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Words Of The Latter Rain

Volume 3, Issue 5, May 2010


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Ken Nix

Tuesday, 5/25/2010

By Kenneth Nix


I was blessed to go on a spiritual journey with my brother Dave and my father Henry. It was a journey of joy for all three of us. We shared moments of laughter, times that built a greater bond between us with many shared memories. It was a time in which our Lord Jesus once again taught us valuable lessons. I am blessed to be able to write of our journey in this article. I will share with you the various messages we received from our Lord Jesus during the journey along with our experiences.


I will begin with the message from our Lord Jesus before the journey actually began.


Friday, April 23, 2010


“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King. Hear me this day my servant for these are words of guidance and love. On Sunday morning you are to pray with Kenneth and Henry early to receive the next parable of power, and you must write it before you leave on your journey. After it is written you are to pray with them again for my words of guidance. You are to read and pray together each morning and evening. I shall give you words of guidance each day. Kenneth and Henry will also be allowed to join you when other messages are given. On Sunday you are to go to Knoxville and find two rooms as you are led. It is my desire that you have a room alone for you will be asked to do much prayer. I desire this to be a journey of mercy. You have been on a journey of peace and light and a journey of love and light and you now go on a journey of mercy. Go to Knoxville as given and I desire you to go to attend a service Sunday night. Today in prayer I shall give you words on where to go. Monday you will leave and are to travel secondary roads for there will be many small towns and places to bring you joy and places for you to be the light of mercy. Follow the previous lessons learned. In the days ahead you will do a similar journey with Wayne and Henry and then one with James and Kenneth. You will again learn many lessons. Your journey will be one of much prayer. You will drive some each day but you will also stop in many small towns. You will go to Tennessee and Kentucky. You will travel through North Carolina on your return journey. I am with you my servant. Stay in my presence always.”


Dave shared the above message with us on the Sabbath prior to our leaving. So as instructed, he,  Dad and I knelt in prayer on Sunday morning. Dad and I were blessed to be present as Dave received the parable of power. After Dave had written the words of this parable we then knelt again in prayer and received the following message.


Sunday Morning, April 25, 2010. Woodruff


“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and King and my love is upon you. Your journey now begins and it shall be a journey of mercy. You are to apply the lessons learned and you are to be men who bring the light of mercy and the love of heaven with you each day. I shall give you words each day and provide guidance for you. This day you have instructions on where to go. See with the eyes of the spirit as you travel and hear the voice within for we shall lead you. You shall travel upon secondary roads for most of your journey, but this day you can travel upon the major roadways. Tonight you are to bring light unto those who gather to worship before us. Let every thought, word and action be of the light and see how mercy can be given unto others. Your great power is the power of prayer so let your prayers bring mercy unto towns and people you shall see on your journey. You shall be led each day and you must hear our words. David shall be given words to guide you but I am within each of you so you must see and you must hear. Be led in where you eat and where you sleep and when you stop along the way. All is not as it may appear so you must see. Let mercy be within your heart and mind and be vessels of light and bring the light of love and mercy unto your nation. You shall have much joy and memories made will be lasting, but see and know that all we do has more power and meaning than you may immediately see.”


After prayer, we finished loading our supplies into Dad's car including copies of the book, “The Latter Rain,” We hadn't gotten far on Interstate 26 in South Carolina when we stopped to assist a young man who we saw was sleeping under an overpass. After we made this stop we stayed on Interstate 26 for most of the journey. This was due to the fact that Interstate 40 was still closed due to a rock slide. But the detour we had to make, made it possible for us to stop in Tennessee, where our Dad was able to visit an old friend of his from the Navy. I know Dad was thankful for the opportunity and it was a blessing for him to see his old friend and I know that Dave and I enjoyed it too, as his old friend was definitely a character!


Our first day was hurried as we were expected to go to a church in Knoxville for Sunday services. So as shown in the message we pretty well stayed on the interstate and sped past most of the little towns along the way. We did pray against places of darkness whenever noticed and we also lifted up places of light whenever they were noticed. Due to the speed traveled few were actually lifted by name.


