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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2010


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 7/20/2010

Time, Money and Tithes

By Marcia Smeenk


In Malachi 3 we are told that we have robbed God in tithes and offerings and he pleads with his people to prove him and see him pour out immeasurable blessings.  We understood in the past that the subject in that chapter was the tithe of the harvest and flocks, and recognized the equivalent today is the income we produce from goods and services.  A familiar attitude then was that a check for the tenth of our income satisfied God's requirement. 


Since early 2006, our loving God and tender shepherd Jesus having been teaching us about our obligation and life of service which we are all to live.  Our understanding has been broadened, and our attitudes have been changed.  Of course, their desire for us to pay the harvest/money tithe remains, as does God's promise of blessings without measure.  But the Mighty Ones of Heaven have revealed to this little flock that they also desire our time and effort.   In some cases we have been told that time spent in certain activities is “required” on our part in order to set into motion the action which will be seen when we follow their direction and commands.  If we are to spend part of our time for God's purposes, is then that time a tithe?


We have a pattern and we have their words that we are to have a destiny of service and sacrifice.  Just as any income we receive comes from them, so is our time here on the earth a gift from them.  Giving of our time is a sacrifice, just as giving of our income is a sacrifice.  In giving of our time for others, in sharing our gift from God, are we not tithing on our bounty?


We need to realize that everything belongs to God, including our money and our time.  God in his mercy allows us to keep the majority of our earnings for ourselves.  Giving the tithe to God ensures that your needs for food, shelter, and clothing are met.  But when you give more than is required, does that not perhaps lead to some of your wants being met?   God also allows us to use the majority of our time for ourselves, but he does desire that we give him of our time as well.   Perhaps he wants a tithe.  Is this what we must do to meet our spiritual needs?  Would giving more lead to some of our spiritual wants?   We desire healing, spiritual sight and hearing, their presence and to be in the place of knowing.  We likewise need to consider God’s desires for us.   What God wants is our all.  He wants all of what he can have of us and we should want all we can have of him.  Time spent in his presence is without price.  Consider how much time you are giving him.   If you have no income on which to tithe, then compensate by increasing time spent with him.   Prayers are valuable assets and result in great blessings.


We have been given many blessings and now we are recipients of Daily Words that are amazing.  How much is this blessing worth?  Should we not give to God the time he deserves in praise, worship and thanksgiving for each blessing received?  

 These are the Days of Promise

By Marcia Smeenk


We were asked to memorize promises from God’s Word and to pray and meditate upon them.  We are to think about them as we walk along the paths of our journey.  Many of the promises you have learned are conditional.  Review them and look to see if you are fulfilling your end of the bargain.  Do they say “I will do this, if you will do that?”  Often we only see the part that God says he will do for us.  Eternal life is a great reward but is it actually free?  We can claim the promises with certainty only if we have done our part.  For example, a promise is found in Psalm 50:23 (NKJ) “Whoever offers praise glorifies me: and to him that orders his conduct aright I will show the salvation of God.”  Our part in this promise is to offer up praise and to have righteous behavior.  Salvation is not without cost. 


The path to promises fulfilled is the straight and narrow one - as the crow flies.  Many of us encounter diversions along the way and zigzag back and forth across this straight and narrow path.  These diversions take us on different routes, but we must strive to walk the path assigned us.  Some paths are taken from sitting on our front porch in meditation and prayer.  We are told that our greatest power is prayer.  Some paths require more action.  Some are led along an uphill path filled with briars and brambles along its way.  Those taken on that path must clear the path for others to follow.  They learn to remove the obstacles and become adept at their removal.  They are taught these things because they are needed to be done.  The standard set is high.  Spiritual skill is needed in dealing with the enemy on the far side of the hill.  To whom much is given, much is required.  Therefore, take no thought about the path others are on.  Be concerned about your own path and fulfill your end of the promises given.  We are being led on the straight and narrow path.


Your path is lined with trees and among them are hidden road signs.  You must search for them as they are revealed to you through understanding given in messages, through prayer and meditation, and in reading their Word.  They also are revealed to you in dreams.  Your road signs apply to you alone.  You must not apply them to others for they may be on a different section of the road.  The exact time spent on the path to get to your destination is not critical, but walking the straight and narrow path ensures your arrival.   Some may walk their entire path from their rocking chair on their front porch. God is in charge and he assigns the path each must walk.  If your path is harder than others, praise God for he assigned it to you for he knew you would walk it.  Praise him for the service you are able to provide whether it be solely through prayers or whether it requires more.  Be grateful for all you have and never fall off the path you have been given.


Be diligent in choosing and praying over God’s promises. Go back and seek that understanding which may have been lost and write the promises upon your heart. There are important road signs in the promises you were led to choose.  Find them and fly as the crow flies.



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