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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2010


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 7/20/2010

"I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd.  These are words of love and guidance for my remnant people.  You grow in the light of heaven and you grow in the fruits of life.  Past patterns do not fade away quickly in many hearts, so my words are given unto you from a heart that loves you.  This day by the power of the cloud of glory, my servant of the latter days shall be given words to help my people lose hearts which quickly judge and mouths that speak against others.  I bless my daughters Kimberly and Marcia and give them entrance this day into the light of our presence.  I give images unto my servant and he shall receive these words of power.  Let these words help you to examine your hearts to root out any judgmental spirit that still remains. There are many upon the earth who claim my name and state that they belong unto me. Churches are all over your land and all over the earth.  Most are small in number so the word of wisdom would be to become a place that welcomes all with kindness and love.  All my people should be lights of love and lights of mercy.  I could share thousands of stories with you that reveal how churches of my name do not reflect the heart of my love.  The story I give you is not new and similar events have occurred all over the earth.  This day I tell you of a woman named Eden who was beloved.  She was a sinner who was lost and far from the light, but one night she cried out for mercy and mercy came unto her.  She married a man who was a preacher of my word.  He was older than she but he was kind unto her and she thought that his heart was seen in the words he spoke.  Let her story help you my people.


‘Eden, the town is just ahead.  There is a good church here and the Lord shall bless us. This country is growing and more people move westward each day so we will have many that we can bring the word of the Lord to.’


‘Samuel, I am excited about this new life.  I thank you for having a heart that could see past my previous life.  I shall be dutiful to be a good wife unto you and a proper pastor’s wife.  I just hope that none here will be harsh unto me if they find out about my past.’


‘Eden, your sins have been washed away and you are a new creature in Christ.  It matters not what others may think or say.  I love you and shall forever be by your side.’


Samuel’s words did not match the depth of his heart.  He felt shame that his wife was once a prostitute and had done well to hide this from the leaders of his church.  He prayed that the past would forever remain in the past.  Eden grew up in a home without light and without love and ran away when she was only sixteen.  Cold and hungry in a city of darkness she was given a way to have food and shelter.  For seven years she lived a life of darkness, but we rescued her and she found work in a new town as a clerk in a store.  She faithfully went to church and lived a good life.  Samuel was the pastor of her church and he was taken by her beauty and smile.  Though twenty seven years her elder, he sought her hand in marriage and she agreed.  Their journey did not end as she had hoped and dreamed.


There was a man who came to church one Sunday and he saw Eden and recognized her for he had been with her. He quickly told others that she had worked in a brothel in Chicago.  Soon people began to leave the small church and Samuel and Eden were no longer invited into their homes for dinner.  Samuel had to leave town for several days and while he was gone, the man who knew Eden from her past came to her home.  She refused his advances, so he raped her and left her.  Samuel came home the next day and she still lay in the place she had been violated.  He had heard from a man in another town the reason why all were leaving his church and he was angry.


‘Eden, why are you lying upon the floor and where are your clothes?  What have you done?  The whole town knows that you are a whore and that is why all are leaving me.  Speak to me.  Why are you just sitting there?’


‘Samuel, I was raped last night.  A man who knew me from my past came here and tried to seduce me.  I refused and he raped me.  Please help me Samuel for he hurt me and I need to see the doctor.’


‘What did you do to encourage him?  No man would just come here unless you invited him.  I regret that I married you.  I was a fool to believe you would change.  In my desire for you I became blind to what you are.  Maybe if I cast you aside the people will come back to hear me preach.  Get up and get your things and go.  I shall go to town and purchase you a ticket on the stage.  You are to be gone by morning.’


‘Samuel, I thought you loved me.  How the darkness comes from within you.  Why would anyone come hear you preach about love and mercy when you treat me this way?  I told you of my past before we married for I did not desire to deceive you.  Your words said you would love me forever but they were only empty words that were spoken upon the wind.  I shall pack and shall go.’

 When Samuel left Eden packed her things and prepared to go.  She was in deep sorrow and came before us in prayer.  I give you her words spoken in her time of great sorrow and pain.


‘Great God in heaven and my Savior, Jesus, I bow before you and I seek your mercy to be upon me once more.  My life has been filled with pain and my past will not release me.  I read in your word that your burden is easy but the yoke upon me is very heavy my Lord.  My sins are washed away but my past will never leave me.  I shall get on the stage and go west.  I pray you will provide for me and show me the way.  I do not understand my Lord.  Did I not treat everyone here with kindness and love?  I have spoken no words of evil or malice and have endeavored to be a good wife and example.  Why do those who sing about your blood and mercy so harshly judge others?  I am confident that others have past sins before coming unto you my Lord.  Your church should be a place of refuge, a place of light where all who have sinned can come to be washed clean and a place where true repentance leads to redemption.  I have sinned but must my sin be ever upon me?  Your word says that the angels rejoice when a lost soul is saved.  The people of this church do not rejoice, for they judge based upon the words of a man who he himself sinned.  He paid to have sex with me which was unto him a sin.  No one cast him out and now he has raped me.  Where are the hands of mercy and love within the hearts of your people? 


Please take me unto a place where love and forgiveness and mercy are more than words spoken upon the wind.  Take me to a place where the fruit of the spirit is real.  I know I am forgiven but I need the weight of my sins to be removed.  I am free in your love but my past shackles me Lord.  Remove all that binds me and help me to find peace and joy my King.  Help me to find a man who will truly love me and lead me to a church where there are no hearts that harshly judge, a place where the light of your love is seen.  Have mercy on me.’


Hear me my people, if you harshly judge others, then your words of love and your words of change are no more that words spoken upon the wind.  Do not have a judgmental heart.  I sat at the table to eat with publicans, prostitutes and sinners.  My love is for all and my shed blood can remove all sin.  My people, you must welcome all and do not judge others based upon the path they walked to come unto me.  Do not see with the flesh but see with the eyes of light and see the light in all men.  Do not judge by word or appearance.  A short dress and too much makeup does not make a woman a prostitute; worn clothes does not make a man poor or a beggar; a person who is overweight does not make them lazy and a man with grease under his nails is not an indication of his mental capacity.  Why do you judge others before they even speak?  Be lights of love and be instruments of mercy.  You are to use wisdom and exercise discernment but do not judge others, and lose the judgmental hearts that separate you from me and my Father.  Let words of love, kindness, gentleness, goodness and mercy be spoken and let them be seen in your actions, for I desire churches to be more than people who claim their love for me and profess their faith openly but in truth they only speak empty words spoken upon the wind.”



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