On Sunday, late afternoon, we stopped in Strawberry Plains near Knoxville. We secured rooms at a Holiday Inn Express and prepared to attend services at Christ The Rock Church Of God. We arrived early to the services and had opportunity to speak to various members before the services began. I stepped outside for a moment and was able to meet the pastor. He explained to me that once a month they used the Sunday evening service to lift each other's needs up in prayer. There were only a total of eleven

people there that night but it was an evening of power and was a blessing for all of us.  The Pastor spoke some of the need for revival and that God's people needed to go out and make a difference in this world and stated there was no coincidence that they had three men among them on a spiritual journey. He told us that within a five mile radius of their church was a total of 250 churches.

In the service each person in turn shared a prayer need and then whichever person felt led would say the prayer for that person. Sometimes the Pastor called on someone or said the prayer himself.  I will share the individual needs given during this time of prayer in a list that will be sent separate from the newsletter. I will tell you more of this list during this article. During the church service one man by the name of Travis presented us with a question. He stated, “How do we know that you aren't angels visiting us?” Dave was quick to reply that if we were angels we would have chosen better faces and bodies, which brought laughter from those present. But the question did show that our presence left an impression on them. Jesus confirmed this in a message to us.

After services we had a meal together and returned to the motel. At the motel, I had the opportunity to get to know the desk clerk, Eric. I felt led to give him a copy of the book. He promised that he would definitely read it. I praised God for the opportunity given.


On Monday we began our day together in prayer to receive further instructions from our Lord Jesus, for like the other journeys prior to this, we were to be totally surrendered and were to go as led with no idea of where we were going to be sent each day.


Monday Morning, April 26, 2010.  Knoxville, TN.


“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. I am with you my servants as you travel upon this journey of light and mercy. You must see the light within all men and do not be quick to judge another. Yesterday was a day well spent and was pleasing unto me. This day you are to travel at a slower pace and stop as you are led. It is my desire that you travel along Hwy. 70 this day. You are to see with the eyes of light and stop to pray for people and towns. This is a journey of mercy and is to be filled with prayer. You are to stay this night near unto Cookevlle. I desire you to walk along the way. Stop at some of the towns you go into and walk and meet people along the way. Stop and pray blessings upon every town that you travel through this day. You are servants of light and are ministers of mercy so you must bring the light of mercy unto all. Be led when you stop and where you eat. Let all that you do be of the light and bring joy and light unto others. I desire you to have much joy, for each of you knows the joy of helping and serving others. Your prayers have great power so you must use the power of light and breath within. Your prayers bring change that you do not always see but you must believe that our ears are open unto you and that our eyes see the needs of all men. Yesterday you went to a small church where I told you to go. They are small in number but their hearts seek me. Pray for them and lift them up before me. It would not have been wise to give books unto them at this time but they will remember you and shall someday read our words given. I desire my servant Henry to visit his friend Jimmy in the days ahead and to give him a book at that time. Have a day of joy for I am with you

After this message we were ready to start another day of the journey. Prior to leaving the motel we did meet the lady in   charge of the continental breakfast, she ended up spending time talking with us. She is a divorced grandmother. Her daughter is in prison due to drug problems and she is raising three granddaughters on her own. Her name, her daughter's name and her granddaughter's names were all joined with the names from the church the evening before and thus our prayer list for mercy had begun.

We traveled Hwy 70 as instructed by our Lord Jesus. We went through various small towns and we would stop after leaving any town and take turns lifting these town up for mercy. We ended up stopping in several towns.

Jesus said it would be a time of joy for us and it was. There was joy in lifting others and there was joy in each other's company.  We had fun seeing the various oddities to the towns including some of the slogans of some of the hometown businesses, things we would have missed via the interstate. Jesus has taught us to slow down and to see with the eyes of the spirit and so distance wasn't the objective of this trip.

