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Volume 1, Issue 2, June 2008


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David Nix

 The Fredericksburg congregation and the Woodruff congregation combined to celebrate the weekly Sabbath and Pentecost. Services both days were held at the church building in Woodruff, SC. We also had members of the church visiting from California, Florida, Alaska, Oregon, and Minnesota!  It felt like a family reunion and I guess that is exactly what it was!

The time together began on Friday evening. Where we met to enjoy a meal of Turkey and dressing with all of the trimmings. We then lifted our voices and hands together singing praises to the Almighty God and his Son. There was also a time of hugs and fellowship.

The next day services began at 1:30 PM and there was more singing of praises. There was special music by Wayne Alexander, where he sang a beautiful song that was given to him by Jesus called, “My Love Surrounds You”. We  also had a message delivered to  us by David Nix. The message was from our Savior, Jesus, and it was about the Gifts of Healing. It was a powerful message given to us by our wonderful Savior. The Pattern of Worship was followed which included anointing for healing.

After the message we enjoyed various soups and sandwiches as we fellowshipped together. We then came back for more singing and rejoicing before the Mighty Ones in heaven. We then relaxed and enjoyed the evening together as we approached the beginning of Pentecost. The young men in our group had set up a fire pit so that those that wanted to could go enjoy the evening outside at the fire and sing more songs.

Pentecost was a day of power! Services began again at 1:30 PM. We, once again, followed the pattern of worship. There was more anointing for healing. My wife had her back healed! God has taught us that not all healings are immediate, so I know there were more healings that took place but will not become evident immediately. There was something greater happening within our group than physical healings.  We received spiritual cleansings on Pentecost. We became vessels ready to receive and we did receive the gifts of God’s holy spirit as the latter rains fell down upon us. I, along with the rest of the group, received freedom from the strongholds that were in our lives. Part of the ministry of Jesus Christ is to release us from our prisons and to give us true freedom in Him and His Father. In Isaiah 42:7, it states, “To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.”

Satan has strongholds in the lives of the people of this earth. On Pentecost we were freed from ours. Now we in turn have the ministry of redemption, to release those under the hold of oppressive spirits, for the tearing down of strongholds for true freedom in the light!

The message given to us on Pentecost was from The Almighty God. The message was delivered by David Nix and it was on the Gifts of Miracles! It was a powerful message delivered to us.

The Gifts of God’s holy spirit have now been given to this small remnant group. They are for the edification of the body. They are for going unto the lost and alone in this world.  We have become Warriors of the Light!

Pentecost in the New Testament church as mentioned in Acts was a day of great power. The Pentecost in Woodruff was as well. It forever changed those in that room if they believe all promises from God and stay in His presence!

On Pentecost we had much singing and rejoicing. There was a time of much prayer. The Great Yakahalahiym was strengthening us.

As Pentecost ended we all went to a local restaurant after sundown to enjoy some more fellowship before having the weekend come to an end.  Our family was then, once again, separated by distance as each had to go to their own homes. But we are still together in love, hope, and purpose.  We have become one in the fruits of the tree of life and in the gifts of the holy spirit.

We still have more exciting things awaiting us this Summer. We can then look forward to coming together again at the Feast of Booths in the Fall at Myrtle Beach. Those who read this newsletter, I hope you will join us as well. The information about the Feast in on the website at

                               Kenneth Nix



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