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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2010


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 7/20/2010

By Kenneth Nix


“Hanging on” is the common word for many Sabbath keepers nowadays. It fact it is also a common term for many Sunday keepers as well. All know they are missing something in their lives; there is a lack of peace and joy.


Many can look back at the description of the New Testament church and know they are not where they need to be as a church. In Acts 2:41 - 47, “Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls. And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers. And fear came upon every soul: and many wonders and signs were done by the apostles. And all that believed were together, and had all things common. And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need. And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart. Praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.


What did this church have that is missing in most churches today? They had sound doctrine, they had joy and peace in the presence of God, they had the gifts of the spirit which grow forth from the fruits of the tree of life, they had the unity of love, they had united prayers, they had united fellowship, they had united praise, and they had united ministry.  These things were not meant to be lost and are supposed to be elements within the churches today.


Our church is not to be like most of the churches of this world. We do have truth, we have sound doctrine. We are experiencing joy and peace unlike anything any of us have ever known. In obedience and surrender, in praise, worship, and gratefulness we are coming to know the power and fullness of the presence of God. We are seeing more healings and will see this element of our church grow. Now is the time to grow in unity. As a church we haven't been hindered with many divisions because God, in his great mercy, weeded out those who would have hindered our development into a solid foundation for the end time work that lies ahead.  Greater unity is now needed. The fog of darkness grows and continues a steady enveloping of our nation and this world. We must be a united power and voice. In the messages received from the Mighty Ones of heaven, I have noted many times we, as people of the light, have been told we must be a “voice.” We are also told we are to be voices of light. There is a sense of unity when used in the singular. In the recent words from Micah there is an urging for unity. In Chapter One, verse three of “The Words of Micah for the Latter Days” it states, “People of the light, you must unite in love and you must unite in prayer and praise. Evil grows stronger with each passing generation so I know evil must be ever present in your day. United light shall prevail but you must be joined in light, breath and spirit. Love must be your continual focus and every deed must be rooted in goodness.  Also in “The Words of Micah for the Latter Days” Chapter 5, verse 1, it states, “My dream revealed unto me the depth of darkness that has come unto those living in the latter days. I see that the ways of man change not. My words are for those of my time but I see that the words I have proclaimed apply to those who live in all times. You must be people of the light and you must be a voice that cries out for repentance and a voice that ever seeks heavenly mercy to fall down.”

We are the people of light, we are the warriors of light and we are to do battle as a united army. At the ministerial conference in Valle Crucis, we were given messages from our Lord Jesus concerning unity. We will begin by looking at the power of unity in prayer.


In the message from the Lord Jesus, he mentions a circle of faith. We have learned that a circle of faith can bring power unto those who suffer hardships. This has been shown in the messages entitled, “A Circle of Faith.”  We have part five of those messages in this issue of the newsletter. Circles of faith are being formed in this church with a vow given by most that they will pray for the ones in their circle every day until their death.


We have been shown as well the pattern of prayer at the end of services. We know to pray for the needs of the person to our right. We will now form  into circles of ten, with the ones left forming a smaller group. Jesus in the message, “Unity in Prayer” states, “The number ten is the number for divine order and is a number of great power. There is power whenever my people pray in unity but there is power in ten for there are laws within the spiritual realm.

Jesus also states in this same message, “There is great power when there is focus and unity in prayer. My people pray at a given time together and this is the power of united light but there is also power when there is united focus in your prayers.


Prayers are our greatest weapon. Once again referring to “The Words of Micah for the Latter Days,” let’s look at Chapter 2, verse 6, “People of light are not always in a place where they can make changes in the leadership that governs. When evil prevails, and you feel powerless to enact changes that will restore and bring light, you must look within. The Lord God hears the prayers of the righteous and his breath is within you. Bend your knees and cry out for mercy and he shall hear.  I fear we don't even grasp the power available to us that is only a cry away.

There must be unity of praise within the people of the light. In a message from Jesus entitled “Unity in Praise,” He states, “There is power in unity in prayer and there is power in unity in praise. What things will bring unity in praise? Are there laws of light that have been unseen by you my servants? The things that unite my people shall also unite you in praise. There is power in united prayer as you have been shown. Would there not also be power in united praise?