We would let Jesus led us on where we stayed and where we ate. We felt led to eat primarily in the small locally owned restaurants. Jesus also told us to go as led for motels to stay in. We knew there was always a reason for where we slept. It may have been to met and lift certain people up to the Mighty Ones of heaven. It could have simply to have given a blessing to the motel.  We ended day two in Cookeville, TN, as instructed by our Lord Jesus.


 Tuesday Morning, April 27, 2010. Cookeville, TN.

“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and mighty King. I am with you my servants and I have words of guidance for you this day. I shall help you this day. Yesterday was a day of peace for you. You were obedient and did pray for each town. Let mercy be your focus. I do desire you to hear my voice as I lead you. There were people placed in your path that you failed to seek mercy for. Do more than pray for light, seek mercy and let your prayers be led by the light and breath that is within you. Let mercy flow from the depth of love and light within you. This day I desire you to go as you did yesterday, but I desire my servant David to drive and my servant Kenneth to write the names of churches and businesses you see. He is to list ten names in the towns that have enough to list. In smaller towns list what you see. Pray for mercy to come upon them. Kenneth is to share the list with David and Henry and all are to pray for the names of people, churches and businesses in the days ahead. Seek mercy, for mercy is always in our will, and pray from the depth of the spirit within. List ten for Cookeville and let David speak the first prayer. Go as led for when you stop and where you stop. Today will be spent in much prayer for you have many towns to visit. Walk the streets if led. Also look for names on mailboxes if you do not see people and pray for mercy upon them and their homes. You are to travel upon Hwy 111 to Hwy 127 and travel unto Danville, Kentucky. There you will stay for two nights. Tonight in prayer I shall give you more words of guidance and shall also give my servant Kenneth a message from the cloud of glory to give him hope, peace and joy. Listen to my voice and go as you are led. I am with you and I shall help you this day. Pray from the depth and pray with hearts that seek mercy.”

Tuesday was an extremely busy day and was, as our Lord Jesus stated, a day of prayer. We would go into the small towns and list ten names of individuals, businesses and churches. We took turns praying for them. We also stopped at a few of the small towns along the way.

In one town we met a lady by the name of Cheryl. She was struggling in keeping a small Christian book store going. Jesus told Dave to give her five copies of the book as a blessing unto her and our prayer list for mercy kept growing.

At the end of the day we stopped in Danville, Kentucky, prior to stopping for the evening Dad and Dave got coffee at a gas station. I told them I was holding out for a coffee shop. When we arrived in Danville we passed a coffee shop but despite the protests of this passenger we didn't stop. But we had a wonderful “coincidence” happen at that shop before we left this town that we were suppose to be at for two nights.


Tuesday Afternoon, April 27, 2010. Danville, KY.


“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. I have words of guidance and love. Today you saw the power of prayers of light that are more specific. You are to pray over the list written in the days ahead. My servants are tired for you have had full days, so this night I shall make a change in what is to be. I desire you all to go eat together and be led in the place that you choose... You did well this day and I am pleased. You need to learn the lessons being taught unto you. Tomorrow morning I shall not give you guidance for I give it unto you now. I desire David to remain here at this place to do my will.  Henry and Kenneth are to go to Lexington and seek to show mercy unto the lost there. Go to the homeless, the elderly and seek out those in need of my mercy. Tonight Kenneth and Henry are to read and pray together and David is to pray to receive the message from the cloud of glory. This he is to do alone. I am with you and I guide you my servants.”


On Wednesday morning Dad and I left for Lexington, KY. We continued the pattern shown by lifting names in groups of ten. Once arriving in Lexington we were able to meet two homeless men. One of them was in a park we had stopped at and the other was in front of a library. They  both shared their stories with us. Ask me sometime and I will share them with you. We also went to a nursing home and met some truly adorable children of God. We were able to pray for many and our prayer list of mercy continued to grow. We had a full and wonderful day.


