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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2010


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 7/20/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words to be placed within the Words of the Latter Rain and are words to help my people to prepare for the days that are before you. I am your shepherd and I lead and I guide, and these words are given to help you to see that you must stand fast in all seasons of life. These are words of power that speak of a time of great sadness and sorrow. This is the fifth part about a circle of faith, and this day my servant shall once more see images of great sadness as he hears my words and the words spoken. This day I share with you words spoken by Anna when she was in a place of deep sorrow and in a time when she needed the power of heaven to show her the way. My servant shall see what Anna speaks of and he shall see the place where her words were spoken. Let her words help you to seek the light of heaven to help you and to guide you each day. There are moments in life when you must make a decision that will change the course of your life. Many of these moments come unto you without realization, but there are times when you know that the choice you make will forever affect your life. In these words you will see the struggle that is faced when a wrong decision will lead to death. You must open your eyes and see that every day you make decisions that affect your life now and your life in the days ahead. The darkness moves like the wind and it blows and the fog spreads. The winds blow in all four corners of the earth and the fog moves and grows. The days of sorrow shall come my people. Now you are in the light of joy and now you must choose the bread of life, for you are at a place where you must choose light over darkness and love over pride and knowledge. The darkness comes and the light must stand ready.


‘Oh my God in heaven, you are the Mighty God above all. Please hear my prayer and please help me. I am afraid and alone and I do not know what to do. Such sadness fills my heart and I have never felt such sorrow. Do you hear and do you see me Great God? If you see, as I believe, then you know why I hide in this field this night. The work camp was certain death, for since the war now turns in favor of the Americans, more people are being shot and more are being taken to camps where the only purpose is to kill as many of my people as possible. If I had stayed there, I am sure I would have been killed, but my life is in great danger here as well. I pray for my dear friend Helen for she is sick and her life is in grave danger. I did not want to leave her but she is too sick to travel and she begged me to leave her and to take her daughter Miriam with me. I wish she would have stayed for now she is dead. We were foolish to think we could escape and not be followed. I believe seventy-five of us got out last night but now all are dead and I alone live. Why was my life spared and not Miriam’s? Oh my God, I can hear the screams of my friends when the soldiers found us. They did not seek to recapture us they just opened fire with their machine guns. It was horrible and I shall never forget the sound of the bullets striking the bodies of those dear unto me.

Oh my God, I am afraid and do not know what to do or where to go. I alone lived and now it seems alone I will die. I weep and I pray. Please hear me my God. I pray softly for I fear someone might hear me. I am very near the town and I have seen many people pass by this day. Should I go to a door and knock or should I stay here? If I choose the wrong house, I will be turned over to the soldiers and I will be shot. How do I choose my God? I can not stay here for I am cold and hungry and will eventually be found.  Please have mercy on Helen and let her live. She does not know that her precious daughter is dead for the soldiers just left all the bodies to rot in the ditch. I can see the faces of the dead as they fell all around me and on top of me. Miriam was next to me and she looked at peace in death but I am so sorry that I failed her and Helen. The soldiers kept firing into the bodies even though they knew all were dead. Why was I shielded and why do I live? I laid there for hours before I was brave enough to run. I ran all afternoon and now I am here.


I see the lights from the town and I can smell bread baking. It has been so long since I had a good meal. Please help me my God. Can you give me a sign oh God? Can you show me which house to choose? Which door can I go to my God? If I knock on the wrong door, I will die. Please show me the way my God. I know that there are many who do not support what the Nazi’s have done unto us, and some have the courage to risk their lives to save ours. I need someone to save me. Please help me. Which house do I choose? Send me a sign and help me. I saw a woman pass by at dusk that was singing a hymn and I saw her go into a house with a red door. But how do I know if she will help? The Christians have persecuted us, and many who kill us claim to believe in you my God. I smell the bread and I am so hungry. Wait, I see a man and he walks to his barn. Did he see me earlier my God? I saw him as he walked into town and I thought he might have seen me hiding here. He passed and seemed to look right at me. Is he the one I can trust my God? Please have mercy and show me the way.


I pray for my friends in our circle of faith; I pray for them each day as promised. I prayed for them this morning as I was lying among the bodies of my friends. I thought I would cry out when the soldier again shot Miriam as she lay dead next to me. I do not know how I kept silent and still, but I did, and now I alone am alive. I see the man again and he looks this way my God. Should I go unto him? Please give me a sign. He is going back into his home, I see his wife at the door. Have mercy on my family wherever they are and have mercy on Helen and on all who are of my circle of faith. Help me to find safety so that I may live for I so desire to see those I love once more. I see the man again and he is carrying the bread that I smell. He carries bread and food and went back into the barn. Why would he take food into the barn and not eat within his home? I see him looking this way once more and his hands are empty. He left the bread and food in the barn. Did he leave it for me my God? Is this the sign I seek? Is the bread the bread of life, or will eating that bread cause my death? Is it a trap, or is it the bread of freedom? I am afraid my God, but I must trust someone for alone I will not live. I have no clothes to wear and no papers to get past all the soldiers. I need someone to have mercy upon me. I repent my God for all the times I made decisions without prayer. I lived life without your guidance and I am sorry. In these days of sorrow I have daily turned to you and of that I am glad. Which door leads to death and which leads to life? If I go into the barn is it a trap? The bread that waits could be my last meal or could give me life. I pray for mercy and your guiding hand. I shall go unto the barn and shall eat and hide there until the man returns. I pray that you have led me to bread of life. Please be with me my God.’


My people, you do not see clearly the choices of life, but there are decisions that affect your days upon the earth. Seek our guidance and hear our voice. I am the bread of life, so you must seek me. Which path do you take and will the path lead to life or unto death? I guide you and I am with you. Choose the bread of life.”



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