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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2010


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 7/20/2010

“What miracles are held in heaven’s store if you only believe?

What peace could fill every heart, what joy could fill every home?

Blessings without measure, happiness and contentment above measure,

You hold the key to heavenly blessings above measure if you only believe.


Walk each day in a faith that shall not waver, walk in heavenly light,

Face the challenges of each day, walk in the assurance of true faith.

Know that my love is upon you; know that my ears are ever open to you,

Walk as the people of my joy, heavenly blessings wait if you only believe.


Miracles of great power, joy that shall never end if you only believe,

If you only believe, if you will surrender and reach unto brokenness.

My mercy is without end, my blessings are given for my love is true,

But there are blessings not known of you that wait, if you only believe.


Do not see with the eyes of the flesh, pray and seek our heavenly light,

Reach out thy hand, reach out and touch the veil, it waits if you only believe.

If you only believe, peace shall fill every heart and assurance shall come,

If you only believe, the light shall go forth and the light shall overcome.


Mercy as the dew covers the earth, the rain of heaven falls upon you,

Stones are prepared; stones wait to be gathered, if you only believe.

Blessings are found in the light of my presence, love and mercy wait,

Come for I call, I wait to fill you my people, if you only believe.


Friends wait, families wait, the stranger lost and all alone quietly waits,

I wait, and I long and I yearn dear ones, blessings of heaven wait.

Let your hearts be bold, reach out and remove the veil of light,

The power of light, the power of my presence is yours, if you only believe.”



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