Thursday Morning, April 29, 2010. Danville, KY.

“I am the Lord Jesus, your tender shepherd and I am with you my servants. This is a journey of mercy and what we ask of you is far more powerful than seen with the eyes of the flesh. Your prayers have great power but this you must know and understand and this you must believe. You are servants of light and mercy and you bring light unto every room and every place you go. Men may read of your journey and scoff for flesh fails to see. There is great power in prayers for mercy. You have learned to better see and I have given you a pattern to follow in the days ahead. Feel our presence and feel our power my servants. This day you are to travel as before and are to go unto Johnson City where you will stay the night. Travel the secondary roads mostly but you can travel some upon the main roadways. This day David is to drive and Kenneth is to write. I desire him to list the names of churches that you pass by. Once ten are listed you are to stop and pray. List pastors names when given. I desire mercy to bring revival upon this land and it must begin within the small churches that cover your nation. Pray for revival and pray for remission and restoration to be sought by the people. Pray that hearts will seek to repent and obey. You can not repent for others but you can seek a heart of repentance to be raised up within them. The people of your land need the power  of remission and restoration found in my name and my blood. You have much to do this day. The list you have is to be shared with my people and they are to pray, for our ears are open unto your prayers. Pray from the  depth of your heart and spirit my servants.  Go as you are led, but let your focus be upon the churches that so desperately need the power of our mercy. Feel our presence this day for our light grows within you.”


As we left Danville, our route brought us back by the coffee shop I had mentioned earlier, it was called the “Coffee Hut.” We  told the lady behind the counter that we were ministers on a spiritual journey as we went to leave I heard her share what we had told her. As we got in the car a man approached us telling us that he was told who we were and wanted us to come back in to talk with him and his friend, both of them were also ministers. We were able to have a wonderful conversation with William, a minister with an AME church and with John, a pastor of a Presbyterian church. We left praising God, knowing there is no coincidence in the life of a surrendered man. Jesus told Dave that he would be moving in the life of John.


We had a very busy day of prayer. So many churches, so many separated by pride more than doctrinal issues. So many in the need for revival and mercy. What a powerful day it was. We stopped in Johnson City, TN for our final night on the road. We received another message from our Lord Jesus.

Thursday Afternoon, April 29, 2010. Johnson City, TN.


“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most merciful shepherd. This day you felt the power of our presence and there was power in your prayers for mercy. I give you direction for your final day of this journey of mercy. Tomorrow your journey is over but the memories shall last for you have had much joy. You must apply all that you have learned and become ministers of mercy. My servants are tired so I will not speak again this night. Read together in the morning... Again you are to travel secondary roads for most of your journey and pray for my sheep as you did this day. Kenneth, you must apply the words of wisdom given and must be consistent in all that must be done. Seeds planted will bring you the harvest of light. Tomorrow when you arrive at your home you are to pray together once more for final words from heaven. Revival shall come and it will change all of your lives. David, you are to read and pray alone tonight for I have words to give unto you. Rise up early tomorrow and read and pray together... You did well today and the power of light grows within you my servants. Tomorrow you will again feel the power of our presence as you pray as servants of light and mercy.”

We had another powerful day on our last leg of the journey and we were able to join the Woodruff church to praise God at the start of his weekly Sabbath.


These were the final words received from our Lord Jesus.


Friday Afternoon, April 30, 2010. Woodruff, SC


“I am the Lord Jesus, your Savior and most tender shepherd. Your journey was one of mercy and we have heard every prayer and our mercy falls down and shall continue to fall down. It is true my servant, the hearts of some of my people grow complacent and my words no longer fill them with joy as they once did. Kenneth is to take some time on our Sabbath day to speak of your journey and he is to speak unto the hearts of those who do not come to worship and praise. Blessings given will come to an end if there is not gratefulness. Now is not the time to be weary for the harvest is before you. I love each of you and your week was most pleasing unto us. Be at peace for we are with you




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