monday, 8/30/2010

By Kenneth Nix


On the Sabbath of June 12, 2010,  my Dad, my brother, and I were in prayer and we received words from the Lord Jesus. In part of the message these instructions were given, “...It is my desire that Henry, Shirley, Kenneth and Julie go on a journey together. You are to go as I lead you and you are to depart once your twenty one day journey ends. I desire you to leave on a Sunday and go to Gadsden, Alabama where you will stay the night. You are to travel through Alabama as I lead you and return to Woodruff on Thursday. You are to be away four nights and five days. Stop and help those you see. My servants know what they are to do and my daughters are to help them and to learn to see with the eyes of the spirit…”

I have been blessed  previously to have gone on a two week spiritual journey with my brother. In that journey we were taught not to pass by the lost and alone, not to pass by the hurting. We were told to see with the eyes of the spirit. During that time we were taught a number of lessons. You can read of that journey in the newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 5, September 2008. The journey was one of peace and light. We would prayer walk and lift many up in prayer. We also went to the homeless and to quite a few nursing homes. Our travels led us to Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina.


I was then blessed to go with my dad on a journey of light to Atlanta. This was only a two day journey but one we enjoyed and one we also learned from.  We focused on going to the homeless. This journey took place in September of 2008 and is discussed in the newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 6, October 2008.


My dad and brother  went on another spiritual journey in February of 2010 as instructed by our Lord Jesus. It was a journey of light and love. The lessons learned from this journey are shared in the newsletter, Volume 3, Issue 3, March 2010.


Then my dad, my brother and I went on another spiritual journey as instructed by the Lord Jesus in April of 2010. It was a journey of mercy. The lessons learned on this journey were shared in the newsletter, Volume 3, Issue 5, May 2010.


I mention all of these for there were valuable lessons learned in each and every journey—lessons that all have learned to incorporate into their daily lives. Amazing things happened and we continually saw the hand of God as we surrendered the days unto the Mighty Ones of heaven. This last journey is no different. We were blessed to receive additional instructions from the Lord Jesus prior to making the journey. My dad, my mother, and my wife and  I were instructed to pray with David on the Sabbath of July 24, 2010. When in prayer these instructions were received from the Lord Jesus, “I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender Shepherd. These are words of guidance for my servants and my beloved daughters. You have been given direction on where you are to go tomorrow. Help those you see along the way but tomorrow is primarily a day of travel. My servant Henry has looked at his map and I did lead him but the journey will not be one of a lot of travel. I do desire that you remain in the northern part of the state. What you will do could be done from your homes, but I desire you to be free from distractions. It is acceptable to call your family members but do not allow your concerns at home to cause you to lose focus. Look to the road ahead. There is great power in your prayers. Go as you have been taught but on this journey I desire something more of you. As you are led, I desire you to purchase newspapers in the small towns you will pass through. From the papers you are to look to see those in need of prayer and you are to pray for them. Each evening gather together and go through the papers and make your list. I desire you to read each day and pray together but each evening you are to compile your list and pray. You do not have to drive great distances. I also desire you to stop at graveyards that you see and to write down names of the dead so that you can pray for their families. Seek the names of those who have died more recently. You are beacons of light and I shall hear your prayers. This is a journey of prayer. Gather together in the graveyards and pray as you are led. I shall guide you. See with the eyes of the spirit on where you stop and eat. I am with you.


It was with great excitement and joy that we left Woodruff on Sunday, July 25, 2010. The first day was one of travel. We did not stop at graveyards the first day but did keep our eyes open for people that appeared to need help. We lifted places of light and prayed against places of darkness. We traveled interstate until we reached Buford, Georgia and then we were able to travel the back roads and highways. Part of the enjoyment of the journey, besides the fellowship, is going through the many small towns. Sometimes you see great little signs and advertisements, you get to try little mom and pop restaurants, etc… As we entered Centre, Alabama, I enjoyed their welcome sign.  It read, “Welcome to Centre, ...Crappie capitol of Alabama.”  For those that don't know, a crappie is a type of freshwater fish. Another sign we saw was of a barbeque place with the name of “Smokin’ Butts.” The sign at the front of the restaurant showed four pigs all with their posteriors showing and the words were, “We serve it all from the snooter to the tooter.” I admit we got a big laugh from that one.

On the first day of the journey we did stop and lift churches up in prayer every time we had listed ten. This was a pattern taught in one of the previous journeys.


On Monday, July 26, 2010, we left Gadsden, AL and headed west. It was the most tiring day we had, for though our travel wasn't necessarily one of distance, we had trouble finding a motel. Most of the small towns we went through didn't have any. We finally stopped in Harrington, AL which is close to the Mississippi line. Jesus led us to a motel to stay in for the night. We never made reservations and simply trusted that the Lord Jesus would lead us to our next destination. During our travel on that Monday we began to grasp the power of what Jesus was telling us to do. We stopped after every ten churches listed and would lift them up in prayer. We would stop at graveyards as we came upon them. All of the ones we saw that first day were at churches. On that first day all four of us would gather at each gravesite while one of us would pray. We did start splitting into couples in the following days due to the number of people we were praying for. We opted to pray for all that had been dead for less than a year. We would lift families up before the Mighty Ones of heaven.


