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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 7, July 2010


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Ken Nix

Friday, 7/23/2010

"I am the Almighty God, I am the Eternal Light and I am with you my servant and I am with my people who seek to walk in the ways of heaven. I have great love for all men, and my hearts’ desire is for all men to follow my ways and to walk in the fullness of my joy. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to see and understand the power of a gentle spirit. My Son set the perfect example of the power of a gentle spirit. His love, mercy and gentleness were clearly seen, and unto this day there has been none like him. He shall forever be the Lamb without blemish and the gentle healer who walked the earth. You have all sinned, but your sins can be removed by the power of his great name and by the power of his precious blood. Seek true repentance that brings remission and restoration so that you can be mine. I desire you to be of a gentle spirit and to walk this world in kindness and love. I give you ways to become of a gentle spirit.


1. A gentle spirit will grow in the surrendered heart that is rooted in goodness and love. A gentle spirit reveals a quiet calmness within your heart and you will be kind and loving unto others. A man of a gentle spirit is a man who has given up pride and the selfish desires of the flesh. A gentle spirit is a spirit that gives and seeks to serve and help all in need. Grow in love and goodness so that a gentle spirit will fill you.


2. A gentle spirit is the spirit of wisdom and truth, for a gentle spirit seeks the heavenly wisdom and does not speak lofty words to impress or to ridicule. There is purity and peace within all who are of a gentle spirit. A gentle spirit is always kind and always seeks to lift up others. Let words of wisdom that flow from a heart of love be spoken. See the child within and be gentle my people. As a mother who gently sings unto her beloved child so shall a man with a gentle spirit be unto all men. Speak the gentle words of heavenly wisdom unto all.


3. A gentle spirit is at peace and will not speak words of harshness and will not grow angry and cause hurt unto others. Be the kind and gentle person who walks through each day with a quiet calmness that can not be broken. By your words men shall know the gentleness of your spirit, and by your actions the light of heavenly love and goodness shall be revealed. Do not grow angry and speak evil words for anger is in conflict with the meek and gentle man.

4. A gentle spirit is the spirit of power. Some men mistake gentleness and meekness with weakness, but to be gentle and meek requires the greater strength. A kind word comes with more strength than a harsh word when you are persecuted and treated wrongly. The gentle spirit is the power of heaven and is the power shown by every word and action of my beloved Son when he walked the earth. Surrender your will and your pride, and be led by your gentle shepherd and he shall guide you unto the power of gentleness.


5. A gentle spirit brings unto you the eyes to see. If you desire to grow in spiritual sight you must be of a gentle spirit and you must have hearts of goodness and love. See the world through my eyes and through the eyes of my Son. See the suffering all around you and let the sorrow of others lead you to be a gentle voice of mercy unto all. Be the gentle hand of mercy, and be the voice that seeks heavenly peace and love to be upon all men. A gentle spirit does not harshly judge but sees the needs of others and seeks to help with those needs. The fields are ripe for the harvest. Seek a gentle spirit to fill you so you shall see the needs of all men. 

6. A gentle spirit is the wellspring of love, and mercy shall flow from gentle hearts of goodness. Speak kind and gentle words and let your touch always be one of goodness and love. My Son is the gentle Lamb who was slain and he is the tender and gentle shepherd that leads you. Love can not flow from those filled with pride and selfishness. The light of heaven is gentle and kind and is always rooted in love. To walk in the fullness of light you must be filled with a gentle spirit. See the power that is found in the yielded heart and the gentle spirit.


7. A gentle spirit will remove the stony heart of pride and selfishness. Selfishness is rooted in pride and the gentle spirit will take away your prideful spirit. Lay all upon my altar. See how the gifts of power and the fruits of light all give power unto one another. How can you be kind if you are not gentle, and how can you show love without being tender? A gentle spirit is the spirit from on high. You are of my spirit, breath and light so a gentle spirit is within. Seek to free the gentle spirit that beats within your heart by surrendering your all. In brokenness the gentle spirit shall fill you my people.


It is my desire that a gentle spirit be ever seen in all that you say and do each day. Many of my people are still impatient and unkind, and I hear your words that are not gentle and tender unto one another. You must be as my Son and be a tender and gentle warrior. Do you not see that victory is won by the power of the spirit within and not by the power of your might? Physical strength can not defeat the enemy of darkness. Victory shall be won by those who are of a gentle spirit. See the power of my words and understand the wisdom given. Seek the power of a gentle spirit.”





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