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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2010


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 7/20/2010

By David Nix

In part one about principles of light I discussed the importance of remaining in their presence. The power of light requires their presence so we must do all that we can each day to remain in the heavenly light. We must learn more about light for the Great I AM is light and his light and breath are within our temples of clay. To move forward in power we must learn to use the power of light that is within us, and we must learn the great power found in remaining in their presence always. Light is more than we understand, and we must surrender our lives unto them and walk in their ways so that we can come to understand the fullness of light. There is a reason why we are referred to as the people of the light in the messages we have been blessed to be given. We are of the light of heaven and we must walk in the light and we must truly become people of light. Light is the origin of all life and light is the origin of all power. The gifts of the spirit are gifts of light and will not manifest unless we are strong in the light. Our prayers are affected by our position in the light and the gifts of power are affected by our position in the light. Without light we will not walk in the power of the gifts of the spirit for we will lack understanding. To understand the power of light we must be in and of the light. We learn more of God and about God when we are close unto his presence and the presence of his Son. Without light we will never understand the power that is available to us.


The Great I AM is far above us and there are mysteries that we simply can not understand. In the first series of lessons from the cloud of glory I spoke about the power of purity, for without purity we will not remain in their presence, and without their presence the power of light will never fill us. We must remove all darkness from our lives for any darkness will prevent the fullness of light. There is great power in the purity of light and great power in the presence of light, and without purity we can not remain in the presence of the Lord God and the Lord Jesus. To be in the fullness of their light we must be pure and we must walk in the obedience of holiness. The power of the gifts of the spirit is connected to light and purity so we must let every thought, word and action be of the light. If we walk in darkness the power of light will not manifest for the gifts of the spirit are gifts of light.


One of the principles of light I wish to discuss is about hearing the voice of the Lord, and also hearing the voice of the spirit. In the purity and presence of light we will hear their voice clearly and will walk in the fullness of their light. To hear we must walk in purity and holiness for holiness is the pathway unto power. It is the pure vessel that will hear the word of the Lord. We are all of the light and breath of heaven. Is there sound in the spirit? Does our spirit speak? We are told in Romans 8:26-27 that, “Likewise the Spirit also helps our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself makes intercession for us with groaning which cannot be uttered. And he that searches the hearts knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because he makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God.”  The word of prophecy is more than words about future events; it can also be a word given about someone and it is a word from the spiritual realm. When the spirit of light is connected to other spirits of light, the spirit will speak to spirit. If you learn to hear, your spirit will know the heart of others and details will be given. It is not reading someone’s mind, it is hearing their spirit. Satan does not speak the language of our spirit; he must listen to our words and see our actions. Light gives power to light so we must be in and of the light always. The language of the spirit is not heard by most men but it does exist. The spirit speaks and makes intercession and seeks the light of heaven. It is the yearning that is within all men. This is also seen in Romans 8. “For we know that the whole creation groans and travails in pain together until now. And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the first fruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.” (Romans 8:22-23)


Those who are not pure, those who walk in the muted light or in deep darkness will not hear the spirit within or without. We need to pay attention to feelings that come suddenly upon us for feelings are of the spirit and not the flesh. If you have a sudden urge to get upon your knees and pray for a brother or sister in Christ, you need to hear and follow the urging. We are flesh but we are also spirit and breath and we are the light within all three levels of life. Our physical body responds to touch and to hot or cold, and our spirit also responds to feelings and the feelings of the spirit are much deeper. The fruits of life are fruits of the spirit. To hear the language of the spirit we must be pure and holy and within the presence of heavenly light. There is sound in the natural and physical realms and there is sound in the spiritual realm. There is sound in light. A deaf person does not hear sound for the flesh is flawed but their lack of hearing does not eliminate the sound. We do not hear sound that is too distant but the sound is still made.


There is sound in light for light is not silent. Light is filled with heavenly sound. It is the sound of glory, the sound of angels singing and the sounds of praise. There is sound in light, so we must seek to be pure and holy so that our light will hear the sound of light. There is also sound in darkness that we do not hear or see. Once we hear the sound of light, we shall know when the darkness is near for it is a different sound. We must build a strong and pure temple of light to house the spirit of light within. The sound of light is important and is the power of prophecy for we shall hear the spirit of others speak and also their angels shall speak and tell us the needs of those they protect. There is great power in light so we must go deeper into the light so that the power of heavenly light will manifest within us.










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