In making the stops we did, it was getting  late by the time we found a room to stay in. We then discovered that Harrington rolled up their sidewalks at sundown and that they also closed most restaurants on Mondays. We actually crossed over into Mississippi to eat our supper but found very little open there either, but we got a big laugh out of it. We did pray for people from the small town newspapers before retiring for the night.

Prior to this journey we had learned to pray for our local communities and many of us were already praying from our local papers. I hadn't thought of purchasing papers when traveling, but we are servants of God the Father and Jesus the Son and are to bring light everywhere we go, and much of that light is brought by prayer. Before the journey was over we would pray for people listed in the paper for accidents, for deaths, for those facing foreclosures and for those obviously walking in darkness. We would pray blessing upon churches and individuals who were mentioned in the papers for planned revivals or charity drives.


On Tuesday, July 21, 2010, we started traveling north in Alabama. We were overwhelmed by the power we felt in our prayers at the gravesites. We stopped at many small graveyards throughout the countryside; most were at small country churches. We would see generations of families buried together. We saw many children's graves. We saw gravesites where the writings had worn from the stone. We saw many beautiful words of love and of sorrow on the tombstones. We began to see death as an enemy as never before and all of us rejoiced in the victory found in Jesus.


In one small church graveyard we saw the hand of Jesus. My wife and I were together praying as were my Mom and Dad. A lady drove into the graveyard. She went to one grave and stood there. My Dad went up to speak to her. She told my Dad that her name was Sheila and that she was at her father's grave. Her father had died several months previously and she stated that she came to the grave often. Her mother was still living and she advised that she had told her mother that she was going to stop going to the grave as often for others had told her that she was going too much. She admitted she was having a hard time in letting go and that she had loved her father very much. She stated she hadn't planned on coming to the grave on this particular day but that she felt led to come, that she felt that it was important for her to be there on this day. It was Jesus' guiding hand and Dad told her so. Dad shared some things with her, he and my Mom had prayer with her and we gave her a book. She promised that she was going to read it and share it with her family. We praised the Mighty Ones of heaven for their great mercy and love and rejoiced in being able to help someone.


On Wednesday, we started traveling east and went through northern Alabama on into Georgia. On this day Jesus once again led someone to us. We were at another very large cemetery when an elderly man drove past us and parked in a different area. We drove close to his area as we would drive, park, and walk through various parts of the cemetery. My dad walked over to the man. I saw my father place his arm around the man and saw them bow their heads in prayer.   Dad told us that the man's name was L.B. Bryant, 83 years of age. He was standing at the grave of his wife, who had passed away a couple of weeks previously. Her name was Edna and they had been married for 66 years. He said that they had no children and that she was his life. He stated he was alone now and that he wouldn't be here much longer.


None of us had ever considered a ministry of love in cemeteries, but we did come across family members who were hurting over the loss of loved ones, and we saw evidences of great pain and sorrow in messages found upon the tombstones or left laying on the grave. We felt the power of the prayers we spoke; we also felt the heartache. Many tears were shed as we read messages of love and loss.  At one cemetery near Georgia, I chose to walk to one gravesite that still had no tombstone on it. I walked to it alone because it was high on a hill and was separate from the other gravesites, and there was no path or road leading to it. I walked to the grave and saw that the man buried there was my age. I saw the wilted flowers and saw a note of love from a child and a picture left there of a motorcycle.


We saw beautiful headstones and we read many beautiful messages and words, and I am including some pictures at the back of this newsletter of a couple of the cemeteries and of a couple of the gravesites. At the graves of children we found baseball gloves, stuffed toys, toy trucks and many messages of love.


One of the tombstones we saw had a poem that was named, “Miss Me -  But Let Me Go.” I thought it was beautiful and wanted to share it with you.


Miss Me -  But Let Me Go”

When I come to the end of the road

And the sun has set for me

I want no rites in a gloom filled room

Why cry for a soul set free?


Miss me a little - but not too long

And not with your head bowed low

Remember the love we once shared

Miss me - but let me go

For this is a journey that we all must take

And each must go alone

It's all a part of the Master's plan

A step on the road to home


When you are lonely and sick of heart

Go to the friends we know

And bury your sorrows in good deeds

Miss me - but let me go



One of the pictures on the back of the newsletter shows an old church graveyard. Behind the graveyard you can see a steeple rising above the headstones. My Dad wanted that picture included. Here we stood in a graveyard that was filled with generations of people that had attended that old church, many who loved the Lord Jesus and the Almighty God and worshipped them the best they knew how. Dad remarked that there was a time that we thought ourselves better. We thought that these people would never be in the first resurrection. After all, they didn't understand the Sabbath. Thus, they weren't in obedience and would get their chance in the second resurrection. In hindsight, I realize that whether we admitted to it or not, we did  embrace the concept of  salvation through works, that being primarily the observance of the Sabbath,  and not through the Lord Jesus.


As we stood at so many gravesites, we knew we stood at many graves of brothers and sisters in Christ. We knew that there was a light above each grave and that God knew each person buried there.


This journey, as all previously, left us changed, and I hope all will learn from what has been shared. We ended the journey having prayed for over 400 churches, and we lost count of the number of people that were lifted up before the Mighty Ones of heaven. All praise to the Almighty God and the Lord Jesus for this journey.



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