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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2010


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 7/20/2010

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. These are words of guidance for you my servant. It is my desire that the cloud message previously given entitled, “A Judgmental Spirit” be placed within the June issue of Words of the Latter Rain.”

This message was given on April 19, 2010. I am led to share some of the words of Jesus and then I shall share the words spoken by the Apostle Peter.

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. These are words of great power and words that will help you. You shall receive words from my servant Peter and he shall speak unto you about a judgmental spirit. You are guilty my servant of wrongly judging others and of speaking words against others. As you will see, it is good to have wisdom and discernment but you must not wrongly or harshly judge another. A judgmental spirit is rooted in pride and is based on selfishness and a heart of stone. You must be a servant who is tender and kind and a man who seeks mercy upon all men regardless of how or why they are in need of your love and mercy.


‘My friends, I come before you this day to share words of love and guidance with you. I have made mistakes in my walk with the Lord but I have learned from the errors that have been evident in my life. I was guilty of much pride and I allowed pride to be a barrier to the fullness of their presence. I was judgmental and arrogant, and wrongly judged Gentiles and I wrongly spoke against them. Most of you here are of Israel and within your gatherings I have observed a judgmental spirit to be among you. We are all brothers and sisters in the Lord and love must be the light that shines brightest. I have some principles I desire to share with you. These are seven dangers of a judgmental spirit and words to help you to overcome this barrier within your life and within the body of the Lord Jesus, for we are his people.


1. A judgmental spirit prevents the light of love from filling your life. When we judge another based on their race or based upon their work or family, we do not allow the fullness of love. We are to use the spirit of discernment and must be led by the light of wisdom but who are we to judge another? We who have a beam in our own eye should not look to the speck in the eye of another. If you judge based upon the flesh, you will not be filled with love. You must use the eyes of the spirit and not the eyes of the flesh.

2. A judgmental spirit will be a barrier to fellowship. I am guilty of not sitting to eat with Gentiles for I was full of pride. A judgmental spirit has its root in pride. Who are we to think ourselves better than another man for we are all sinners and all have come short of the glory of the Lord? If we make friends based on eyes of the flesh, we shall lose the blessing of a greater love. We must fellowship with all men. The Lord Jesus sat at meat with publicans, prostitutes and sinners for he did not see with the eyes of the flesh. We are the body of Christ and there are to be no barriers between us. Let all be treated with a heart of love. Welcome all who gather and extend the hand of fellowship unto all.


3. A judgmental spirit is a barrier to the power of prayer. If you judge another wrongly or harshly it will affect your prayers. If you do not like another person based on thoughts or actions rooted in the flesh how can you truly pray for them? The Lord Jesus said we are to love our enemies and pray for those who do evil unto us. We are brethren, and if we judge one another, how can we pray for one another without barriers? It matters not the path others have taken to come unto the Lord. He is the shepherd and we are to pray for all who are of his flock, and we are to pray for all not of the flock. It matters not why or how another person came to know needs; we are to pray for their needs. Lift up those among you and those without. Judge not that you be not judged.


4. A judgmental spirit is a barrier to the gifts and power of healing. If you look to the flesh and judge, your prayers for healing will be hindered. It matters not why another is in pain; all that matters is that they hurt, and you must seek the healing power of heaven to come upon them. As a servant I can not look with the eyes of the flesh, I must look to the light that is within. We are the light within and the flesh is but a temple. We shall all someday shed these frail temples. Do not judge the pain or hurt of another. Seek the mercy of heaven to heal them to remove their pain so that they might know peace and joy in the flesh.

5. A judgmental spirit is a spirit of darkness that is rooted in pride. We are light and must seek light. The power of light gives power to light but pride blocks the light for pride is the spirit of darkness. It is the whispered word that makes you feel better than another. We are all sheep of his pasture and we are all to be servants unto one another. It is pride that seeks the chief seats and it is pride that elevates one man above another. We all have gifts and we all are beloved in the eyes of heaven. Be not envious and do not let the heart of jealousy lead you to a judgmental spirit. Do not think evil against a brother and do not speak evil against a brother.


6. A judgmental spirit leads to gossip and unto evil words spoken. When you judge another based upon pride and the flesh, you will not pray for them as you should and you will not fellowship openly, and ultimately you will speak the words of your heart. Most gossip is based on being judgmental toward another. The whispered word is a judgmental word that can destroy our flock and families. Most gossip is shared for the one speaking has judged another as guilty and the words spoken give the one speaking a sense of being better. If we judge others based upon the flesh, it shall lead to a judgmental spirit and words of evil. You speak against others in your prayers and feel justified. A judgmental spirit leads to a spirit of justifying your weakness by comparing yourself to another. Jesus is to be our guide and we are to judge no man, for who among us can read the thoughts of another and who here truly knows the heart of another? Do not think or speak evil against others without the power of light. Sinners must be brought unto repentance but it is to be done through love and not through condemnation.

7. A judgmental spirit is a barrier to seeking mercy and to showing mercy. Mercy is more than healing, mercy is seeking all good things to fall down upon others. If you judge that the actions of another led to their plight, do you truly seek the mercy of heaven to help them? A thief who repents is to be welcomed among us as is the prostitute or the evil doer. We are to use the gift of discernment and the power of wisdom, but who among us can judge the repentant heart and the mercy of the Lord? Whom God forgives, we must welcome and we must be instruments of mercy. Seek mercy to fall upon those of the light and upon those in darkness. How can we lead others unto the glorious light of heaven without desiring mercy? How can we truly seek mercy if we judge based upon the flesh? See the light in all men and desire all men to know the joy of the Lord. We must all seek the Lord to remove the judgmental spirit from us.’

My servant, you are guilty. When you lay hands upon the sick, see the light and not the flesh. When you pray for the needs of others, see the light and not the flesh. When you fellowship with my people, see the light and not the flesh, and do not gossip or speak evil of others. Judge not that you be not judged.”



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