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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2010


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 7/20/2010

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King.  These are words of love for my people.  There is great power in love and deep within many hearts there is a longing for love and there is deep and powerful anticipation for love.  An anticipated love is a love that one longs for and deeply yearns for.  The light of love that is within you longs and yearns to be filled and to be joined together with the light and love of heaven.  This day by the power of the cloud of glory I shall give my servant of the latter days words about an anticipated love.  He shall see the images given and he shall feel the power of these words of great beauty.  This day by my mercy I allow my daughters Kimberly, Kathy and Marcia to come unto the power of my presence.  They shall hear the words given and shall rejoice.  What their eyes of flesh do not see, their eyes of the spirit see clearly.  David, these words are to be shared with all my people, and you know my will.  This day I share with you words about a woman named Alice.  She was a woman of a tender heart and a woman of a very keen mind.  She excelled in acquiring knowledge and became a teacher and loved the work that she did.  She was of average appearance in the flesh but in heart, in love, in spirit she was of great beauty.  In her sadness no man saw the beauty within so her life was lived mostly alone.  She had a small house that was always clean but also was filled with many books.  Reading was her passion for through the words written she knew love and she knew romance and adventure.  She also loved to write poetry and short stories and she was content with her life, and her life was filled with activity.  But in her times of quiet reflection, she felt the loneliness within and felt the yearning for an anticipated love.  She never spoke unto others, but in her heart there was a man.  He was tall and handsome and his smile sparkled and shown with love and goodness.  He loved to read and was a man of knowledge and great wisdom, but he was also a man with a child’s heart and one who loved to laugh and lived each day with exuberant zeal.  Her anticipated love was within her heart, deep within her soul.


She was very active in her church and had a great love for me and my Father.  She often prayed and sang many songs of praise unto us.  She loved us and knew that our love for her was great.  She was forty-seven when she decided that her love for me and my love for her was enough and she wrote a poem that she entitled, ‘An Anticipated Love.’  I give you words of her heart this day.

An Anticipated Love


‘When I was a little girl the love that filled me was for my parents,

I loved my mother for she was sweet and kind and her joy overflowed.

Father was handsome and wise and his hands always gave me love,

I had all the love a girl ever needed and I did not desire more.


As I grew older there was a change within my heart; anticipation grew,

I began to long for another love, a love beyond that given by a parent’s love.

My anticipated love did not have a face, but I would know him,

I would know him in his first glance, his first touch, his first kiss.


An anticipated love is a love that your heart desires, one that fills,

An anticipated love is the yearning of your soul; it is deeply within.

The years have passed and my anticipated love has not found me,

I clearly see his face, I recognize his smile and my heart waits.

The days pass and still my heart waits for my anticipated love,

I fill my days with activity; I try to quiet my longing heart.

Day filled with teaching, nights filled with the words I dearly love,

But in the quiet and gentle still of the night I call his name.


Andrew, come and find me for I wait, for you are my anticipated love,

Years pass and my days flow together like a tapestry without seam.

I find peace and comfort and love in the words given by the Lord,

His I am, his handmaiden I shall be; to you my heart belongs.


Praises are lifted, prayers are spoken and your light fills my heart,

I love you my Lord, this realization fills my heart with peace and joy.

Could you be the anticipated love that I have waited for my Lord?

Could the light of your smile be all that I shall truly ever need?


My love for Jesus grows, I am loved by him, he cares deeply for me,

My days have more joy and my nights are full of peace, love has come.

It is a love unlike what I sought, but it is a love that fills me,

My anticipated love has come and his love for me is pure and perfect.


I love you Lord Jesus, you love me too, this night a truth came unto me,

I am your anticipated love for you knew me before time even was.

You have longed, you have waited and you yearned for me to find you,

I am your anticipated love and your heart has joy in me.


You have joy in me and I in you, love is of the spirit, of the heart,

Tears of joy fall upon the pages of this journal, tears flow my King.

Your love is the light of the world, your love called unto me,

Your love called unto me and your love heard my voice deep in the night.


An anticipated love has come and it came unexpectedly unto me,

The love of heaven has come unto me and I feel the presence of love.

Love fills my heart and my soul for I am of the very love of heavenly light,

But be not angry my King, but there are times in the night that I call a name.


It is the name of a man I still would love to meet, a man I see,

Andrew is his name, I still see his face and at times I long.

My anticipated love may never come but I shall not despair,

I shall not be in sorrow for your love is also an anticipated love.


Love of heaven, love for the very Son of God, love for you my King,

An anticipated love came unto me and has given me great joy.

Peace fills my heart and overflows; there is power in heavenly love,

But still, there are times when my heart aches and my soul doth yearn.’



Many hearts seek the touch of love and the comfort of arms around them.  My love is ever with you but man was made to love others.  Men need the love of a woman, and a woman needs the love of a man.  Alice was at peace, but an anticipated love still yearned within.  Three days after she wrote the poem that was given she met a man who bumped into her in the rain.  He apologized and smiled at her and asked her if she would join him for a cup of tea.  ‘I would love to have tea with you Andrew.’  He looked puzzled and asked her how it was that she knew his name.  Such is the love of heaven upon a surrendered heart.  Alice and Andrew married and had a son and a daughter and she lived her life with a love complete.  I have anticipated love and it is for you.  Be mine for I wait, and I call your names.” 



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