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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 5, May 2010


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 5/25/2010

I was blessed to receive a cloud message while on the spiritual journey with my brother Dave and my dad. The principles given were received from Daniel and are applicable to all children now. Jesus knows what a blessing these points would be to all parents and thus instructed me to share the seven points given by Daniel on raising a child of the light.   Jesus knows that I desire to have all of my children walk in the light, and also knows that I desire that my son, Nathan will also walk in the light now and when he gets older. My wife and I had decided to pull our son from the public school system and plan on home schooling this fall.

I received words from our Lord Jesus and from his servant, Daniel. I do not share the words of Jesus as they were for me and my wife. Daniel also spoke some words, but it is the seven points given that truly need to be shared. In our society today the family is always under attack and the mind of children is a true battlefield.    I hope these points help you.      Kenneth Nix


1. A child of the light must be raised in a home of light and the words of light must be spoken and must be read. Read the words of life unto the child and teach the child to read them on their own. Time each day must be spent in the word of light for light gives power unto light. Teach the child to commit to memory the words of wisdom that shall add to a firm foundation. There are laws of light that are unseen unto man, but reading and putting to memory the words of light shall change the heart within. Read together the words of light and let them be the thread that is woven into each day of life.


2.  A child of the light must be taught the principles of praise and worship. The Lord God is worthy of all praise and worship and children are to learn that he is the source of all life and that a life without praise and worship is a life without true joy and peace. Teach hymns unto your children so that they might sing unto the Lord. Children singing praises unto the Lord is a beautiful sound which brings the mighty angels of light unto you. Lead by example, but teach your children the power of praise and worship.


3. A child of the light must be taught how to pray and a pattern of prayer is to be established early in their life. Pray with them to teach them and show them the pattern and power of a life of prayer. Teach them to bow before the Lord and teach them how to express words of gratefulness and how to bring their petitions unto the Lord. Do not allow distractions to prevent the pattern of prayer and let the child learn the joy that comes from being in the presence of the Lord. The laws of light apply unto all actions of light.


4. A child of the light must learn the value and power of words spoken. Let all that you speak be pure and of the light and teach thy children the value and power of a word well spoken. Teach them words of love and words of kindness and gentleness. Children must learn to listen to adults when they speak and  children must learn when it is good for them to speak. Teach them the wisdom of listening more than they speak and teach them to speak words of light. Children are to play and be free of heart but they must learn the value of words. Never allow a child to speak words of harshness and words of disrespect.


5. A child of the light must be taught the law of God and the principles of truth must be written upon their heart. It is not enough to tell your children the basis of your faith, they must have a faith that is woven into their own life. Teach them the law and have them read the law and recite the law until it is firmly within their heart and soul. There is great joy in obeying the commands of the Lord so teach these truths untothy children and let them also experience the joy of obedience and let them feel the sorrow of disobedience.


6.  A child of the light must learn the obedience of the law. A child is to be corrected with loving hands but punishment must be given for all rebellion. It is not mercy when you allow your child to be allowed to walk in darkness without consequence. All rebellion must be dealt with swiftly and with consistency.  If you love the child you will raise your child in a home of light where love prevails. A child is tender clay that must be ever loved and in love you must shape and mold your child into a vessel of purity and righteousness.


7. A child of the light must be fed with purity both physically and spiritually. Physical diet affects the power to learn and the ability to grow. What a child eats shall also affect the spirit within for our spirit lives within a temple of clay. I learned principles of health as a child and in this nation of darkness I have not departed from the wisdom learned. A child is under the authority of the parents so you must provide a home of light and foods of light. To allow impure food is not love nor is it kindness for what we eat affects the body and spirit. Teach principles of health unto your children so that when they grow old they shall be strong. Light gives power to light so feed children foods of light.



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