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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2010


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 7/20/2010

“The angels in heaven dance upon the Crystal Sea, they dance and rejoice,

Shout unto the highest, let the heavenly hosts rejoice and let them sing.

The light grows; the light shines forth for hearts of love receive my love,

I bring light unto you and my joy overflows, my light shines forth.


Bring the light my chosen ones; bring the light for heavenly angels sing,

They sing for the light grows, rejoice and go forth, bring the light.

Bring the light; let the unity of light bring you heavenly favor,

Go forth and rejoice, let the hands be lifted, praise us my people.


Bring the light for it grows and begins to overflow, rejoice, rejoice,

Rejoice my dear ones for my light grows within you, the light overflows.

Bring the light for the earth is in darkness and the light of love is needed,

Be full of joy and let your joy give peace, let your light give love.


Bring the light for the heavenly messengers have heard my song of joy,

They dance upon Crystal Sea as I stand and sing unto my beloved.

You are beloved and I am with you, go forth and bring the light,

Heavenly angels sing and they dance, I wish that you could all see.


The dance upon the Crystal Sea is a dance of the greatest of all joy,

Someday, my people, you shall surely see for you shall join the dance.

You shall lift hands and sing and you shall bring the light to heaven,

My lights shall be gathered and the light shall rejoice before me.


Bring the light, be faithful and true so that unto me you shall come,

Bring the light; bring your faces of love and your songs of endless joy.

Bring the light for you are needed here and you are wanted here,

Be my servants, obey my every command and you shall bring the light.”



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