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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 8, August 2010


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What Matters Most

Ken Nix

Monday, 8/30/2010

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to understand the power of truth and justice. My people recently discussed Parable thirty-five, and I told my servant that five messages would be given about the righteous judge and his wife and three sons. Five messages shall be given unto you by the power of the cloud of glory. Parable thirty-five is one that has caused conflict within the hearts of those who read it, for in your world today compromise is the known and easy way. To do right, even when you know your efforts will come to nothing, is often a difficult thing to do. Men reason within themselves and justify compromise if their doing what is right will have no seen consequence. Truth is truth and my law is my law. Men are to do what is right because it is right. The righteous judge followed the ways of truth and justice, and in the eyes of the flesh he was punished for his principles. He walked in the ways of light and truth and he did what was right no matter what the cost. Will you do what is right because it is right or will you reason around the meaning of right? Men easily persuade themselves that a compromise is justified if it is for the greater good. What is greater than the obedience of love? This day by the power of the cloud my servant sees the righteous judge when he was very old. He worked hard labor for most of his days. He was a man of wisdom and always did what was right based on our law not what was right in the eyes of men. He became well known in the land, and he was a light unto all who worked in the quarry with him. The king hated him, for even in his bondage the righteous judge was a man who would not be broken by the ways of darkness. When he was very old, the evil king died and he was not known by the new king, so the other men held captive with him did his work and he was given rest for his body was bent and broken by the life he had endured. One day a young man came to speak with him for he had heard his story. I give you their words spoken that day.


‘Sir, I am here to speak with you. I am a scribe for the king and recently we were reading past scrolls and I read of what occurred in your life. I am amazed that you are still alive after all these years of hard labor. You were once a man of wealth and power and now you are old and in rags. I read that your family were all sold into slavery and sent to other lands. After all the pain and sorrow, do you now wish that you would have decided differently? Was the truth you stood for worth such great a cost?’


‘Young man, if you have time I shall answer the questions that you pose, for they are questions oft asked of me. The men here know that I was once a judge and they know that a king of darkness cast me into this place and sold my family into slavery. The decision that I made was not as easy one for I knew the king would do his will regardless of my decision. What I did not know was the extent of the king’s fury upon me and my family. When a man stands for truth he must stand for it is right regardless of the cost, for most men do not know the cost that their actions will bring. Does anyone know the future of all their days besides the Eternal? Actions of evil shall cause consequence and at times standing for truth will bring consequence. The law of the Almighty was given unto Moses and our forefathers; they are the righteous laws of heaven and no king has the right to change those laws of light and truth. We must decide what ruler we must obey—the Almighty one above all or a king. I obeyed and supported the laws that were in harmony with the greater law of heaven, but when the law of man violates the laws of heaven, we must choose whom we will obey. It is then that you will come face to face with what matters most. It may not always be a case of life or death, for most choices we make seem small and unimportant, but every decision, every choice matters, for there is truth and light and there is evil and darkness. Each must reach a place where they decide what matters most.


I love my wife and sons, but I was foolish in my youth and married a woman of great beauty but one who lacked the things that matter most. She was prideful and selfish and she did not agree with my philosophy of truth and obedience. I was kind unto her and provided well for her. I prayed for her and asked that her heart would change. I do not know what became of her but I still pray for her each day. My sons were all young men and I have great sorrow that they were sold into slavery. The sins of the father can pass unto the sons, and in my case, the decision to do what is right can also affect the sons. Our actions bring forth consequence. The answer to your questions my young friend is quite simple. After all my pain and sorrow, I do not regret standing for light and truth, and truth is always worth any cost required.


In this place I have been able to help others and have made a difference in many lives. All know me, and all know that I pray unto our God, and they know he is ever with me. The evil king received news that I was doing well here so he sent orders for me to be beaten regularly. Once per week for a year I was beaten and my body bears many scars. I prayed unto my Deliverer, and my cry was heard for his ears are open unto the cries of those who seek him. The guard who gave me a harsh beating after the year had passed was killed by a lion that came down from the mountains. The following week I was beaten and my tormenter was killed by a thief who robbed him. The third week the guard who beat me fell dead after the first blow was placed upon me. I have not been beaten since that day for there is a God in heaven who hears the prayers of the humble and broken man. He is mighty and his mercy is ever upon me.


He has taught me what matters most. The day I made my decision the Lord spoke into my spirit and told me that his law is his law and that I was to do justice and do that which is good and upright and to not follow the ways of evil men. This was the desire of my heart, but the words that changed my life forever were spoken with a voice of great love and I shall never forget. My God told me that, “for great shall thy reward be in the Kingdom of Heaven.” My God told me to obey him and not men and that what matters most is this: obey God over men. In this place I have lived and here I shall die. I have many friends here and all are kind unto me. You are a young man who serves the king; I pray he is a better king than his father. Do what is right for that is what matters most. I have quite a long list of things that matter but I will share with you seven things that matter most to me.


What Matters Most

1. Live your life in obedience to God and obey all his commands for that is what matters most. Without obedience unto heavenly truth, we shall become lost and shall separate ourselves from God.

2. Love your family, and love all men, for love matters most. We are to love God first and then love all others. Love matters most for God is love and expects us to be a reflection of his great love.


3. Always stand for truth and justice and always do what is right, for this matters most for we are but sojourners upon the earth. Look to the heavenly kingdom and always stand for truth, for truth matters.


4. Be kind unto all men and seek to show them the goodness of God in every word and action. What matters most is that we live a life pleasing unto God and not one to please men. The Lord God must always be our light of love and truth.


5. Marry someone of the light for this matters most in our pursuit of joy in marriage. Choose a person of truth and choose one who believes in doing what is right and good.


6. We must teach our children the ways of the Lord for this matters most in developing their lives and hearts. Be the example of truth and teach them that the law of the Lord God is holy and that we must always obey his truth.

7. What matters most is that each day is a new day and is a day to seek the Lord. Worship him and praise him for he is worthy of all praise. Give him all glory and honor, for when all is said and done, what matters most is that my life was pleasing unto him.’


My people, you must live for truth and walk the path of light and righteousness. You must decide what things matter most, and you must not compromise what you know to be heavenly truth. The righteous judge is beloved. With every stripe laid upon him by evil men, his light grew and his reward grew. Great shall he be in my Kingdom and he shall once more be a judge and his name shall be known throughout the universe. His name is David and he was a most righteous judge and a man greatly beloved.”




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