I am sure that we have missed laws of light and too often fail to recognize the power that exists in every action of light. I was instructed by our Lord Jesus to list seven points about the power of praise. I will share these points with you at this time.

1. Praise will shield, will win victory and will strengthen.

2. Praise will lift, fill you with light and bring the power of light (including healing). It is a great and powerful instrument and gives power over darkness, including the power of change.  It removes barriers and will melt stony hearts.

3. Praise is an absolute law and will bring the presence and power of the Lord.

4. Praise should be at least seven times a day. When doing so, it will bring healing power, it will open doors and it will remove strongholds.

5. Praise is a beacon of light. Praise increases the power within and it releases the power within. Pride will flee.

6. Praise brings purity, it brings peace and it is the power of love.

7. Praise and worship go

together and praise belongs to the Eternal Light and to the Lord Jesus.

There are other elements to praise but these were the seven points I was led too. All of these points come from previous messages.


Unity in love is necessary for the people of light. In a message from our Lord Jesus entitled, “Unity in Love” we are told, “There is great power when our people are united in prayer and praise, but without hearts joined in love the power of light cannot flow when our people are gathered together before us.” Love must be the reason for the action of prayer and praise.


My fellow ministers, Wayne and Henry, were instructed to compile fourteen points from previous messages concerning love. All there were to compile lists of ten. Here are seven of the ways in which we can join our hearts in love.

1. Send cards or letters.

2. Smile on purpose.

3. Speak words of love to all.

4. Be willing to listen.

5. Be willing to give—gifts, time, etc.

6. Share meals together.

7. Forgive one another.

The ministers then had a discussion concerning the power of the unity of fellowship.  Different lists were again made. I will give only seven of the points on how fellowship strengthens us and then give three barriers to fellowship. In words from Jesus in the message of “Unity in Fellowship,” He states, “There is power in unity of prayer, there is power in unity in praise, there in power in unity in love and there is power in unity of fellowship.

1. Pray for each other and together, pray for different ones at services, etc.

2. Worship and praise together.

3. Break bread together both at church and in each other's homes.

4. Pray for more to join in the joy of fellowship.

5. Be willing to give of your time, get to know each other.

6. Let there be words of love and kindness.

7. Include all, remember all, welcome all.


The final discussion of unity was the unity of ministry. In a message from our Lord Jesus entitled, “Unity In Ministry” we were told, “You have discussed the power found in unity of the light for without the unity of prayer, praise, love and fellowship, the

[�p;��� ly:"Times New Roman"; mso-default-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-ascii-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-latin-font-family:"Times New Roman";language:en-US;mso-ansi-language:en-US'>Love fills my heart and my soul for I am of the very love of heavenly light,

But be not angry my King, but there are times in the night that I call a name.


It is the name of a man I still would love to meet, a man I see,

Andrew is his name, I still see his face and at times I long.

My anticipated love may never come but I shall not despair,

I shall not be in sorrow for your love is also an anticipated love.


Love of heaven, love for the very Son of God, love for you my King,

An anticipated love came unto me and has given me great joy.

Peace fills my heart and overflows; there is power in heavenly love,

But still, there are times when my heart aches and my soul doth yearn.’



Many hearts seek the touch of love and the comfort of arms around them.  My love is ever light of ministry would dim. Unity of light is to be seen in all that you do for you are the shepherds that guide.” The ministers and their wives were able to have a heartfelt discussion and we did compile ways to strengthen the unity of the ministry.  They won't be given in this article but go hand in hand with what has been given, and all these lists go hand in hand with the fruits of life.

We are blessed in this church to have a small group of men who are dedicated to Christ and all have a great love for him, for each other and for each of you. We pray that love continues to grow. We are separated by distance but never by lack of unity. May God bless the unity of ministry to withstand the days of darkness.

We also praise God for we know our numbers as a church will grow and our numbers in the ministry will also grow. In unity we will face both days of joy and days of sorrow, but whatever each day brings, with God's strength and mercy, we will face it together.




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